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I’m making this as a continuous story from my ideas and people’s ideas that they PM to me after CH. 2 is done. If you like the story (Or don’t) AND have ideas for it, then plz PM me with your ideas. Enjoy!

Note to Graders: There will be Legendaries in the story; however, they shall NOT be caught, no matter how much so it looks (e.g. Inside a shaking pokeball, etc.). Just so you know!

================================================== ========
Ch. 1: Introductions

Hello. My name is Kamon Kunesawa. I am a Pokemon Trainer currently holding eight badges from the Kanto region, and am on my way to the World Pokemon Championship (The first annual tournament open for all regions; eight badges are required from any region). If you want to tag along, be my guest.

Since you decided to tag along, I guess you should know about me a little. I am fourteen years old, and I have been a Pokemon Trainer for a little over a year (It’s a long story why I started at thirteen; I’ll tell you later). I am about 5’5 in height, and I have brown eyes and silver hair. I have a large array of clothes, but I always have a green backpack with a pokeball design on It. In it I carry all my rations, essentials, supplies, equipment, and a sleeping bag.

There is one more thing you should know about me: I can talk to, and understand, all Pokemon! This may seem a little far-fetched, but it’s true. I first experienced this talent when I went to receive my starter pokemon, which ended up being a Pikachu, from Prof. Oak. He insisted that I try this talent on Pikachu (The pokemon who revealed my talent) and a “few” Pokemon (about seventy…) before letting me leave (Nice Guy, just takes his research a little too seriously…). I’ll tell you about this experience and my other travels some other time.

I guess you should meet my pokemon as well. Well, Here they are!
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg025.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg123.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg009.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg115.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg148.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg034.png
You already met Pikachu, I suppose, *You notice a Pikachu sitting on your head* so I'll let out my other pokemon. *Throws five balls that are red on the top half and white on the lower half and a white button halfway in between the colors, which are separated by a black line traveling around the center of the ball. The balls open up on a hinge and white light explodes from them towards the ground, where the lights begins to take the shapes of solid figures.* This is my Scyther. *Points hand towards a green, bug-like creature with strong legs, transparent yet capable wings, and what looks like the blades of swords connected to thin arms.* He was the first pokemon I caught on my own. My Pikcachu finally won out in the end, but it was the toughest battle I've had so far (maybe because I was inexperienced). Next is my Blastoise. *Indicates the blue giant turtle-like creature with two cannon barrels sticking out of the giant shell on it's back.* I caught this guy as a Squirtle back when I went to Vermilion City. He didn't fight, but he was fed up with hopeful partners kicking it around. I had raised it so well that it eventually evolved into a Wartortle, then a Blastoise. As for my other pokemon, I caught them in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. *Indicates the large, light brown creature with a pouch on it's stomach containing a small creature who looked exactly like it's mother (only purple), the long, snake-like creature whose top portion was blue and lower portion was white, and had a large blue gem on it's neck and a horn on its head, and the large, stone-like pinkish-purple creature whose body bristled with poisonous spikes.* I'm sure you'll get to know my Kangaskhan, Dragionair, and Nidoking soon enough.

One last person you should meet is my friend Jennifer Ikitala. She has traveled with me since day one of my pokemon training career. Her first pokemon was a Chikorita, which is now a Meganium. *He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder toward a tall, brown-haired girl standing next to a bright green brontosaurus with two antennae in its head and four very large flower petals around its neck. the Meganium stood as high as Jennifer, who appeared to be 5'10'' tall.* She constantly fusses over the condition of it. ("Oh, Meganium, your flowers are slightly wrinkled.") But mostly, she's a hothead, kinda like the Misty of Pallet Town. ("What! Why you insensitive little...")*Jennifer marches over and punches Kamon on top of his head.* Ow! Jeez, It's true! You don't need to hit so hard! :hurt: *Stops rubbing his head* Oh, well.... Now we can get on our way to Viridian City. C'mon, let's gooooooo!

End of Chapter 1...

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Ch. 2: Conflicts Arise

Viridian City. A bustling city full of both new trainers and experienced trainers arriving to continue their journey either by healing their pokemon and making their way towards Pewter City to compete for their first badge, or by healing their pokemon to get ready to go through Victory Road, the series of dangerous caves leading to Indigo Plateau. The city’s size and technology was second only to Saffron City and Goldenrod City (Both being of similar size and technological level).

It is in this city that Jenn and I have come to from Pallet town after showing Prof. Oak our badges and training for two months. We stared in awe at the new Pokemon Center that had completed construction the day before. We entered so we could heal our pokemon one final time, eat, and spend the night so that we would be raring to leave for Victory Road the next morning.

We made our way towards the front counter and saw a woman in a nurses outfit and long pink hair in pigtails; Nurse Joy. There’s one in every Pokemon Center (As far as I know…). We apparently were the only ones in the lobby. The lack of Pokemon Trainers gave me a bad feeling… but it passed. When we got up to the counter, we put our pokeballs on it and said to Nurse Joy, “We would like our pokemon healed please.”

“Why certainly,” she responded, “Our new Pokemon Healer 2000 should have them ready to go in a few minutes.”

