View Full Version : The Love Affairs of PE2K

02-21-2005, 04:20 AM
"Interesting," a short man with a dark overcoat thrown around his body and a mask of black on his face said. A dark city ally surrounded him, and little of him or the others surrounding him could be seen. One of the few things that could be made out was the man's yellow eyes gleaming through the eyeholes of his mask.

"Reveal your identity and all your dreams of Mushrooms will come true," said another man. This man was not cloaked, but his physical features were still difficult to make out. He was of medium height and had less distinct eyes. They were neither light nor dark, but little more could be told of them in this lighting.

"I don't know," the first man said, "I just... can't. I must keep my cloak of darkness."

"Why?" the second man said in annoyed fashion. He stepped a few steps back from the cloaked man, "Is it that you don't trust us? You dream of Mushrooms more than anything, yet you give up on this secret dream for your cloak?"

"I'm sorry," the cloaked man said, his yellow eyes watering, "But you have to trust me. 8 more years of darkness."

For a moment there was silence. The cloaked man was obviously trying to prevent himself from crying as the two men gazed upon each other. Time stood still in a sense; nothing was being said or done, and yet there were an infinite amount of thoughts. Neither man understood the other at all. Finally, the silence was broken.

"So what ever happened with you and your secret Cat obsession?" the first man asked spontaneously. His curious mind had gotten the best of him once more.

"You, sir," the second man said, "Are a hypocrite."

"I see," the first man said softly. He was a man of very few words. Anything said incorrectly could expose his true identity to the, as he viewed it, cold and heartless world. Both men turned away from each other at the exact same instant and walked away towards different ends of the ally. It was almost as though, despite them being opposites who had nothing in common, they had a bond, deep within their souls.

The night stood still once more.