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03-15-2005, 05:29 PM
Author's Note - Syas will be catching a Pokemon in this story before it is
graded. However by the time the story is ready for grading he will no longer
have ANY access to it. It is STRICTLY for Story Purposes and will have NO
bearing on URPG Ever :biggrin:

Groaning softly as he woke, Syas thought over the previous night's events.
Yawning stiffly, Syas got to his feet, stepping into his cargo pants before
belting them with a faded brown leather belt. Grabbing his T-Shirt from the
side of the bed, Syas had barely gotten it on when the door to the room

"Oh... sorry..." the mousy voice said softly, "I didn't think you would be

"It's okay" Syas responded, clipping two Pokeballs to his belt, "You can come

Opening the door once more, Nurse Jennifer stepped into the room, a plate of
food in her hand.

"I thought you might like some breakfast before I went to work..." she said

Smiling softly at her, Syas recalled how after his fight with Dalton, he had
come back to Rustboro, planning on sleeping between a few buildings. Little
had he known that Nurse Jennifer was waiting for his return. After recapping
what had happened, Syas had found himself being dragged to Nurse
Jennifer's small house, where he spent the night in her guest room.

Nurse Jennifer was definately an attractive girl, long brown hair, a cute face
to match her mousy voice, and a slight build. However, Syas' thoughts were
elsewhere... Syas' thoughts were on Dalton.

"How's Meditite?" Jennifer asked quietly, breaking the akward silence.

"A bit dissapointed I think..." Syas responded, looking down at the floor, "She
thinks she let me down by losing the fight."

Nodding, Nurse Jennifer remained quiet, the room once more filling with a
disturbing silence. The wooden floor of the room felt soft and warm under
Syas' feet as the sunlight beamed in through a window near the bed in this
sparesly decorated room.

"I am going off to look for other Pokemon today..." Syas said, a bit sheepish
talking to the girl in front of him with his hair still messy from sleeping,
wearing the same clothes as he had last night, and stomach growling as he
finally reached for the food, beginning to eat.

"Oh... I.. didn't know you were a serious trainer." Nurse Jennifer replied, "Any
idea where you will go?"

"I don't know which way I will go.." Syas started slowly, "but Dalton can't be
left to do what he wishes. If I am going to stop him, I will need more than
just Meditite and Cacnea. He's sure to start assembling a team himself now
that he knows I am on to him."

Nodding in response, Nurse Jennifer leaned over and laid an impossibly light
kiss upon Syas' cheek.

"For good luck," she explained before leaving the room quickly, her face
victim to a deep red blush.

Standing there awestruck, Syas found his mind off Dalton for the first time
today. Turning back to the food, Syas began eating... his cheeks ever so

03-15-2005, 06:53 PM
Finishing his breakfast sometime later, Syas stood, and after tidying up the
room he had stayed in, headed to the door. Leaving swiftly, Syas hit the
road, pulling a beanie cap over his disorganized mop of brown hair. His
amber eyes scanning the horizon, Syas nodded to himself and left South
from Rustboro.

His tan hiking boots crunching bits of gravel under his step as he walked,
Syas looked around the path, searching for any sign of movement as he
strode down the old and beaten dirt road. The chirps of small birds and the
soft summer breeze against his face kept Syas' darker thoughts at bay for
the time being.

"Plu.." a soft voice whispered.

"Looking up and around, Syas tried to find where the voice was coming from,
before he could look any more a small bunny like Pokemon emerged from the
bushes, it's ears tipped in a reddish-pink color, and a small 'Plus' sign on it's

Well... it's cute... that's good. Let's see how it handles itself... Syas
thought to himself as he reached for a Pokeball, lobbing it toward the Plusle.

"Cacnea! Go" Syas instructed as the ball opened, the small cactus like
Pokemon taking shape as it exited the ball.

"Plus?" the Plusle responded, seeing a Pokemon appear before it.

"Cacnea! Pin Missile!" Syas called, instructing his Pokemon.

Watching with interest, Syas saw Cacnea inhale a sharp breath and hold it,
the way a puffer fish would, unlike a puffer fish though, when Cacnea
pushed a little harder, cacti quills went flying everywhere, three managing to
hit Plusle.

