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03-15-2005, 01:31 PM
Aadventure with Pidgeotto.

I am twelve years old boy who lives in Littleroot town. I wish to become a great Pokemon trainer. Not the best, just weary, weary good. I am traveling around Hoenn. My name is Pitter. And I have many friends. They don’t travel with me. They live in Littleroottown and Oldale town. They wish to become the great pokemon trainers much greater then me.

And here I am going to Oldale town. And suddenly ay sea a Pidgey and another on and another and another tow .Then ay saw a Pigeotto. I started to run after the Pigeotto. Ten mints later. I vas very tired. And then at last hi sited dawn. Then ay scrammed.

Go Mugby use fire blast. On that Pidgeotto.

And Magby started to sine and his brains gated bigger and from his moth fired a firing flying human.

Try to hit that Pidgeotto. O now the Pidgeys tucked the hit that vas meant hour that Pidgeotto.

Tow of tows Pidgeys fainted and the rest tow started to attack.

The Pidgeotto only commanded them like that. “Pi pigoo pigoo “

Then ay sad Magby use flame throwers on those birds and try to hit that Pidgeotto to.

Then Pidgeys attacked with gusts. All the time. They started to move her wings so fast there begin a gust.

After a hover Magby started to use confuse ray.

So Magby aye started to glove in a blue color and after some seconds he soothed a blue beam. It confused all those Pidgeys.

After a nether hover Magby started to use sunny day and fire blast.

So Magby scooted a light beam in the sky. And after that he become hotter and hotter and scooted a flaming fire in a human shape.

After one more hovers all Pidgeys was fainted. And Pidgeotto started to attack.

Then ay use super potion on May Magby then ay commanded Magby to attack with sunny day and after that flamethrower.

So Magby started to glow and soothed a sun beam in the sky. Then the san started to glow shinier then ever. Then Magby looked to the ground and then jump in the sky and suited a fiery biome from his mouth.

Pidgeotto used gouts and agility. First he moved his wings faster and faster until a gust showed up. After that Pidgeotto started to fly around faster and faster and it vas very hard to hit Pidgeotto.

After tow hovers Pidgeotto almost fainted with his last plovers hi cold for help and five Pidgeys flied hear. And started to attack my Magby. And ay sad Magby use confuse ray then use sunny day and then finish them with flame rover and fire blast.

So Magby ayes become blue and suddenly soothed from them a blue lighting. After that the Pideys vas confused. Then Magby soothed a sun beam in the sky and there shoved a shiny sunny. Then he fired a flaming beam and a flaying flaming flame human.

Pidgeys attack with ghosts, tackles, wing attacks and sand attacks while Pidgeotto rand away.

So they moved those wings until a gust shoved. Then they tried to hit me and Magby using there heads. Then they bid the same thing dazes whit using there wings. And then they started to throve sands at Magby and my.

Then Magby used flame thrower.

Magby suddenly soothed a hot flaming beam at those Pidgeys.

And Pidgeys used gusts and sand strums.

So Pidgeys started to move her wings faster and faster then there biome gusts some Pidgeys in there gusts towed sand attacks and there become sand storms.

After three hovers all Pidgeys was fainted. And may Magby was almost fainted.

I take may Magby and started to ran to Oldale towns pokemon center. I was weary worried about Magby he was looking where bad. After same mints ay was in the pokemon center gave my Magby to Norse Joy. While Magby was to Joy ay called my mammy and he told my to came home. I answered ok.

Then when ay gated back my Magby. I gone back to Littleroot town throve the route 101. Then when ay was started to go home I saw that Pidgeotto it vas attacked bay fore Taillows sow ay used my Magby and hi used sunny day, flame rover and confuse ray.

So Magby suited the sun beam then he soothed a fiery beam and then soothed a blue beam.

After two hovers all Taillows was fended ay saw that ay need to get the Pidgeotto to the pokemon center ay tried to capture the Pidgeotto but he blacked the ball. Ok then ay tacked him in May arms and rand back to the Oldale town pokemon center. When ay tar was ay gated Magby and Pidgeotto to the Norse Joy. After that I called my mammy and sad to her I vile by late.

In the pokemon center ay was tow hovers. After that ay fried Pidgeotto and was going to Littleroot town. After a hover ay was in the Littleroot town ay goon to my mammy we war taking and taking. And suddenly three vas a scrim and ay rand out. Then ay saw five Pucinas.

They were attacking the professor. Ay hew to save him ay sad go Magby use flame rover.

And Magby soothed a flaming beam.

The Pucinas started to attack my and my Magby. They used crunch.

So evicting gone black and they started to attack.

Magby protected me with confuse ray and flame thrower.

Magdy he soothed the blue beam and a flaming beam.

After twenty mints two of those Pucinas fainted. After twelve more mints a nether Pucina fainted. After tree more mints Magby fainted. There was left a one Pucina.

Then the last Pucina tired to attack me. With crunch.

So ewer thing gone black and he started to crunch my.

I tacked back my Magby and step back. After some wield ay started to run away.

Then suddenly that Pidgeotto saved me he used whirl wind.

Pidgeotto started to move his wings so fast the gust that became from this wing vying Puchina vas beloved away.

Then Pidgeotto flied to me and like asked my to ketch him but before a beetle if ay ked van that Pidgeotto I try to ketch him.

I sad … KO but first we have to go to the pokemon center. After we ewer gown to the pokemon center and held Magby and Pidgeotto we gone out and started the fight.

Magby used sunny day and flame thrower.

So Magby soothed a weak light beam in the sky and the sun started to sine. Then he shouted a flame beam it clamed oat from the Magbys moth.

Pidgeotto used ghost and sand attack.

Pidgeotto started to move her wings faster and faster then it become a gust. Then he throve the sands in the Magbys face. It vas sand attack.

Then Magby used fire blast.

Magby become hotter and soot a flame human flaming.

And Pidgeotto almost fainted.

Then ay troved the poke boll. And hoped to Pidgeotto vaunt brake out. Then the ball hit Pidgeotto and started to sake.

Tamer San
03-15-2005, 01:40 PM

Story: No plot at all, details aren't clear and length is...nope...not good story. I recommend you fix your grammer/spelling to add more details, put things in good looking paragraphs and make it longer and try to make a better plot than "Oh, I found a Pidgey...and another...and another and a Pidgeotto..." Where is the fun in that? >_>

Battle: >.< (Need more details)

Grammer/Spelling: This is the section I liked the most ^^, you didn't do good at all here doing MANY grammatical and SPELLING mistakes. As a tip, use Microsoft Word to correct such spelling mistakes, it might become better that way ^^

Reality: Pidgeotto don't appear as simple as that in the wilderness, make a better story =P

OUTCOME- Not even one of the Pidgey got captured my friends due to lack in SPELLING, PLOT, GRAMMER, and DETAILS!!! Good luck next time ^^