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Light Manaphy
09-28-2007, 02:41 AM
Well, I made another art thread. My last one was basically fakemon, so now I'll put anything on this one. I'll take care to update every day except for Monday's and any days that I have a lot of homework (which is everyday, but I'll always try to update on weekends).

So to start off, please read the rules:

-Don't Spam
-Normal PE2K Rules
-No flamming or bashing
-No asking, "When's the next update going to be?"
-No quoting first post.

I will add to the rules if I need to.

I'll have two sections. The Anything Section and the Palace of Connection section. You'll see why I call it Palace of Connection, as I'll post my comics here, too.

Anything Section:

none... :confused:

Palace of Connection Section:

Junichi (http://i22.tinypic.com/1sjrsl.png)

Working on: my character based off of Manaphy and Empoleon.

I can probably only update once a day on weekdays, but on weekends, I can update as much as I want, depending on what I'm feeling like. If I'm lucky, I can update twice per weekday that I'm on.

Please rate and comment. :wink: