View Full Version : Tyler999's New PERMANENT Battle Thread *OPEN*

09-20-2007, 02:51 AM
Yes this is my permanent battle thread and ive decide to actually start a wifi record from battles ive had on this forum starting today from battles ive had recently.Pm me if you want to battle and I will get back to you.

Right now im 3-0

My Rules
1.lvl100 or free single battles(since im better at those)
3.No legends(I might accept 1, just ask)Ubers(this does not involve weavile),or hacks
4.No D/C (i will count it as a win)Unless it actually disconnected on its own then we will battle again
5.any violations will result in D/C

Application for battle
type of battle-

*New wifi record started Wednesday,September 19,2007*