“Pokemon Healer 2000?” I was dumbfounded. When had they gotten a state-of-the-art healing machine?

“Yes, that’s right. As a Promotion to the new Pokemon Center, Devon Corporation made these devices just for this Center.” Joy said. “May I take your pokemon now?”

“Sure!” Jenn and I said, synchronized. A second later… “Jinx!” I finally jinxed Jenn for the first time in months!

“Oh, man! You got me?! Impossible!” she angrily responded, “Now you get a soda, on me!” She searched through her pockets for spare change. “Hold on one moment…grrrrrrr.” She strode over to the soda machine and popped in $1. A Pokecola, My favorite brand, popped out of the hole near the bottom. “Here you go..” She sighed as she threw the soda towards me. I caught the soda and immediately opened the bottle and chugged the soda.

A Chansey, a large, round pink pokemon, appeared from behind the counter. “Chan, chansey sey!” It said to me. Being able to understand it, I heard, “Excuse me, your pokemon are healed!” She pushed two trays with our pokeballs on them.

“Oh, thank you!” I said, “And here’s a Pokemon treat for being so quick!” I pulled out a small can with brown, spherical treats in it. I took one out and handed it to the Chansey. The Chansey took the treat and popped it into its mouth. “Chanshey, chanshey!” it responded.

The next split second, the Chansey glowed blindingly white and began to change shape and grow. I stared at the now evolving form of Chansey. Did my one act of kindness allow it to finally evolve?

Nurse Joy ran into the room and stared at Chansey’s glowing form. “What happened?” she cried.

“I…I fed it a pokemon treat…” I stuttered, “And it started to evolve into... into a…”

The Chansey now stopped glowing. It looked almost the same, except with splotches of white designs on it’s skin, taller, and looked like it was wearing a dress, but the dress was part of her.

The Chansey was now a Blissey.

To Be Continued…

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Ch. 2: Conflicts Arise (continued)

The Blissey stood rooted to the spot, looking confused. It looked around the room, then at itself. I assume it realized what happened, because then it started dancing around joyfully.

“Bli bli!” it cried. I heard, “I finally evolved!” It continued to dance around the room quickly, then stopped…staring at me with a smile and tearful eyes. “Bliss…blissey.” It said.

It was now my turn to stand as if paralyzed. “Uh…you’re welcome?” I responded. Then I turned to Nurse Joy. “How long have you been training your Chansey?”

She was looking reproachfully at me. “I’ve been training her for a couple of years now…hoping that she would evolve soon.” She said, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now…but I wasn’t the one to see her evolve!” Her eyes were full of tears now. “You robbed me of my dream!”

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Nurse Joy. But how was I supposed to know that would happen? I didn’t think that a Chansey would evolve when I would be the one to give it enough kindness for it to!

Jenn stepped up. “Excuse me, but I don’t think that he would’ve known that would happen. This IS a rare thing indeed. Please forgive him.” She said.

Then Nurse Joy’s expression changed from pure anger to a kind of sympathy towards me. “Oh, I’m sorry…” she replied, her eyes now full of tears, “It’s just that this HAS been my dream since I was a child, and…and…Oh, I’m so sorry!” She was now fully crying.

Jenn patted Joy’s back, helping her along. “There, there. It’s not all bad. At least now you have a Blissey.” She told her.

Nurse Joy stopped sobbing. “Yes, thank you.” She grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes.

I, however, was kinda suspicious. “Since when have you stuck up for me?” I asked Jenn.

Next thing I knew, my head was buried in the wall. “You better watch it, you little squirt!” She had slammed my head into the wall! Why, the nerve of it….

Blissey tugged at joy’s shirt. As Nurse Joy looked down, she held up a pink egg, rather large. “Bli, bliss sey. Blissey!” It said

Nurse Joy was confused. “What’s the egg for, Blissey?” she responded.

At this point, I pulled my head out of the wall. Jenn was sitting on the couch looking huffy. “Blissey said that it would like for you to experience that joy again. It’s trying to hand you a new Chansey egg.”

Joy was stumped. “Oh, I remember! Blissey have Chansey eggs as soon as they evolve. I’ve never seen this kind of thing before. But why is it saying this AND handing me the egg instead of you?” she asked.

Blissey was ready with an answer. “Bli bli, bliss blissey! Blissey sey bli blissey…blissey!” It said. Being the only one who could under stand Blissey, this statement struck me hard. I knew what she said would break Nurse Joy’s heart.

“No, Blissey, you mustn’t! Nurse Joy loves you too much!” I said, saddened. Why did Blissey want that?

“What! What did Blissey say?” Nurse joy choked.

I had to answer, although it would definitely affect Nurse joy worse than it did me. “Blissey said…that she wants to battle me and, if defeated, wants to come with me.

Nurse Joy suddenly looked like she had seen a ghost. “W…wh-what? Why…but I…?” She was definitely taking this hard.

Blissey ran over to her side and tried to comfort her. “Bli…blissey. Bliss blissey sey, sey blissey.” She said.

