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Tamer Marco
02-19-2005, 12:11 AM
Whew, hasn't been an URPG story from me in a while. Here I go.

Chapter One: Begining of disaster

"Mom!" a boy yelled so the entire school bus he was on could here. "You didn't put the names of days on my underwear again, did you?!" Blake yelled. All the kids giggled, and had uncontrolable laughter. There were was a kid who was bold enough to stand up and say, "Hey, idiot, are you wearing Thursday's underwear?" Blake stood up, and without thinking, he began to take off his belt. More laughter started. Blake turned a bright pink with embarassment. It was a begining to a bad first day of school.

"Class, you have your assignments." "Move along now to your next classes." A brass bell shook violently, making a shrill sound. The halls hastily began to flourish with children. "Does anyone know where locker #127 is?" Blake asked everyone he could see. A boy turned from his locker, and looked at Blake with shiny eyes. He wasn't half bad looking, and had his hair in a long braid nearly going down his leg. He had probably been growing it out since he was born. It turned out to be the same boy who stood up, and made fun of Blake. "Hey... I remember you." He said. "My name is Samson. Micheal Samson." "Hi, nice to meet you." Blake said thoughtfully. It was unfortunate that on the first day of school, Blake had to go through this ordeal. "Classes are about to start soon." Micheal had a smirk on his face. A suspicous person would automaticly know that the person was playing a joke, but Blake was not very suspicous. Actually, he was more like a four year old than a seventh grader. "You'll have to go outside to reach your locker." he said, with the smirk growing even wider. He could barely contain his laughter, and neither could the surounding students. "Your on the right path, just head straight out through the east exit." He began to pretend like he was coughing. Really, he was just laughing. "Sorry, asthma is acting up... Go on now, you gotta put away your books." Micheal said, regaining control. "Okay, thanks!" Poor Blake skipped along. When the door closed on him, hysteric laughter began to fill the hallways, and the familar shrill sound started up again. The hallways once again became empty. "Micheal, there's no locker here!" he said, thinking anyone could hear him. He tugged at the door, but it wouldn't open for him. He was locked out.

That afternoon, Blake waited for school to end. The yards filled up with children talking about their lessons. "Hey, did you know that Gyardos's rampages can go on for over a month?! That is so cool!" one student said. "Yeah, i'm going to get a Gyarados when I fish with my grandpa next week. It'll be a puny Magickarp when I get it, but with a lot of training, it'll be a rampaging machine!" a person replied back. Blake caught up with Micheal. " Hey, Micheal, my locker wasn't there!" Blake protested. Micheal had a look of brummagen on his face (Brummagen is a word for fake. VERY rare, though). "Sorry Blake," Micheal said, with that fake look on. "I just thought it was there, ya' know?" Blake smiled. "Sure I do!" "It's okay, buddy!" That began probably the most sickening friendships of all time.

Tamer Marco
02-19-2005, 12:35 AM
A battle to change fate (Part One)

Blake's day started off well. He didn't bring his new Pika Pal- Celluar Phone to school with him, in fear that his mother would call. So the bus riders could only dwell on yesterday's fiascos. Blakes first class was making medicine for sick, or injured Pokemon. Since it was only the second day, there was nothing very advanced.
"Okay class, we're going to start by making our very own potion." A very old man who's teacher name Mr. Thorndike. An eager student named Jessica asked the teacher about the ingredients. "Very good question, Jessica." the teacher said. "You see, we only need... guess what! Simple asprin, and water!" the doctor said boastfully. " Don't let this slip out; but I invented the first potion." Mr. Thorndike said, making himself feel even prouder. "Now, in these Pokeballs..." "There are injured Pokemon, so treat them with much care when you release them, and make sure not to get the mix of asprin and water wrong. A pokeball was passed to every student, and the Pokemon were released as soon as they got the balls. Micheal got a Larvitar. Blake got a Smeargle
The class then began to make thier potions. "Blake, one teaspoon is all you need for asprin." "Don't worry," Blake said. "this is the heavy duty stuff." he said, trying to boast himself even higher than Mr.Thorndike. He placed the water to the brim, and mixed it up. "Kid, NOOO!" Mr. Thorndike screamed. "Here, drink this." Blake offered to the Smeargle. The Smeargle reluctantly took the glass, and began to drink. The Smeargle dropped his glass, and had a strange look on his face. The Smeargle jumped off the desk, and literally began bouncing off the walls. Giggles and howls filled the room until the Smeargle was tired out. Blake scooped up the Smeargle in his hands. "OUT, Blake Stevenson, OUT!" Blake relinquished the Smeagle, and walked out of the room with shame. "You know what?! Take the [insert bad word here] Smeargle! In fact, everyone, these Pokemon now belong to YOU!" "Everyone, OUT!" Great flashes of light filled the room, and in the flash, the halls filled about 30 students. Blake forgot to remember that his locker was inside. He went outside again, and was trapped outside for the remainder of school. "Not again!" he cried. When school ended, Blake found Micheal and a boy named Miguel talking. "Hey Blake, this is my brother, Miguel." Micheal said. Miguel had the same look on his face. All he said is was, "Wanna battle?".