"Plusle!" the Pokemon cried as it was hit thrice, reeling back, Plusle soon
found it footing, electricity beginning to crackle between it's tall
ears, "PLUSLE!" it cried once more, the electricity from it's ears shooting
toward Syas' Cacnea.

"Dodge that attack Cacnea!" Syas called, worry in his voice, had he
underestimated this Pokemon?

Plusle's speed proved to much for Cacnea, and though Cacnea tried to dodge
to the side, Plusle's Thunder Wave connected, paralyzing Cacnea as the
electricity surged through him.

Satisfied with itself, Plusle gave a smirk "Plus!" as it started to charge
electricity again, intent to teach Cacnea a lesson.

"Cacnea! Now! While it's charging! Use your Faint Attack!" Syas called,
hopeful that Cacnea could break the effects of it's paralysis to attack Plusle.

Cheering as Cacnea lept toward Plusle, ready to attack Syas sighed in
relief... just as a small electric charge surrounded Cacnea and he fell to the
ground, he had apparently not overcome his paralysis.

Watching the fight, Syas contemplated the chances of a win for Cacnea. It
was paralyzed, but so far Plusle had not actually hurt it. The Pin Missile
attack had managed to hurt Plusle, it was littered with bruises and had
slowed a bit after the attack.

Waiting for Plusle eminent attack, Syas was suprised to see the Pokemon
continue to charge more electricity between it's ears. Maybe this was the
chance Cacnea needed.

"Cacnea! Try a Needle Arm!" Syas called to his paralyzed Pokemon.

Cacnea, hearing it's Trainer's call, began rolling forward toward Plusle, it's
right arm beginning to glow while it moved. Watching in anticipation, Syas
saw two things happen, seemingly at once. As Cacnea pulled out of it's roll
rearing it's arm back for the Needle Arm attack, a bolt of Lightning slammed
down from the sky, hitting Cacnea within seconds of the Needle Arm hitting

Watching Plusle go flying backward, Syas cheered. His celebration though,
was a bit early. It seem that the Charged Thunder was too much for
Cacnea, and as his Pokemon fainted and recalled into it's Pokeball, Syas saw
the Plusle stand up, dazed from it's attack, and barely still conscious.

Here we go! thought Syas as he threw a Pokeball toward the nearly
defeated Plusle.

One Shake...

Two Shake...

Come on! Syas' thoughts seem to scream.

Three Shake...


03-15-2005, 06:57 PM
Picking up the Pokeball, Syas smirked to himself before turning and running
the back way he had come.

This is perfect! he thought as his hiking boots beat out a pattern on the
path, I just hope they get along...

Making it back to Rustboro in record time, Syas made his way through the
crowded streets towards Nurse Jennifer's house.

Slipping in through an open window, Syas fell into the small abode. Standing
up, he walked to the small oak desk in the corner of the room. Grabbing a
pen and paper, Syas wrote a quick note...


Thank you for the hospitality, I really appreciate you letting me spend the
night here, and breakfast was delicious. I noticed you don't have a
Pokemon, so I decided to remedy that. Her name is Plusle, and I hope that
you two get along... I don't want to force her on you, but with everything
that is happening, it would make me feel better to know you are safe...


Attaching the note to the Pokeball with a small piece of tape, Syas left it on
the kitchen table, awaiting Nurse Jennifer's return home. Climbing back out
the window he had come in through, Syas closed the window and headed
toward the PokeCenter.

Walking in, Syas smiled and waved to Nurse Jennifer, who blushed a bit but
returned to the customer she was helping. Walking over to one of the other
Nurses, Syas handed them the Pokeball containing his Cacnea.

"Any chance you could heal him? I was training my two Pokemon and I guess
I pushed it a bit too far" Syas lied, a smile still evident on his lips.

"I suppose..." the Nurse said, putting the Pokeball into the six slotted
machine, "but take it easier next time, okay?"

Syas nodded as he took the Pokeball back, leaving the PokeCenter and once
more heading south out of Rustboro... now it was time to start his journey.

03-15-2005, 07:26 PM
Pokemon Trainers Wanted!
Apply Inside!

The sign caught Syas' eye as he entered the small fishing village along the
shore south of Rustboro. Checking his pockets, Syas realized that he was
nearly broke, and unless he did something, wouldn't be able to afford dinner.

