View Full Version : Recuiting members for New clan Motor Machine Gun Warriors

09-29-2007, 11:46 PM
Rules For thread

No Spamming(if you have suggestions how to make this thread better then you are welcome to share)
No Flaming
Please be patient I may not be able to answer all replies quickly

Thats about it

Rules for Clan

-If you want to join please be active in the clan in the future
-Please try to keep away from unfriendly rivalries(any rivalry we may have should be friendly)
-If you have any history of scamming or cheating of any sort please do not try to join because I will allow people to tell me whether you cheat or not(I am tolerant with people who use AR just to level up pokemon or make them shiny)
-Any personal concerns please PM me rather then post on thread

Our Purpose
-To win and represent a clan
-To make friends in the process
-To make Tournaments(may change)
-There maybe a prize give away to people who win against clan members(I will supply unless some one volunteers to)
-Share our videos(for anyone who has webcam)
-If people agree to this there maybe a ranking tournament

-you should be a fairly good battler
-you must have the banner on your signature
-you must be regularly active in this forum
-you must be regularly active in the clan

Depending on what happens There might me a win and lose system. Simply if a member of the clan looses to someone they PM me who they lost to and vice versa. The point of this is for me to know who to give prizes to and for people to see our over all skill level.


thanks in advance

super sinnoh
09-30-2007, 08:11 AM
could i join? i am not on this regually but i will be on more often if i have to.
my team is-
Twilight the luxray
rayquaza/ dragonite
groudon/ blaziken/ gallade/ arceus depending if i will be allowed to use arceus
mew/ munchlax
darkrai/lucario depending if i am allowed to use darkrai

i might change it but i will say if i do.

^^ my friend code is

Sion 5155 0662 6731