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Half a Dollar
02-12-2005, 11:29 PM
Nick was traveling alongside Kanto, looking for rare and various Pokemon. He was just in Saffron City, but while there, he saw a sign. It said this:

Steals from people
Being an annoyance to all in Saffron
$500 to anyone who can catch it
They can keep it.

Nick: Wow, I'll try at catching this Abra, but, I should try my inventions on it first.

Nick then gets some gum out of his pocket; however the Abra appears and looks at him strangely.

Nick: It's an Abra, could it be?

Abra then looked at Nick, then teleported behind him and snatched the gum out of Nick's hand.

Nick: Hey!

The Abra then teleported away, and while Nick looked frantically everywhere for it, a man walked in front of him. The man then talked to Nick.

Man: Hello, I am the mayor. I see you are a trainer with those Pokeballs on your belt. Would you mind if I can ask you a favor?

Nick: Sure.

Mayor: Would you catch the Abra for the people of Saffron?

Nick: ME?!?!?!

Mayor: Yes, the Abra has been annoying to us by stealing things. Toys, phones, clothes, anything.

Nick: Alright, I guess so. But, can I use my inventions to trap the Abra and catch him?

Mayor: Alright, but if it can evade everything you throw at it, you must battle it.

Nick: Alright.

The mayor then left, and Nick said in his mind:

"Heh, I've always wanted an Abra, what's the harm?"

A few days later....

Nick comes in a Pokemart. Everything in the Pokemart is gone. Utterly everything. Nick then asks the clerk:

Nick: What happened?

Clerk: The Abra has stolen everything! We only have one thing left though. It's a Poke---

Nick: Give me it. I had a trapper for it.

Clerk: Alright.

The clerk then gives Nick the Pokeball, and then Nick leaves.

Nick goes to search into his backpack and gets a net and rope. He then finds a tree, ties the rope to the net, put the net on the ground, and puts the Pokeball on top of the net. Nick then hides behind the tree and waits.

5 minutes later....

Abra appears and walks to the Pokeball, touches it, and tries to leave. But, the net works and puts Abra in the net.

Nick: Victory!

Little did Nick know that the Abra can teleport. So Abra did teleport and brought the Pokeball with him. Nick then looked at the empty net.

Nick: Well, that didn't work well.

1 day later...

Nick, sulking after his loss of catching Abra, found a fruit tree. Nick then took out an empty Pokeball and a metal automatic catcher hand. Nick then took an apple from the fruit tree and wondered what to do, and then it hit Nick.

Nick: Aha! I know what to do now!

Nick put the apple on the ground, attached the Pokeball to the metal hand, and waited for the Abra.

The Abra came and took the fruit. Nick then pressed a button and the metal hand threw the Pokeball at Abra. The Abra went in.

Nick: Yes! Woo-hoo!

While the Pokeball wiggled, Nick danced.

However, the Abra came out and teleported away.

Nick: Darn....