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Master Aqua
09-13-2007, 07:36 PM
Can not win at ROTWK find losses creeeeping up to wins? Is it getting too tough ?

well im here to help

any advice or help you need i'll give you it im expericaned iall fractions and an expert of the angmar fraction and master of the mordor fraction

ps you are more likely to reach me by pm than on this thread through i check it as often as it can

Master Aqua
09-15-2007, 09:39 AM
ok scinc people only just want to look at this thread ill put in some deatial about the heros of mordor

The witch king of angmar

cost 5000

dismount/mount -mounts or dismounts off his nazgul (level 1)
dread vigliance- weakens enemy untis attack and defence (level 2)
nazgul screech the witch king screeches when on foot and his nazgul dose so in sted when mounted- makes foe fleee in terror (level 6)
hour of the witch king- hero ability timers are restet and have to wait to activate them(level 10)

notes: comes on to the battle on his nazgul inflciting fear on enmey units. While on his nazgul he dose seigh wepon damage to buildings. Weakness archers while on nazgul

Master Aqua
09-15-2007, 09:47 AM
Next is

cost 3000

morgoir and karsh

abilitys - nazgul
nazgul screech - makes enemys fleee in terror (level 1)
dismount/mount- can dismount and mount onto a nazgul (level 1)

on foot
nazgul screech - makes enemys fleee in terror (level 1)
dismount/mount- can dismount and mount onto a nazgul (level 1)
morgule blade - stabs enemy with a morgul bade and when enemy dies while blades damage is in effect it becomes a wrath

Notes: comes onto battle on a nazgul. Completly loyal to suron and the witch king of angmar and suron the ring wraths morgoir and karsh are not as nearly as strong as the wich king but still inflict fear into the heart of there enemys. on nazgul are weak to archers.

Master Aqua
09-15-2007, 12:27 PM
The mouth of suron

cost 1500

mount/dismount- the mouth can go on or off his horse (level 1)
dispair - the mouth casts dispair on opponents and weakenes armour and strenth of enemy units (level 4)
corruption- the mouth casts a spell over a aan area on the battle feild enemy units attack each other. (level 6)
the eye- suron reases his furry on a single oppent though the mouth (level 10)

i have a little secret with this charecter in rush battles thats allmost flawless.

ps note some of the names of the moves are incorrect but abilitys are all right also there is one other ability of the mouth of suron that i casnt rember there even not be anouther one at all.