Although tired from walking all day, Syas entered the small building, a town
hall of sorts, hoping that whatever they needed Pokemon Trainers for would
pay. As he entered, Syas noted three things about the place. First and
foremost was the stench of rotten fish, Second, it seemed pretty desolate,
not many Trainers were in the building, and Third, there was no indication of
what exactly this town was recruiting Trainers to do.

"...and that's why we need you!" a man finished explaining to a boy,
presumably a Pokemon Trainer.

Shaking his head a bit to stay awake, Syas walked forward to where a small
wooden desk was set up with Application Forms. Picking one of the
clipboards containing the forms up, Syas was about to start filling it out
when the person behind the desk looked up at him.

"Hey! Wait a second, not everyone gets to join up. There are a few
questions we need to ask you..." the man said, looking Syas over as if to size
him up.

"Sure.." Syas nodded, too tired to argue, "Ask away..."

Picking up a clipboard and pen of his own, the man started the interview

"How many Badges have you earned?" he asked first.

"None as of yet..." Syas replied, wincing at the idea that he might not make
the cut.

"Hmm..." the man responded, taking a note down. "Fine fine, Any Psychic
Pokemon on your team?"

"Yes." Syas replied, "My Meditite is a Fighting and Psychic Pokemon."

"Psychic and Fighting, hmmm?" the man asked rhetorically, showing little
emotion, "Right then, how about Grass, Electric, Bug, or any other Fighting

"Well, my Cacnea is a Grass Type, and Meditite's my only other Pokemon."
Syas responded, not sure how the interview was going.

"Very well then," the man said, putting down his clipboard, "The job pays
food and lodging for a week, plus whatever Pokemon you happen to catch in
the process."

Relieved Syas nodded, signing a ledger that agreed him to completing the
task, "So what's the job?" Syas asked as he signed.

"You'll find out in the morning... hope you don't get sea sick!" the man
responded, laughing a bit before turning his attention to the next Trainer in

Shrugging, Syas turned and walked toward the back wall of the room, finding
an empty cot to lie in while the other three trainers who had made the cut
discussed what the task could be, or whose Pokemon was better than

As he drifted to sleep, Syas' curiosity brought only one question to mind...

I wonder if she liked it?....

03-17-2005, 03:50 PM
"Rise and Shine!" A booming voice bellowed.

Waking from his dreams, Syas first took in the owner of the voice. A large
man with a big stomach, he appeared to be a Ship's Captain. His black
speckled gray hair and beard, matched with his eye patch made him seem
the quintessential old sailor type.

After taking in 'The Captain', Syas stood from his cot and looked around the
room, noting many other sailors, some tall, some short, young and old alike;
the only thing they had in common is that they too were dressed like
storytime sailors, right down to the kneckerchief and sailor hats.

"Here's your task kiddos," The Captain began, looking at Syas and the other
three Trainers, "Something scared a pair of Sharpedos into swimming north
to our waters. Since that time, they have mated, and now in addition there
is a school of Carvanha in our waters. This makes fishing extremely
difficult! Not only do they eat most of the fish as it is, but they have
attacked numerous fishermen. You have been hired to teach the Sharpedos
a lesson, at which point, I will capture them and bring them south later this
week before releasing them. What happens to the Carvanha is up to all of
you." he finished.

Syas heard cheers from the other three Trainers as he silently shouldered the
bag he had 'borrowed' from Dalton. Checking his supply of Pokeballs, Syas
silently counted three before removing the two Pokeballs on the pillow next
to where he had laid, attaching them to his belt. Finished readying himself,
Syas looked around, seeing the other Trainers were also now prepared.

"Let's move!" he head the Captain say sternly as they were escorted out the
back door of the room, faced with the chill of the morning sea breeze.

Looking out and around a bit, Syas silently noted the setting, he had never
laid eyes upon a morning so grey, maybe the Sun hadn't risen yet, though by
the looks of the sky, Syas wondered if it ever would.

The smell of the salt on the air was enough to make someone gag a bit, their
nostrils burned lightly by the acrid scent. Shaking off his thoughts, Syas
padded down the dock with the rest of the crew toward a mid-sized white
boat, "The Kingdra's Escourt" painted crudely on the side in a dark-blue paint
which had dripped a bit while drying.