I immediately translated. “She said, ‘because, he helped me, and may need my help. I know that we’ve been together for a long time now, but I’ve trained you all I can. I can’t learn anything else here, I need to go out into the world. Your place is here, helping all of the sick and injured pokemon. I know this is difficult for you, because it is for me. I’ll miss you, and will always cherish our memories.’ Wow, I never thought Blissey would say NOR do anything like that. But, with your permission…”

Nurse Joy hugged Blissey. “If that is what you want, then, okay.” She was still crying. “I’ll miss you!”

We stepped outside, Nurse Joy at Blissey’s side. “This is a one-on-one battle! Chose your pokemon!”

I grabbed at one of the pokeballs at my belt. “I chose…” I threw the ball. It opened, white light pouring from the ball. It began to take shape. “Scyther!”

To Be Continued...

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Ch. 2:Conlicts Arise (continued)

Scyther appeared well rested and raring to go. It raised its sharp blade-arms in the air and gave a battle cry. “Scyther, scyyyyyyy!” it yelled. It clanged its swords together and prepared for battle.

Jenn was refereeing the match. “Okay, this is a one-on-one match,” she said loudly, “No time limit! Let the battle begin!”

I immediately threw out a command…in Scyther’s language! “Scy, scyther scy!” I commanded.

Nurse Joy, not being able to understand pokemon, was very confused. “What’d he say?!” she cried.

Her answer was given by my Scyther. It appeared to be making copies of itself around Blissey. Nurse Joy recognized the move. “Double Team!” she cried, “Alright, Blissey, use Body Slam on…that one there!” She pointed at a Scyther on the left.

Blissey charged and leaped at the Scyther...only to land flat on the ground, the copy dissapearing.

"Scyther, scy scyther!" I cried. The Scythers converged on Blissey and struck as on with a vicious Slash attack. As only one was a real Scyther, only one struck, the copies dissapearing.

"Blissey, use Earthquake now!" Nurse Joycried out. Blissey jumped high into the air and came crashing down to the ground -feet first- to create a massive quake aimed right at Scyther.

"Scyther, get out of the way!" I yelled out...too late. The earth around Scyther slammed together, Scyther in the middle, and fell into a deep hole. Dust clouded our vision. "Scyther, are you alright?" I called out.

A few seconds passed...then Scyther charged out of the rubble at Blissey and used Slash after Slash after Slash, seriously hurting her. After the barrage of attacks was over, Blissey was barely standing.

"Alright Blissey, use Softboiled!" nurse Joy commanded. Blissey took the white egg out of her pouch and ate it, regaining energy immediately. "Oh yeah! Now Blissey, use Hyper Beam!" Nurse Joy called out triumphantly.

Blissey opened her mouth and white balls of energy came out of nowhere and came together in front of Blissey's open mouth to form a larger ball of blinding energy. As the sphere grew, the sky grew darker. Finally, Blissey pulled her head back and fired the beam right at Scyther. The time it took to form this beam lasted only about 1 1/2 seconds. The beam was so quickly formed and fired, Scyther didn't have time to dodge.

The beam connected, causing a massive explosion to occur. Once again, our vision was clouded. I tried to look through the cloud. Finally a section of dust cleared. Scyther's limp form was all I saw.

Jenn raised her right hand. "Scyther is unable t...huh?!" Jenn began. Scyther began pushing on the ground, slowely getting up. He was struggling just to stand up!

"H...how d-did he survive that attack?! (Only figuritively speaking) No matter. Blissey! Finish it off now!" Nurse Joy commanded.

Blissey was sitting on the ground, breating heavily, its eyes closed. "Bliss...ey. Bliss...ey.' It said slowely.

"Blissey, what's up?" Nurse Joy asked.

Jenn rounded on Nurse Joy. "Don't you know that a pokemon has to rest after using such a large amount of energy?!" she asked angrily.

Nurse Joy softened. "Oh, jeez, that's right. sorry. Blissey. You can rest." Nurse Joy said.

I tokk the opportunity. "Now, scyther, use Reversal!" I called out.

Scyther charged towards Blissey with blinding speed, dealing Blissey a devastating blow. Blissey went flying through the air...landing fourty feet away!

Nurse Joy stared at Blissey's limp figure, apparently stunned of lost for words. "Blis...sey? Blissey?" she called out unsuccessfully. She relaxed and closed her eyes. "Good job, Kamon. You beat her. Now, throw your pokeball!"

I reached inside my pocket for a spare pokeball. I found my only one, only different: it had an orange-red topside with a yellow DNA pattern on the top.
If I remember corectly, this is a Fast ball. "This was a gift from Professor Oak. It's very special; only fit I use it for Blissey. Go, Fast ball!" I said, throwing my fast ball at Blissey.

The ball flew quick as a Flash attack through the air and bounced off Blissey. The ball stopped two feet above Blissey, and opened. Blissey started glowing red. This red light was drawn into the Fast ball. The Fast ball closed, falling to the ground; Blissey had been drawn into the ball. A little red light had appeared on the button, and the ball started shaking back and forth.

I stood by Nurse Joy's side, hoping that the ball would stop shaking. "C'mon. C'mon!" I whispered.

