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08-30-2007, 01:05 AM
The new album by HIM that's scheduled to be released September 18th. I am so going to be a baby for weeks when this album is released and sucks (I know it will, but I have my fingers crossed).

HIM had one really good album (Love Metal) and the rest are mediocre at best, with a few good songs that add up to about another album worth of good songs. Ville Valo has a great voice and the band members can really play their respective instruments well, but they just have not had creative talent most of the time. I heard Passion's Killing Floor (a song that's going to be on the next album) and it sounded pretty good. It has a catchy hook (though it's a little too poppy) and a damn good ending.

As in the words of one of your songs, HIM, DON'T LET ME DOWN! ;_;