View Full Version : Fight for my life! (And a new acuisition?)

Shiny Umbreon
03-07-2005, 02:30 PM
It was a rainy night in Vanzaria Primes forest. Before I start my tale I should warn you that I am a Ware Wolf. My name is Lycan and I have lived in these woods for the past 100 years. Luckily nobody minds me to much as I am a Lupine. A ware from one of the few “good” packs, which, by the way is nonsense you get good and bad wherever you go. In this world, Pokemon are rare but not unheard of. I have and Eevee myself and I treasure it with all my heart. She follows me on foot most of the time, but that night I kept her in the apricorn ball I made her in order to shelter her from the storm. At the time I did not realise how much of a lucky decision I had made. I had not realised that I was being tracked by a Canus, (a “bad” ware) or that it was out to cannibalise me.

That night, the sky was covered in thick cloud, and I was in my humanoid, Elvin form. The rain was pounding down diagonally, and seemed to penetrate every where. I was struggling through the thick undergrowth and was tripping over thorns. I could not transform and carry my heavy adventures pack at the same time, so I was forced to plough on. Suddenly I was on the ground, struggling under an intense weight. Looking up I saw two, huge, brown eyes, both full of murderous intent. I struggled again unable to move under the dead weight of my opponent Looking up again I saw it was a fellow ware in its hybrid form. By the looks of them they where a huge, powerfully built male with silver black fur. With a single back hander he struck me across the face, sending brightly lit flashes before my eyes and causing a huge explosive pain through my head. I was dimly aware of a second back hander before I lost conciseness.

I came round in a dimly lit cave. Using my Wolf senses I quickly found that he was a solitary male, like me, but tended to monitor a specific territory. My captor was in his humanoid form and actually appeared to be a human, unfortunately for me he was sharpening an axe and several butchers knives lay near by. Straining my hearing I could just make out some form sniffing sound and a strange, unfamiliar scent coming from the back of the cave.

No Pokemon encounters yet, but I'm getting there. I would apprecite any constructive critisisms. If you don't wan't to post them cos they are harsh or something you can PM me, I don't mind! :tongue: Story post short cos I'm restricted for time by the local library so it should be several posts long as I switch between word and the forum in order to post. (Also I check e-mail and stuff.)

Thanx in advance for feedback.