The ball continued to shake...

To Be Continued...

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Please cary on with the story i am really enjoying it.
(Not sure about talking to pokemon though)

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why is your post called the pokemon war if it doesn't even talk about fighting? :susp:

03-06-2005, 01:41 PM
why is your post called the pokemon war if it doesn't even talk about fighting? :susp:
It probably hasn't gotten to that, yet. :rolleyes:

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According to Deoxys's wish, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GIVE COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD!!! Read his first line and PM him what you guys think...please...

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:rolleyes: Alright, guys, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT a chat thread. Please PM each other if you wish to talk, or go to a different thread. I DON'T CARE as long as you DON'T post on this thread. Now, if anybody has any ideas as to the faction that starts the war, please PM me (for the nitwits ut there, PM means "private message". After this story gets it's first grade, I'll see what ideas have been PMed to me. Thank you!

Tamer San
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Well, the plost isn't that much for an evolved ULTRA rare Pokemon my friend, and there is definatly lack in details and it is too short, with such a story you won't have a chance to capture a Chancey. Try for an easier Pokemon since this is way TOOO short and there is a clear lack of details and plot. (I can't remember anyone managed to capture even a Chancey because it is ultra rare, it is easier for you to capture 4-5 mons at once than to capture a lissy dude >.<)

OUTCOME- Not captured...

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Chapter 2: Conflicts Arise (continued)

However, the ball lifted into the air and opened, a white light flashing out of it. The white light took the form of Blissey, apparently fainted. The Fast ball flew through the air and landed at my feet.

Jenn pointed her arm in my direction. "Blissey is unable to battle. Kamon wins! However, Blissey fainted before it could be drawn into the Fast ball, so it could not be caught!" she yelled.

Nurse Joy looked at me, her eyes so sorrowfull. "I'm sorry Kamon," she said, "I was kind of hoping that you'd catch her. She would have been a good addition to your team." she looked at Blissey...at least, where it used to be! "What?! W-where's Blissey?! Blissey, come on out! Hello?" she cried.

"Finally, a rare pokemon for th' boss!" said a gruff, deep voice nearby. "I'll finally get that promotion!"

We looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. "Who and where are you?" I said.

"Bli bliss, Blissey!" I heard Blissey cry.

I frantically looked around. Blissey said she couldn't see. I was worried, but I knew that Nurse Joy was even more worried.

"Up here kiddies!" The gruff voice sounded again.

We looked on top of buildings, then on top of a small precipice behind us. A dark figure was holding a large bag, most likely holding Blissey.

I couldn't see what uniform he was wearing, but I knew that he must have been from Team Rocket, a notorious gang bent on capturing rare and valuable pokemon, then ruling the world. I haven't seen a Team Rocket official since I defeated the Viridian City Gym Leader. Why have they shown themselves now?

"Who are you?" Nurse Joy cried.

The figure took a step forward. But still, only his legs were in the light. "Hahaha! Don't you recognize me? I know I've been gone for a while, but everyone should know me!" He stepped into the light.

He was wearing black boots and black pants. He had a black shirt with a red R on it under a dark red vest with six shallow holes, three on each side of the vest. But it was his head that caught my attention. I couldn't see his face, due to the fact that it was covered by a yellow and black metal mask, with two narrow red slits for eye holes.

I couldn't believe my eyes. How did...? Why has...? Where had he been all these years? I stood rooted to the spot and fear as the figure laughed maliciously.

The Iron Mask Marauder had returned from oblivion!

"So, now do ya recognize me? I've been gone for years, the perfect amount of time to catch people unawares! Now, then, I've got a Blissey for the boss, but it's not enough. I'll just take that Scyther of yours!" he shot at me.

"Not today! (sheesh, I thought I was done saying that after those other goons dissapeared...) Scyther, return!" I cried out. I had pulled out a pokeball and pointed it at Scyther. A red beam shot out of the button and connected with Scyther. Scyther turned into a bright red light, and was pulled into the pokeball. I put the ball on my belt and reached for another one.

Jenn stepped forward. "Hold on Kamon. This guy's mine!' She said, holding a pokeball of her own. She threw it into the air. "Go Heracross!'

The pokeball bust open, pouring forth the familiar white light. When it had taken form, it looked like a giant blue beetle standing on it's rear feet.

The beetle raised its head into the air. "Heracrooooooo!" It then took a battle pose and faced the Iron Mask Marauder.

He smirked. "So, ya wanna play hardball, eh?" He guffawed at the thought.
"Ok, then. Tyranitar, go!" He siezed one of the pokeballs on his chest and threw it into the air. The ball opened nearly above Heracross.

White light exploded from the ball and came to settle on the ground, taking shape. The pokemon that now stood before Heracross was a giant green dinosaur-looking creature. It's striped stomach was entirely purple, it had spikes all over it's body (Kinda like my Nidoking), and it's eyes...oh, I'm gonna have nightmares about those. The eyes were dark red, forbiding, evil, and feelingless. They stared into mine, and all of the air was sucked out of my body, leaving nothing but a cold, dark feeling. Have any of you had that feeling before?

