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09-14-2007, 02:30 AM

As lame as the picture would look to the average person, it can be said that the shown picture is used an analogy for the anime. xD

Muka Muka Paradise was a manga created by Fumiko Shiba, illustrated by Yumiuko Igarashi, and later on was adapted into a supposedly 51 episode anime (In the Cantonese dub, there was a record of 26 episodes, and I'm still sort of confused at this part.)

Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Shojo (Supposedly only applies for manga)

Uiba Shikatani (In Western verse, her name is Shikatani Uiba), the show's heroine, is the daughter of a petshop owner, and apparently her reptile egg she was raising didn't hatch (Shown in a flashback). To cheer her up, Uiba's father buys her a huge reptile egg which supposedly costs either 3,000 or 30,000 yen, which is pretty pricey for an over sized egg.

Later on, the egg hatches in the middle of the night, and out comes a green dinosaur that was named Muka Muka, as that was the only thing it could say. From there on, Muka Muka becomes the talk of the district, and many adventures follow along his story!

Here's the first episode (http://youtube.com/watch?v=hHgjCoK3HAM). However, it is in the Cantonese (Chinese southern dialect/supposedly Chinese version of Kansai), and has no subtitles. Kenny and I can probably provide some translations, but it's rather bothersome for the viewer to look at the script and watch the show at the same time. xD

~ I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!! O_O It is a classic childhood memory that I was, heck, still am EXTREMELY fond of. As a child, I was subject to having to spend most of my days watching video tapes of anime in Chinese dubs, and so I learned and practiced most of my Chinese that way. Not to also mention I developed incredible likings for anime. ^_^

Muka Muka Paradise was apparently a very rare anime back then, since its popularity never reached to the points of present day anime. Regardless, I still do very favor this anime, and love it to death.