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Part one: The hot and shiny battle.

I am a twelve years old boy who lives in New bark town. I wish to become a great Pokemon trainer. Not the best, just good. I am travelling around Johto. I donít have much friends, and the ones that I have donít travel with me. They live in New bark and arenít even Pokemon trainers.

And here I am running between Goldenrod and Ilex forest to the closest Pokemon center. I were tired a lot after the long trip from Ilex forest. I arrived in Goldenrod. The town was a lot bigger then I was thinking it would be. The houses were huge. There were a lot of people, not like in Azaleza town. But I werenít watching around a lot. I were running to Pokemon center as fast as I could.

My cute and strong Houndour. He was almost fainted. I held him in my hands and hoped everything would be ok for him. He is my only Pokemon. I got him as a starter. I could capture some Pokemon in Ilex forest, but then I didnít think about that much. The only thing, witch was worrying me were how to get out of the forest. My Houndour were protecting me from all those Beedrill and Pineko.

I arrived at the Pokemon center and gave my tired and hurt Houndour to nurse Joy. I waited for hours and hours for the words Houndour is fine. I didnít listen to other kids witch were talking happily and laughing.

Then the Joy come out and said: your Houndour ok. I was so happy.

In the next day I with Houndour went to explore the big and beautiful town. I saw a few trainers battling. It was a battle between a Sunflora and a Pichu. The Sunflora won. The Pichu trainer took out a potion and used it on PICHU. Then the trainer walked away, but the Sunflora user was laughing with evil laughs. My Houndour was inside Pokeball the time, and trainer with Sunflora didnít know what Pokemons I have. I challenged the evil trainer to a battle. The trainer continued to laugh.

He said: I am the local champion, no one can beat me.

He used his Sunflora again, but I sanded out my Houndour.

Sunflora started with a bright ray of light in the sky, and all the clouds disappeared. It was a Sunny day.

My Houndour Tried to bite the sunflora, with his sharp teeth, but the Sunflora quickly dodged it.

The battle was happening on grass, so it gave Sunflora a lot of advantage.

Sunflora started glowing and then shoot abeam, a solar beam
I screamed: Houndor jump.

Houndor jumped, and evaded the deadly Solar beam.

Houndour Flamethrower, I shouted.

The attack was evaded and Sunflora Shot a lot of leafs.

Houndour, burn them I said. The leaves were burned. Try another Flamethrover, I said to Houndour. The flames were going right at the Sunflora. Sunflora tried to evade it, but the flames stroke Sunflora.

The Sunflora of the laughing trainer(who wasnít laughing any more) burned and ran around until it falled and was fainted.
The trainer went away ashamed and sad.

03-08-2005, 03:36 PM
Part two: The secret Electrike

After the trainer went away and after I recalled Houndour an old man went to me and said: I saw your battle. Thanks for beating him. He was really bad to other trainers and maybe after the defeat he will change. I saw a really strong Electrike near the Nacional park.
I think you should capture it, but be careful. The nature of him isnít the best. It attacks a lot of trainers.

The man took me out of the town and pointed to the north.

The man wasnít following me. I had to walk alone. I sanded out my Houndour. And said: Nice victory.

We both walked to the north, as the man told as. I was thinking, how strong the Electrike actually is. The man said I must have it. I hope he was right, and I hope, the Electrike wouldnít be that hard to capture. I actually need another pokemon, because a lot of trainers have six, but I have only one.

After a minute or two I saw a trainer.

I asked him: have you seen an Electrike around here?

The trainer hearing the word Electrike flinched. He looked scared.

I asked him: is something wrong?

The trainer replied: an Electrike attacked me today. It was really strong. My poor STARYU was seriously hurt, because of that beast.

Where did it happened, I continued to question him.

Itís too dangerous. I am not going to tell you. It can seriously hurt your pokemon. Itís Thunder knocked out even the local championís Sunflora.

But I won in a battle against the local champion and his Sunflora.

Then, replied the scared trainer, I can help you, because maybe you will capture it and it will be safe to go to the park again, and if you won against champion of this town you are our best bet.

He showed direction of the place, where the Electrike appears and we walked to the city.

Strange guy, I said to Houndour.

Houndour replied with his: Hoooouuuuunnnnnn.

I recalled him and went to the direction showed by the strange guy.

When I got to the place, where Electrike should appear. I searched for him until the dark, but couldnít find him. I had to go back to the pokemon center at Goldenrood, but when I started walking away, angry creature jumped in front of me. It was the Electrike.

Go HOUNDOUR I said and threw the Pokeball.

The Electrike immediately used a powerful blast of lightning. It stroked in the sky and hutted my Houndour.

Houndour flied a bit and landed on the land helplessly laying.

Houndour get up, I screamed.

Houndour got up and bitted the Electrike with his sharp tooth.

Electrike flinched in pain, but then he sparked my Houndour back, and did a strong lightning strike, after another strong lightning strike to my poor Houndour.

Houndour got up and blew a lot of hot flames at the Electrike, and after the battack fainted.