Nonetheless, it was here to fight. Jenn looked determined, but scared. "I'm alright," she said, "Heracross! Use Megahorn now!"

Heracross's horn glowed blinding white as he charged into battle. What speed! This has to be the fastest Heracross on the planet!

But the Tyranitar didn't even flinch against the coming onslaught. The Iron Mask guy (I'm just gonna call him Iron for now...) Smirked once more. "Tyranitar, Pick that thing up by the horn and throw him into the cosmos!" He yelled.

Tyranitar stood motionless until Heracross was inches from it's body. Unfortunately, I blinked right then. When my eyes opened a fraction of a second later, Herecross had already gone sailing into the air.

Heracross was very high in the air by now, so I knew soon he would be out of return range. I acted quickly. "Jenn, call Heracross back before it goes to far away! Now!" I yelled at Jenn.

Luckily, Jenn kept her pokeball in her hand the entire time. She pointed the ball at her Heracross. "Heracross, return!" she said. The red light connected with Heracross and pulled him inside the ball. Then she sheepishly turned to face me. "I can't believe I...was defeated so quickly. You have to get rid of this guy Kamon!"

I stood in battle position. "Right," I said. I carefully chose a pokeball from my belt. I wonder if my dragonair is powerfull enough to beat him, I though, or maybe Blastoise. Dang! I've gotta hurry!

Iron laughed. "Don't you realize that no matter what pokemon you choose, you'll never...' He began.

The next thing we knew, the bag Iron was holding split into ribbons, as if cut skillfully. Blissey fell down to the ground and landed on her feet.

Iron held the bag ribbons up to his face, staring at them. "How the..." he stammered, "'Ey, whose da wise guy, eh?" He looked around for the culprit.

Before anybody else could move, Iron was being shocked unmercifully. Iron screamed, then a vine came out of nowhere and wacked him to the ground at our feet.

"Solar Beam!" A light, friendly, yet powerful voice yelled. I didn't know who said that, or any other way to describe his voice, But a large green beam shot from on top of the Pokemon Center, directed at the Iron Mask Marauder.

We ran for cover seconds before it hit. The resounding explosion sent the I.M.M. flying into the air, along with his Tyranitar.

Just then, a blimp flew by and caught the two fiends midair with...believe it or not...a giant baseball mitt!

A dark, evil voice, more evil than Giovanni's, issued from the blimp. "Hahaha! Fools! By fighting with us, you have insured your doom!" The voice said, "We'll destroy the cities of this region and make you and the pokemon our slaves before moving on to the next region, and eventually, the world! Hahahahahaha!" The blimp then sped up on it's course, wherever that was.

I stood dumbfounded. I turned to face Jenn. "Have you ever noticed how evil boss guys always reveal their plans to their 'Unsuspecting victims?' It gets kinda annoying after a while."

Then the figure walked out of the front door of the building he was on. "That was close. You alright?" He said.

I faced him now. "Yeah, sure, I thi..." I began. Then I got a good look at the hero of the day.

All of his clothes were black, including the vest he wore over a black T-shirt. So were his tennis shoes. But his baseball cap was black and red with a green half-pokeball design on the front.

I couldn't believe my eyes for the fourth time that day. The one pokemon master, here, now? I thought he was training on Mt. Silver!

"Good, cause I need to show you something." Said Ash Ketchum as he shook my hand.

End of CH.2...

Jack of Clovers
03-10-2005, 08:53 AM
DT requested a format grade. Tamer, try to use that when grading. :biggrin:

(for Blissey)
it's good up until you get to Chansey evolving. then it asks for a battle in order to go with you. not too much sense in that, maybe clarify more why Blissey would do this. i didn't understand the reason Blissey gave to go with you. the story itself is too short, needs to be like 3x the length already written.

the way your story is written would never make it in the professional world. but i won't go into it because we don't need to be pro writters here. lol. anyway, some small mistakes but nothing against ya. but the beginning... when you use * * in the paragraph. somehow you need to change that without * * in it.

(It’s a long story why I started at thirteen; I’ll tell you later.)
why not say it now? give the reader some background, ESPECIALLY in the first few chapter of a story. otherwise we won't connect with the main character and may not connect to the story too well. detail is very important early in stories.
also, why exactly can you understand Pokemon. explain that.
when you explain and describe more, it increases length.

good but not long enough for Blissey. the length you have is probably enough for a regular Pokemon. Blissey is much more rare, so im thinking double length.

understand Pokemon... if you explained why then it would be better. everything else ok.

much longer for rarer Pokemon. i suggest starting small and going upward from their and gain experience in writing stories for the URPG. you may also choose to re-write the story and improve it. whatever you choose, do your best and don't give up.

Outcome- same as Tamer


Tamer San
03-10-2005, 12:23 PM
Well Jack, a Blissy with such a story didn't even need a format, he is good, but he chose the hardest of all mons to be captured with such a story. Not even a Chancey is a catch here >.< But I will do the format next time!!! :tongue:

04-01-2005, 05:18 PM
Ch. 3: The Legendaries Cometh

Jenn, Ash, and I camped out in the forest that night. I helped to do everything in my power to make a good impression.

