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Gem N Ems
08-19-2007, 07:46 AM
Here, eveyone can post up friend codes for other people if you want someone to add you. There is no limit to what game you can put down, whatever you want is fine. Just have fun and make some friends.

I'll start off. I have Animal Crossing and Pokemon Pearl. PM me if you want to add me.

Name: Zanna
Friend Code: 0774-1786-1564
(for both animal crossing and pokemon pearl)

Hypocrisy is Fun
08-19-2007, 07:54 AM
Theres a sticky in the "Other Game/Cards" area for friend codes.

Gem N Ems
08-19-2007, 08:03 AM
Oh, thanks. Well anyone can use this one too if they want.

08-19-2007, 11:33 AM
You put this in teh wrong place. It should go in teh D/P forums.

08-19-2007, 03:13 PM
Why is this here? >>send this to D/P forum>>:biggrin: