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Yoko Rains
09-22-2007, 04:52 PM
Hello again everyone. Second time I make this thread. I'm working on making a new team, therefore I need to acquire monsters with the right natures.

(NOTE : Please, all of these guys should be at level 1, I want to EV train them myself)

It would be great if I had a male and female of each so I can do some EGG breeding.

This list will be updated as much as possible. When I get the nature of the Pokemon, I will erase that Nature. I hope to be able to get all the ones here.

- Abra: Modest

- Gible: Jolly & Addamant

- Happinny: Bold

- Scizor: Impish (or you can give me a Scyther holding a Metal Coat)

- Skarmory: Impish & Jolly

- Chimchar: Jolly & Naive & Timid

- Bagon: Modest & Adamant (nice to have lonely/naughty, not necessary though)

- Eevee: Bold

- Gastly: Timid (nice to have hasty, naive and jolly, but not necessary)

- Munchlax: Careful

- Riolou: Modest

- Elekid: Lonely, Adamant, Mild

- Dratini: Jolly, Mild, Hasty, and Adamant

- Nincada: Adamant & Jolly

- Magikarp: Adamant

- Rhyhorn: Impish, Adamant & Jolly

Those are the Poke'mon I need for my actual team. Here are some I'd like to have just for the sake of having them.

- Chikorita (female needed)

- Cyndaquil (female needed)

- Totodile (any nature, both genders please)

- Darkrai (any; I don't care if its movie, or its nature, or anything, just legit please)

- Zangoose (both genders please)

The only shinies I ever wanted:

- Shiny Torchic Jolly/Addamant Nature preferred (might use for battling sometimes)

- Shiny Charmander Jolly/Addamant Nature preferred (might use for battling sometimes)

Thanks for reading! Please help with my team! Thanks!

Post what you want, if I have it we can trade, if not I'll try my best to get it.

Any free help is appreciated!

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