My mind was numb with excitement. Ash actually needed me for something! Everybody I know has been dying just to say hi to him, and here I am talking to him! I could only wonder at how jealous my sister would be...

As I was paying attention to my own thoughts, Ash had been gathering firewood. I had volunteered, but he wanted to do it himself. Who was I to argue with the one trainer as famous, if not more, as Prof. Oak?

He came walking through the trees, his Meganium carrying a full load of firewood. After he started a fire and Jenn had fallen alseep, (Dancing flames are hypnotic, she says...) Ash asked me to follow him into the forest. I obliged.

After a little walk, I said, "Ok, why are we out here? what's up?"

Ash stopped. "Promise me you'll never tell anybody what you see here tonight." He told me.

I was stumped. "Uh, yeah, sure." the words just tumbled out of my mouth.

"The reason I'm here tonight, is because somebody, The I.M.M. in fact, tried to catch this pokemon and exploit it's power to rule the world." He raised his hand toward the forest.

I heard a distant voice. It sounded like, "Bi! Bi bibi!"

A small, green pokemon came flying out of the foliage towrd me. It had a tiny body, a head shaped kinda like an onion, with the back of it's head the top of the onion, and two antennae sticking out of it's head. It came to settle in my lap.

I was tired of not believing my eyes that day. This time, I couldn't believe that I had a Celebi, a rare legendary Pokemon, sitting in my lap and looking up at my face with large, kind blue eyes and a tiny smile.

Well, you could imagine my reaction to that. This was turning out to be one of the most unusual days for a person like me. I hadn't even proven myself in the pokemon league, so this must be happening because i could understand pokemon. Sometimes, this talent is re-he-he-heally bothersome.

Ash waited for me to take in the events, however small they may seem. When he thought that I accepted that I wasn't dreaming, or having a haluccination, He began to tell me what had happened...

He was training inside Mt. Silver, as usual, when a side of the mountain exploded. When he went to investigate the explosion, he saw Iron for the first time in years. Iron tried, and failed, to capture his pokemon, but he also tried to get Ash, saying he was to inevitably be his slave for life, even if cut short. He was defeated, and got away in the blimp I had seen earlier. As soon as he left, Celebi flew in his face, happy to see him. Celebi acted as though it needed him for an urgent matter, pulling him along. Ash tagged along, no idea what was happening. he was flown into this very forest, and was led along by Celebi to the egde of the forest, where he saw my battle with Chansey, and Iron's return to the public.

I listened intently to his story, hardly breathing. I looked at Celebi every now and then, wondering what was going through it's mind.

Iron had tried and succeeded in capturing Celebi about four or five years prior. He used what was called a Dark Ball, a pokeball of his own invention. It works like a Master ball, capturing the pokemon targeted instantly, but it increases their level to 100 and also turns them into the first truly evil pokemon ever. he used Celebi to try and destroy the forest it guarded, but, with the help of Ash, Suicune, and a boy named Sam, who was from the past, Celebi broke free, and the Dark ball exploded. Celebi was free. However, Celebi had expended so much energy and destroyed so much of the forest that it began to die. Ash tried and failed to revive Celebi with the water from the lake of life that Suicune had just purified. when all hope was lost, Celebi from the past and future (and I use the word Celebi in the plural form) started appearing and revived Celebi with their Psychic powers. Sam was brought back to his own time, and Ash hasn't seen him since...

"Okay, but why show me this and tell me that story?" I said, confused, "I know that I can understand pokemon, but, from what you said, don't most Legendaries speak human anyway?"

Ash donned a serious-looking face. "Your Talent is exactly the reason. Not only are so many Legendaries coming, but many of every specie of pokemon
are coming as well." He let that statement sink in. "This is going to be a war, and the Legendaries are coming together to decide on a leader. I have already been nominated, but I think that you are a more worthy candidate."

My expression was something like a mixture of these: :eek: :shocked: :speech: , only the feeling magnified by a hundred times. Ash, the most powerful trainer on the planet, recommending me as a candidate for a war that nobody could have forseen.

After a few minutes, I finally regained my composure. That, and my tongue and innards. "Me?! Well, I don't know, hehe, I, uh, well...?" I shrugged. I couldn't figure it out. Why me, when I'm on my way to the Pokemon World Championships? Why me, period?

Ash looked surprised. "I didn't think you'd think about it that hard," he said, "but now's not the time to think about it that long. The Legendaries are supposed to be gathering about a mile or so west of here, and the meeting starts in a half an hour. We need to hurry so that we can make it there. Celebi, can you get us there?"

The little green pokemon nodded it's head. "Bibi bi, bibibi!" she said. taking our hands, she started to float upwards, and so were we. When we reached a certain height, we zoomed of toward the west.

For a few minutes I was thinking about this upcoming war. Why did the pokemon just declare war? Why have the Rockets returned, especially after the humiliating defeat I gave Giovanni? Why was I to be the leader? When did this all start? After a little bit, my brain started to hurt, either from the many questions I was begging to ask, or the fact that I'm terribly afraid of heights...yeah, it was probably that.

Finally, we arrived at the destination: a large clearing, enough for 20 Onix to fit in comfortably. Some Legendaries were already here! First, there was Mew, a floating, pink, cat-like creature that had a long tail. Then, I saw it's clone standing with his back on a large redwood tree: Mewtwo, another cat-like pokemon, except it was six feet tall, had a purple tail and stomach, and it's eyes weren't all too friendly. Next, there was The three Legendary Bird pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Articuno was a blue bird with a "crown" and a majestic tale. Zapdos, the shortest of the birds, had spiky yellow and black feathers jutting out from it's sides, and a long beak. Moltres was basically a fire bird with wings that were basically made of fire. Last, I saw the three Legendary Dogs, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, darting through the trees into the clearing.

But I began to wonder..."Hey Ash," I said, "The meetings should be beginning in about three minutes. Where are the other Legendaries?"

Ash regarded me for a second. "Don't worry," he said, "they'll be here in time. The meeting can't begin without Lugia anyway. He organized these meetings and was voted honorary leader of the group but a vote of 70% to 30%. I can't remember who voted against him..."

So Lugia was the leader. Interesting. I thought for sure that Mewtwo or Deoxys would be the leader. I pondered on this aspect for a few minutes.

After a while, I noticed a bright light in the sky, like a flame, coming towards the clearing. I squinted at the light for a little bit, then realized with a shock that the light was like a rainbow of colors...meaning Ho-oh had arrived.

The giant, red plumed bird landed softly in the clearing, the feathers on top of its head swaying with the wind. Its rainbow-colored tail feathers and wing feathers glowing, even in the darkness of night. It looked around at it's surroundings, and, seeming satisfied, went to go stand next to Moltres, where they went into a long discussion of the years events.

Ash whistled. "I haven't seen Ho-oh since I started out on my journey." He said, "I had always hoped to see him again..."

I thought of something. Why not ask Ho-oh if he knew where the other Legendaries were...that is, if he listened to me and didn't feel threatened.

But, as I started walking towards him, the sky once again lit up, this time it was silver. Silver?! Of course! It must be...yes, it is!

All heads were on a giant, silver bird pokemon slowely gliding into the large clearing, its head looking at everyone present. when it landed, it closed its eyes for a little bit.

"Alright, let's get this meeting started." Lugia said, opening his eyes once again.

End of Ch. 3...

04-09-2005, 09:05 AM
love the story D.T.

all of these legendaries...isn't it a bit too early in the story?

no offense, the story is cool.

04-16-2005, 12:15 AM
I said it once, I wiil say it again...DO NOT POST IN THIS STORY THREAD!!! I specifically asked that you PM me with your comments and ideas! Please listen to what I have said and am saying! Thank you...sheesh.

04-25-2005, 05:21 PM
For everyone who is reading this part, all pokemon who talk in this Chapter and can't already speak human will be translated. The words will be in italics.

================================================== ========

Ch. 4: The Leader of the Pokemon

Lugia seemed to shine with pure generosity and helpfulness. The light around him seemed as natural as the sun and the moon. After taking into account who was here, he spoke.

"I'm glad to see everyone made it. Now, on to this Team Rocket business." He closed his eyes, sighed, and continued. "Does anyone yet know of their extensive plans yet?"

"Hold on a second," Mewtwo said, cutting in, " Where are Deoxys, Jirachi, and Latios and Latias? Weren't they summoned too?"

Lugia looked at him reproachfully. "Yes, but Jirachi needs to be reawakened first, so that is what Deoxys, Latios, and Latias are doing."

I stepped forward, extremely nervous. Sweat was already soaking through my shirt. "I-I-I th-think Team R-Rocket said that they were trying to ens-slave not o-onl-ly p-pokemon, b-but also h-h-humans..." Great. I was stuttering, looking quite stupid in front of the most powerful and most respected pokemon on the planet.

Lugia seemed to notice me for the first time. After staring at me for a few seconds, he regarded the Legendaries around him. "Who is this young male?" he asked.

It was Ash's turn to step forward. "He's Kamon, the guy I told you about. I believe that he could help us stop Team Rocket once and for all." He told Lugia.

Lugia looked back at me. "Yes, the young man who can understand Pokemon. Well, he seems fine. Would you like to help us?"

It was a little bit before I realized he was talking to me. "Oh, sure! I'd love to help!" I was kind of ecstatic.

Lugia looked back at the group in whole. "Well, now that that matter is settled, on to other business. First up, I believe, is discussing how we should go about with our operations" he said.

There was an immediate rucus, as everyone present began suggesting crazy ways to go about defeating Team Rocket. Ash and I were the only ones silent.

Lugia held up his wings and gave out a deafening cry. "That's enough!" he yelled. The clearing immediatly went silent. "Look at yourselves, babbling like younglings! Now then, I think we should have volunteers to speak, ONE AT A TIME!"

Hands paws, and wings were held up. Lugia pointed to Mewtwo first.

"Well, it's obvios what we should do: Gather up a large scale attack and bring down the Team Rocket base!" he said with fury.