Arriving at the rotted wooden plank that would give Syas access to the boat,
he and the other three Trainers were sent up one at a time, the old board
creeking eerily under their weight. Finally aboard, Syas quickly found a spool
of large hemp rope to sit on as he awaited further instructions.

"Rest up and prepare Kids" The Captain seemed to reply to Syas'
thoughts, "We leave in an hour, after which it will take a third of that time to
reach the fishing areas."

Watching the crew start readying the ship for sail, Syas leaned back against
the railing of the small cruiser, wondering how four Trainers could stop all
those Pokemon.

03-17-2005, 04:52 PM
"..look at him... asleep on the job..." a distant voice said.

"..doesn't even have any badges...." another one replied

"why'd they bring him?..." a third one chimed in.

Trying to pull himself closer to the voices, Syas suddenly woke up, seeing the
other three Pokemon Trainers in front of him, a snide look gracing each of
their faces.

Standing up, Syas pushed through them, throwing one of them to the ground
in the process. Walking to the other side of the ship, Syas found the
Captain standing near the bow, overlooking the bit of sea in front of them.

"It used to be peaceful here..." he noted, seemingly unaware of Syas'

"It will be again." Syas responded, his eyes taking in the soft roll of the sea,
once again astounded at how grey the morning was.

Nodding, the Captain turned to Syas, "Any big plans from the Amateur?" he
asked, a playful smirk on his face.

Grinning to himself, Syas just nodded, "Guess you will have to wait and see."
he replied, before being thrown to the ground in a violent shake of the Ship.

Looking up, Syas saw the Captain, still standing where he was before the
small quake. "They're here..." he said simply.

Nodding, Syas saw one of the Trainer running toward his side of the ship, the
other two lowering themselves to water level on the opposite side. Getting
to his feet, Syas withdrew his two Pokeballs before running to the railing of
the ship where he dived into the cold, and no doubt deadly water.

Hearing a splash only a few seconds behind him, Syas looked to his right
where, tredding water next to him, was Jakob, one of the Trainers from the

Ducking under the water, Syas was thrown back against the ship as
something rammed into his chest hard and fast. Shaking his head to clear
the confusion, Syas opened his eyes, instantly wishing he hadn't.

Facing off against him was one of the Sharpedos and one Carvanha. Quickly
checking on Jakob, Syas saw that he was opposite three Carvanha.

Steeling his nerve, Syas swam up a bit, taking a big gulp of air before
swimming back down, releasing his Cacnea to meet the opposition.

Watching as his Cacnea took form, Syas saw the Sharpedo set it's sights on
Syas' Cacnea. Silently praying, Syas swam back up to the surface, yelling as
soon as he broke the water.

"Cacnea! Try a Faint Attack!" Syas yelled, hoping his Pokemon could hear him
below the surface.

Diving back down, Syas' eyes widened in shock. His Cacnea lay on it's side,
floating beneath the surface, motionless. Watching the Sharpedo come
forward, Syas saw it's jaws open, a lost beam of sunlight breaking the
surface of the harsh water to glint of it's teeth as it rushed toward Cacnea.

03-17-2005, 05:13 PM
Crying out for his Cacnea as the Sharpedo rushed in, Syas felt water rush
into his mouth, the salty taste of the water feeling his mouth with grit. Just
as it seemed that Cacnea would be done, it's eyes shot open, landing a stiff
punch to the nose of Sharpedo... the Faint Attack had worked!

Smiling before he rose to the surface once more for air and to spit out his
mouthful of water, Syas tred there for a second or two before diving back

The Sharpedo was now circling Syas' Cacnea. Looking over Cacnea, Syas
saw that it had some pretty serious wounds on it's right arm.

Did it hurt itself on Sharpedo's rough skin? Syas wondered to himself as
he watched the battle, I have to do something, or Sharpedo will destroy
Cacnea.. he resolved.

Swimming back to the surface, Syas yelled once more as he broke through
the barrier between air and sea.

"Cacnea! Needle Arm Sharpedo!" Syas called, as loud as his now tortured
lungs would allow.

Taking another deep breath, Syas dove back down, hoping Cacnea had heard

Once again taking in the fight, Syas saw Sharpedo swimming toward Cacnea
at an almost unwatchable speed as Cacnea's right arm begin to glow faintly.