Houndour, Houndour, I shouted. Come back, I said and returned the por and hurt Pokemon. Electrike Charged for another strike, but I threw a rock at it.

Thatís for the Houndour I screamed. I threw another rock, but this time Electrike stroke it with its lightning, and the rock smashed. I kept throwing rocks, but Electrike smashed them all. I tried to pick up another rock, but there were no more on the road.

Electrike tried another strike, but this time at me, not the rock, but he couldnít. He had no more electricity left. He prepared to bite me, but then fell. He was too tired to move.

I thought, that this is my only chanse to capture him and threw a Pokeball. The up of the ball was red, but the down white. The ball sucked Electrike in and felled on the ground. It started to shakeÖ

03-09-2005, 01:15 PM
The Sudovudo with dig.

The Electrike broke out of the ball, gathered it's last strength, and fled. Even tired it could do a jump. It jumped away in the grass and ran away.

For a few minutes I stunted there motionless for a few minutes. It started to rain. I realized, that Houndour is hurt and started running to Goldenrod. I needed to get my poor Pokemon to the Pokemon center. It turned darker and darker, and darker, until I couldnít see a thing.

The rain ended.

Then trees started appearing from nowhere. I understood, that I am lost. I was in some kind of a forest. But some trees looked odd.

Then the odd trees started saying: sssssuuuuuuudddddddd, sudovudo, sudovudo.

They were Sudovudo.

Where is the Goldenrod city, I asked to trees.

Sudovudo didnít understand anything about the goldenrod, but one started digging. It looked so funny, seeing, how Sudovudo dig. Then he found some thing spiky and tried to take it in his hands. Suuuudddovudo, the tree said, and gave me the strange item.

It was a Max revive. I asked them: can I take it.

The tree waved the part of his body, where the mouth was up and down, and said: suudddooovvuuddoo.

I took the item, and took out a Pokeball out of my pocket.

All Sudovudo started to step back. They seemed to be scared of the white and red ball.

Donít worry, it is not for you, I said, and sanded out Houndour. It was still fainted. I carefully putted the revive in his mouth.

After a few seconds Houndour started to move. He swallowed the worthy item and looked around.

I said to my Houndour: welcome back, but now it is time to sleep.

After few minutes I, Houndour and all the Sudovudo were asleep.

The next day and the surprise.

In the morning, when I woke up, Houndour and all the Sudovudo(witch were more than I remembered from yesterday) were already up.

I was in a forest. It looked really nice. The trees were pretty short. There were a lot of :Pidgey in the sky. Gras was clean, with no trash on it, like it were in the city.

But then a strange noise happened. A man jumped down from a tree, and threw a blue Pokeball in the air. A Pokemon with a vortex on his belly appeared. It was a Polivrat.

I am from the game corner, said the man. I came after the Sudovudo. They would be a great prize.

No thatís not right, I said. These Sudovudo are happy here, and they donít want to be captured.

I donít care. The game corner needs them. Get of of the way or I will use your Houndour as a prize too.

No way, I am going to protect these Sudovudo, Houndour come, lets fight this guy, I replied.

Houndour try a Flamethrower on that Polivrat, I said.

Houndour blew hot flames at the Polivrat, but the trainer with him just laughed.

Polivrat is strong against dark and fire, you donít have a chance. Polivrat, hypnosis, shouted the trainer trough laughs.

The vortex on the belly of the Polivrat started to spin.

Donít look I said and turned my head to other side. When I looked again Houndour was asleep.

Water gun, said the trainer.

Polivrat blew out water at my Houndour, but then Electrike ran in the way of the water gun and took the hit.

Then the Electrike fired a beam of lightning at the Polivrat.

The Polivrat didnít expect that, so he didnít dodge and the lightning hate him. He flew a bit farer and fainted.

The evil trainer immediately recalled the Polivrat and ran away.

Thanks for sawing me, I said to Electrike, would you give me another chance to capture you?

Electrike didnít replied.

I woke up Houndour, and the battle started.

Houndour, flamethrower I said.

Houndour blew the hot flames out of his mouth.

Electrike quickly dodged the hit and countered with a strike of lightning.
Jump Houndour, I said, and use Odor sleight.

Houndour jumped and took a big sniff of the smell of electrike.

Now bite it.

Electrike jumped aside, but Houndur tried the attack again.

This time Houndour didnít miss. He bitted in electrike, and then blasted it back, with a lot of flames.

I threw the ball. It flied, hut the Electrike, sucked it in, fell and started to shake.

All the Sudovudo watched and the Houndour watched with big eyes. Will it capture Electrike...
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Tamer San
03-09-2005, 03:05 PM
Story- Nothing much to say, you have worked on my advice lengthening the entire story ^^

Battle- You had two battles to capture him and thats good, more the better though :wink:

Reality- ._. I am not quite sure here, but it can happen in anime though =P

Grammer/Spelling- Here and there, check before posting...

OUTCOME- Well, you've worked on my advice, and this was your first story so Electrike is captured in a short lengthed story, congrats and take good care of him ^^