View Full Version : Treeky's Battling Bananza!!! The Ultimate test of skills!!!

09-01-2007, 07:16 PM
Ok. Here at Treeky's Battling bananza no challenge with be refused. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! There will be Multi battle teams for this. There will be five in each team the two teams right now are (Mine) Gold Team. And The challengers team. There will be Teams in The bananza. The first person who requests one will have they're team made. BUT once a team is filled up another team can be made.

I will only accept challenges on saturday and sunday (although we can schedule some for weekends on weekdays)

Battle time:
7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Gold Team (1/5)

Challengers or Challenging teams:
None yet.

Trainer Name:
Team Name: (If have one)
Friend Code:
Type of battle: (single, or double)
Person or team to be challenged:

Team Wins:
Gold Team: 0

I will post my friend code if you challenge me AFTER you have requested the challenge in CORRECT format. NOTE: I have a tight schedule so i may not be able to attend EVERY battle but usually i will be able to. I hope you enjoy your battles at Treeky's Battle Bananza. Comments are welcome. Happy Battling!