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09-16-2007, 11:24 PM
Hello, and welcome. As the Title says, this is my series 2 of my RP-ing life on Pokemonelite2000. Also, as the titles says, I am working on a video game for the PC, soon to come out.

Anar' Or Story:

Necromancy was a practice only used by Trolls and lower life forms. Mostly everyone had abandoned these ways. However, the Alian Shiakkes were practitioners of Necromancers. And soon, the Shiakkes gave there knowladge to the Spider People Tirrah.

Humanity was a great practitioner of the Holly light. Unfortunately, they were also very unantollerable. They had always been enemies of Trolls. Humanity all fell under one supirior kingdom, Talithinia, with the exceptions of barbarians plauging in there land. Humanity sooned learned of these aliens, the Shiakkes, where practitioners of Necromancy. Soon they declared war, on the last remaining Troll tribe with a major foot hold on the Southern continent Eunada, Rajaki, and the Shiakkes of the crash site of the Ulzinjib space voyager.

Though they were doing really great against the Rajaki Tribe, but they were dieing from the Shiakkes. They abandoned the lands of the Northern continent belonging to Shiakkes, and headed to their new enemies, the Tirrah. However, the Tirrah were aided in return to learn necromancy, the Elves.

Most of the Humans left the Northern Continent, Ballisk, and went home. But one guy named Quentin Morrge, a knight, learned Necromancy with rebels. While Rebel Tirrah were teaching him, the Elves and the Tirrah were fighting a new enemy, the Dwarves. The Dwarves had arisen from caves claiming the land, the entire continent of Ballisk belonged to the McGulley clan of Dwarves. However, they were pushed back to a northern paninsula. There, they declared war on all the races of Ballisk; the Elves, the Tirrah, and the Shiakkes. But, the alliance between the Elves and the Tirrah couldn't last, and they declared war on each other.

While Quentin was going home, the Shiakkes thought about who attacked them, and they though it was the Elves. So, the Shiakkes declared war on the Elves. While they were heading south and fighting the Dwarves who they declared war on, they quickly were in there. They had the chance to defeat them, but the Tirrah inturrupted. They decided to also declare war on the Tirrah.

Meanwhile, while a new race, the Dragoons, were fighting the Trolls and Humans, Quentin came back. He quickly taught the others about necromancy. They were soon arrested by the police, and sentenced on an Island. But public outrage soon let Necromancy legal in Talithinia. This led all the races to declare war on the Humans.

Meanwhile, on the deserted Island that wasn't so deserted, the Human Necromancers quicklly battled the Maccebeath tribe of Troll on that island, and gained a powerful necromatic tome. That increased there powers by alot. When they learned of Humans accepting Necromancy, they went mad, and took over most of the Island.

However, the Goblins of an island bridge from Eunada to Ballisk, were under siege by a former power house of Trolls called the Allikrupp Tribe. They were preparing to do what they wanted to do before fleeing their home; Take over all of Eunada.

And, like the dwarves, some Rajhitie formed a cault and started to build an army to kill the Dwarves, who were there enemies.

Playable races:

Humans of Talithinia:
Soilder, Archer, Beast Tamer, Cardinal, Paladin, Wizard.

Trolls of the Rajaki tribe:
Soilder, Archer, Beast Tamer, Shaman, Geomancer

Dwarves of the McGlully Clan:
Soilder, Beast Tamer, Archer, Rouge, Shape Shifter

Soilder, Airolyte, Beast Tamer, Rouge, Paladin

Shiakkes of the Ulzinjib Survivors:
Wizard, Airolyte, Shape Shifter, Paladin, Cardinal, Geomancer

Soilder, Wizard, Cardinal, Rouge, Archer, Shaman

Archer, Cardinal, Rouge, Wizard, Geomancer

(all races have the Hero class Necromancer)


Enjoy season two of Vigorothy...

Lord Fedora
09-17-2007, 12:48 AM
Hm... I'm not sure how I like the idea of this. The plot is well thought out and well written, interesting and creative, but the description is... lacking. You don't have any sort of setting in place, only names of places and not region description. Also, you don't accurately describe the races. They're culture, their abilities, what they and their different classes look like, etc.. Lastly, the whole race and class and hero thing, it's too much like Warcraft. You have no sign-up sheet, and this should really be in the Sign-up section in the first place. You also give no sign as to what the RPer is supposed to be doing.