Tamer Marco
02-19-2005, 01:05 AM
A battle to change fate (Part Two)

Blake smiled. "Sure, I'd love to!" he said. "Well, there's no doubt in my mind that i'll lose." Miguel said. "I only have two Pokemon now." Blake said. "Is that okay with you?" "Heh, same here, bub." Miguel said. There was a sudden climatic wind, and the battle began.
"Go, Torchic!" Miguel said.
"Go, Smeargle!" Blake said.
Flashes of red light filled the playground yard as the two boys began to battle.
"Go Torchic," Miguel said without anyone compassion for his Pokemon. "show him what your made of with an aerial ember!" Torchic got to a running start, up the Jungle Gym, and hopped off the slide. Smeargle was then bombarded with an unavoidable assualt of embers. More coming each second. Torchic stopped when it hit the ground, but Smeargle was still running around in tiny circles, trying to get the flames off of him. After running for at least a minute, Smeargle calmed down, and tried to hit Torchic. It was too slow! Torchic dodged Smeargle's attack easily, and pecked him hard on the head.
"Does your Smeargle have any attacks?" Miguel asked.
"Huh?! What attacks?" Blake asked. Miguel sighed. "You mean, your Smeargle doesn't have any attacks yet... I get ya'. I think the move is called Sketch. Your Smeargle can copy certain attacks." "Cool!" Blake said. "Well, not cool at all!" Miguel said, getting back in the game. "Torchic, use an aerial assualt of embers again!" Miguel shouted. Torchic then did the familar running up and jumping off the slide, with an added ember. Smeargle was a little bit two smart for that. Even little Blake. "Smeargle, use Sketch!" Blake yelled. Smeargle pulled out a notepad, and a paint kit, and brush (somehow) and sketched out Torchic's ember attack. "Ember!" Blake yelled. Smeargle then sent out a stream of flames from his mouth. But Torchic's hit first. Mud surrounded poor Smeargle, and got all over him. It was burning mud, and it smelled awful. "Torchic, return!" Miguel shouted. "Go Horsea!" he yelled.
"You can switch Pokemon in a battle?!" Blake said shocked. "Duh." Micheal said thoughtfully, speaking up for the first time. "I didn't know!" Blake said. While Blake was pondering, Miguel already ordered Horsea to use Water Gun. A ray of water hit Smeargle hard, turning the hot mud into mud. Smeargle couldn't move! "Now Horsea, water gun again!" Miguel said like he was a pro at battling. The intense ray of water hit Smeargle again. He fainted under the pressure. "Call back your Pokemon." Miguel screamed at him. "He can't fight!" Smeargle returned to his Pokeball. "Well... here's my starting Pokemon!" Blake yelled. What was it?

Tamer Marco
02-19-2005, 09:13 PM
A battle to change fate (Part Three)

Blake raised a Pokeball. "What is it?" Miguel bellowed at Blake. "I gotta' know!" Blake gave no answer. "Ugh... the suspense is killing me." Miguel muttered. He returned Horsea to his ball, and waited. Then, he sent out Torchic. "Go..." Blake started.

"Rhyhorn!" "What?!" Miguel yelled in fear. "Now Rhyhorn, STOMP!" Rhyhorn charged at Torchic. "Torr orrr!" Torchic screeched. It didn't help the poor creature. Rhydon raised his hind left foot so it would be right on top of Torchic. "Move Torchic!" Miguel cried. But Torchic was so scared, it wouldn't move an inch. Rhyhorn crashed his foot into the playground mulch, knocking Torchic out, and leaving a huge dent in the playground area. "No way! Torchic, return now!" A "TESEWR!!" noise popped out of the Pokeball along with a stream of red light. Torchic was lifted by the red light, and sent off of Rhyhorn's foot. "You shouldn't of done that..." Miguel said. "Horsea, finsh em'!" Horsea appeared out of it's ball in a flash, and quickly followed Miguel's orders. "Water Gun! Don't stop!" Horsea raised itself in an upward position, and then sprayed an intense stream of water directly from it's snout. "Don!" Rhyhorn screamed in pain. The blast from Horsea did not stop. A minute later, Blake pleaded for Miguel to stop his Horsea. Miguel refused, and didn't call Horsea off until a minute later, when Rhydon collapsed. "Rhyhorn!" Blake cried. And the battle ended the day, the game, and possibly Rhyhorn's life.

Tamer Marco
02-21-2005, 02:49 AM
Chapter Three: Back in school, setting a goal

Blake went to school that day, nearly crying his heart out nearly all the time he was there. Rhydon and Smeargle took too much damage to leave early, so they were left in intensive care at the nearest Pokemon center. Blake would have to wait another day until they were even capable of going to come back in a Pokeball. The day went pretty good for Blake. His final class for the day was "Poke Science!", which actually isn't half bad. The class had a nice teacher, who's name was Asa- he never gave out his last name, even to principals, and other adults, so he just liked to be called "Mr. Asa". It was actually relaxing for the students to chill, and learn things about thier Pokemon.

"Students... do you have any idea how many Pokemon in existence?" Mr. Asa asked gently. A student raised her hand. "Do you know?" Mr. Asa asked the girl. "My father told me there were only three-hundred-sixty-eight Pokemon," she said. "Before... he died." she blurted out. She quickly got a glum look on her face, and a tiny tear ran down her cheek. "Now, now. None of that in my class. Your here to learn, not grieve. You don't need any pity." The girl realized Mr. Asa was right, and returned to normal. "Anyways, about the lesson... yes, your father was right. But not all the way. This universe is vast, and we haven't even come close to discovering it. Our first step is to learn even more that what we already know, and actually realize that we know nothing. There are probably hundreds, no thousands of new species of Pokemon, just waiting to be discovered. Thats the point of the lesson today." Mr Asa's voice gradually became more involved in his lesson. It was almost like it was programmed inside of himself to preach this. Mr. Asa then reached into his pocket, and grabbed a Pokeball. "This here is a..." he began.

"Mr. Mime." he finished. The entire class was listening like a Hawk. Blake was hanging on his every word. "A very rare, and powerful Pokemon indeed." What I am going to do is release this Pokemon into the wild. Your homework assignment for the rest of this quarter is to catch the Mr. Mime for me. Then, you may keep the Mr. Mime, and there will be a special surprise for you." Mr. Asa made a smile, and it was so big, you'd have to break it into pieces just to fit it in and out of a doorway. Mr. Asa opened a window, and threw the Pokeball on the ground. We heard a small sound, and a chuckle. Mr.Mime was free. While Blake asked a teacher, and found his real locker, all he could think about was that Mr. Mime, and how he would capture it. He would not sleep that night, no matter how much his mom pressured him to. He already had on Thursday's underwear, ready to go to school and catch the Mr. Mime.

Tamer Marco
02-21-2005, 04:25 PM
Chapter Five: Capture of Mr.Mime?!

A week had gone by since Mr. Asa told his class about the Mr.Mime. Every student in his class was doing thier best from the moment he announced it, to this day. They all wanted that Mr.Mime, and they wanted to prove that they were all good students. As Blake ate, slept, and even bathed, subconciously he could not keep his thoughts off of Mr. Mime. He was determined to capture it, no matter what the cost. Then like all days for children, school ended, and Blake ran as fast as he could to get back his Smeargle, which he only got by a fluke, and his powerful Rhyhorn. When Blake finally got to the Pokemon Center, he was greeted by the familar face, and pink hair of Nurse Joy. "Hello, may I help you?" she said, her smile never leaving her face. "Um. I'm Blake, and i'm here to pick up my Smeargle and Rhyhorn." Blake replied. "Just a second." Nurse Joy told Blake, and in a flash, Blake's two Pokemon were returned to him. "Take good care of yourself, and your Pokemon!" Nurse Joy said, waving until Blake was out of sight.

Blake was not alone in the quest to capture Mr. Mime. Every child in Mr.Asa's class dilligently finished thier homework, ate a snack, and were all out searching for the creature. Some even broguht flashlights, so they could search even in the darkest of night. Blake did do everything he had to do academicly, but he had no protection. No Bedrill spray, water, nothing at all. Just the clothes on his back, and his Pokemon. As Blake pondered about where Mr.Mime could have ran off to, he saw Micheal. Micheal realized this, and turned away as quickly as possible. After all, he wasn't a friend. It was inevitable to get Blake off your chest, no matter the circumstances. "Hiya Micheal! You searchin' for it too?" Blake said to him. "Uh... yeah." Micheal replied. Then, he dashed off into the distance, leaving Blake. "Now where could it be?" Blake thought. A rustle in the trees startled everyone, and the humanoid figure Mr.Mime jumped out of that rustled tree.