Almost all pokemon present spoke up against him. One wanted to storm their base. Another wanted to gather all pokemon together and go away from humans, so Team Rocket couldn't get them. There was a loud uproar over by the three birds (Articuno, etc.), as if something absolutely preposterous had been mentioned. I couldn't stand it. Here we were, trying to decide how to defeat Team Rocket's purpose, and they were all arguing. The only ones who hadn't said anything were Ash and myself.

Then, Ash stepped forward, to Lugia, and whispered something in his ear. He looked at me, and winked. Winked? what was he up to?

Lugia gave an almighty cry, the noise rising over the quarrelling in the meadow. "That's enough!" he yelled, "We scheduled a meeting, and here you all are acting like newborn babes! I am ashamed. Now then," he said as he turned toward Ash, "this young man has raised an interesting point. He wants to see what ideas Kamon will give."

Nauseating fear and nervousness rooted my feat to the ground as all heads once again turned toward me. I felt my voice begin to crack and stutter again, but I mastered the impulse and spoke in a strong voice.

"I believe that we should send a spy in, so to say, and find out their long-term plans. While one or two people are doing this, I also believe we should have an attack force go into battle with them, so as to distract Team Rocket!"

Oh, sure, now the pokemon were all for one person's idea; mine. I can't even imagine how angry Mewtwo wil be...

And sure enough, Mewtwo's expression was nothing short of livid when I looked at him. Man, he has got to get some anger management classes real soon.

I felt something pressing against my arm. I looked over and was surprised to see Suicune nudging my arm with her muzzle. She looked at me with her serene, calm eyes, like a beautiful, calm lake somewhere in the mountains.

"Raikou, Entei, and I are all for the sneak attack when you need it Kamon." she said, reasuring me a lot. But something bugged me. She said when I need it. Does that mean they think that I'm going to infiltrate Team Rocket's base of operations? Cause if they were, they're right.

Lugia again looked at me. "Yes, we all will be ready when you need it Kamon. I believe you, Ash, and all your pokemon should be the spies. We will contact you psychically. By then, the attack will strike and distract them while you infiltrate the base." Lugia looked up at the other pokemon. "For covert reasons, we will refer to Team Rocket as TR from now on. We don't need any spies."

Mewtwo steppwd in. "I can't believe you fools!" He yelled, fury lining every feature of his body, "Here we are, deciding the fate of the pokemon world, and you're trusting someone whom we've never met before!" He looked at Lugia. "I can tell you don't even know how dangerous Team Rocket is!"

Lugia looked like he was about to take Mewtwo out personally. There was not just a look of lividness on his face; there was also loathing. "How dare you!" He yelled at Mewtwo, "You think I don't know how dangerous and unpredictable TR is?! They attacked my home in the Whirl Islands, nearly destroyed it, and stole my only son! They nearly destroyed me and my son in an effort to get all the power in the world! Now if you still think I don't know TR, then leave this council immediately!"

I stepped in to stop this senseless quarreling. "Stop it now! We didn't come here to argue with eachother senselessly! Now, then," I said as they finally settled down, "let's all vote. Everyone for my idea?"

Wings, paws, and hands were held up in a vote. Almost all pokemon, (and Humans) present liked my idea. probably the only one who didn't was Mewtwo.

"And for Mewtwo's?" I said.

Mewtwo was the only one who voted for his idea.

Amusement crossed Lugia's face. "Then it's settled. We'll take Kamon's idea! Now, all we need is a Leader for the War. All for Kamon?"

All hands, paws, and wings were held up, save Mewtwo's. "Then, once again, it's settled. Kamon, we await your orders!"

"I can't take this anymore!" Mewtwo yelled out, "If he's leader, I challenge him for the position!"

Icouldn't believe what he just said. True fear for my own pokemon was flowing throughout my veins. I was about to decline when Lugia flew over to my side.

"He accepts, but I will be his pokemon for the battle!"

End of Ch. 4...

05-28-2005, 11:38 PM
Ch. 5: The Battle to be Leader!

Was this a joke? Lugia voluteering me for a battle and also to be my pokemon? This was just my day, wasn't it? I felt honored that Lugia would act as my pokemon for even just one battle. It had been one of my dreams to catch Lugia, but this was the next best thing!

"Ready Lugia?" I asked. Lugia nodded as he looked angrily at Mewtwo.

"As always. I can't tell you how long I've waited to to this Mewtwo!" he shot at Mewtwo, his voice trembling with fury.

Well then let's begin!" Mewtwo replied, flying up into the air. "Yaaaaagh!" He shot a Shadow Ball towards Lugia.

"Lugia, dodge now!" I cried. Lugia obliged. "Now, use Surf!"

"You really know my moves that well? Interesting." he said as he willed forth a giant wave that swept over Mewtwo, threatening to drown him.

However, Mewtwo used his Psychic powers to keep the water off him, once he got back on his feet. His eyes turned an erie blue color, and he raised a hand in my direction. I felt his Psychic grip enfold me, lifting me into the air. He quickly moved his hand to the right, and I was thrown in the same direction, plummeting to the ground.

Ch. 5 not done yet...