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Just Leo
09-25-2007, 09:11 PM

Fire Emblem:
The Laguz War!


It's four years to today that Ike and friends killed Mad King Ashnard. Begegion was an ally in this war, and also befriended the Heron prince and princess, Reyson and Leanne. Yet, there was something they had against the Laguz. The apostle died and a new royal bloodline came into play, this blood line rembers the Laguz slaves and encourages it. The Laguz are infurrieated. Callie and Deaien want to wait this one out, but both Beorc and Laguz come asking for help. Queen Elencia remebers the Laguz and her friends and decided to help them over throw Begegion. Ike and the newly named Ike Mercenaries are requested and on contract to King Gallia they work for him to enter the capital and over throw them. They also have allies. Deaien, still with that burning passion to hate the Laguz, joined Begeion to over throw all Laguz clans, bird, feline, and dragon. Who will other "sellswords" and skilled fighters choose to help? How will this war turn out and who shall fall at the others hands? Only you can decide! Join now!

Now then, Welcome!
Sign Up Thread (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65792)

I wish you all will have fun during this Role Play, and I hope it'll last! Its my first RolePlay on here, so yeah.

This is where we will discuss suggestions, problems you may have, and the RolePlay's story speed is. Also anything else about the Role Play.

(( What I mean by the `RolePlay's story speed is howfast we are moving through the plot. ))