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08-31-2007, 12:28 AM


Long ago as said in Pokemon History, there was a tale of a Queen known as "Azella Camelot". She ruled over an empire of soldiers and knights. When Azella was born she had a power known as the "Orega" which controlled the power of total darkness. The Orega was a virus that spread throughout the world and many people were affected by it. All turned Dark while others were too weak to handle it and died.

All was now Azella's servants and slaves. The other part in Pokemon History was that a legendary would also be affected by the Orega and turn into Total Darkness. The Legendary affected by this gene was Zapdos, the winged mirage. It's power was increased ten-fold and the land became Azella's own Pokemon. It's power ravaged the power and caused Destruction throughout.

Now it is up to ten trainers of Camelot to stop the Queen from controlling the world. They must conquer obstacles, face pokemon, save the Queen, and much more just to survive and in order to save the world. The soldiers have lost all emotions and memories due to the Orega. The world was also dying by the force of the power. It was too much for Earth...

Some have tempted to try to stop Azella but all have failed so it is left to the non-affected trainers of Camelot that will save their Queen and stop the Wrath of Zapdos.

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