Just as Sharpedo was about to reach Cacnea, it's arm slammed out into the
Sharpedo. Though it was a tough hit, Cacnea just wasn't strong enough to
stop Sharpedo's momentum, and as it opened it's jaws, it's teeth glinting
once again, there was a definate *CRUNCH* as it bit into Cacnea.

The bite, coupled with the wounds that Sharpedo's rough skin had caused
overwhelmed Cacnea, and it fainted almost immediately, retreating to the

Throwing his second Pokeball into the water, Syas watched Meditite appear
from it's confines.

Meditite Syas thought, concentrating on every word, Be careful of
Sharpedo's rough skin, it will hurt you if you make contact with it, but we
need to take it down.

Nodding at Syas, Meditite took on a defensive stance in front of it's trainer.
Waiting calmly as the Sharpedo sped forward, Meditite waited for it's
opening, judging the Sharpedo's speed and defenses.

Syas watched in wonder as Meditite lauched itself through the water,
matching Sharpedo's speed with a Hi Jump Kick. As both Pokemon went
flying backward, Syas saw the Sharpedo was belly-up... defeated. Checking
on Meditite, Syas saw that the force of the impact with Sharpedo's skin had
rendered Meditite's right foot useless for now.

Hearing a small splash above him, Syas saw a Pokeball sink into the water,
opening near Sharpedo and pulling it in. Waiting in suspense while the ball
sat there in the water, Syas soon saw the red light go off, signalling a

As soon as Sharpedo had been captured the ball began to rise quickly, and
Syas noticed for the first time that there was a fishing line attached to it.
Swimming up for air once more, he saw the ball being reeled in by the
Captain, who waved quickly before dissapearing from view.

03-17-2005, 05:48 PM
Ducking back below the water, Syas looked to the right, seeing that Jakob
had managed to conquer two of the three Caranha, and was now facing off
against the last one.

Below the surface, Syas found Meditite still there, circling with the Carvanha,
both waiting for the other to make the first move.

Be careful Syas thought, focusing on his statement, Carvanha may
have rough skin too.

Turning and nodding to it's Trainer was all the opening Carvanha needed, and
it rushed forward, much faster than the Sharpedo had moved. Opening it's
jaws and landing a solid Bite to Meditite's arm.

Watching his Pokemon flinch, Syas wondered how Carvanha could move so
fast. Had it been bolstering it's speed the whole time Sharpedo was fighting?

Seeing the Carvanha back off, readying another attack, Syas looked to his
Meditite, who was definately not in the best condition to be fighting.

Try to Detect where Carvanha is going to attack Meditite! Syas
thought, hoping Meditite would once again hear his thoughts.

Watching the Carvanha rush forward again, Syas blinked for a moment as
Carvanha was about to hit Meditite, when he opened his eyes however,
Meditite was behind Carvanha.

Great work Meditite! Keep Detecting where it will move, we'll try to wear it
down Syas thought, holding his breath tight so he could remain
underwater as long as possible.

Seeing the Carvanha spin on Meditite, Syas smiled a bit, knowing that his
Pokemon could just Detect the attack and avoid it. Watching as Carvanha
sped forward, Syas watched it get closer and closer to Meditite. Right
before it would hit, Meditite swam to the side, barely avoiding the attack.

Alright Meditite! Detect again! Syas thought loudly as he swam to the
suface, gasping for air.

Had Meditite moved slower that time? Syas thought to himself, Or did
Carvanha catch on?

Shrugging, Syas dove back beneath the water, returning to the battle as
Carvanha once more sped toward Meditite. Just before he would hit
Meditite, Carvanha stopped, not seeing the ploy in time, Meditite swam down
to avoid the attack she thought was coming... only to have Carvanha Skull
Bash her as she moved.

Flying backwards towards the ship, Meditite's eyes closed as it passed Syas.
Knowing his Pokemon was out, Syas looked to the Carvanha as it seem to
snear at Syas, it's sharp teeth a prelude to what was to come.

Darting forward to take a chunk out of the Trainer, Carvanha seemed not to
notice the movement from behind Syas. Syas, his eyes closed, was not
aware of this movement either.

Cracking an eye open after a few seconds past when he should have been
fish food, Syas' eyes shot open... standing in front of him, Carvanha's tail
grasped tightly in her hand was Syas' newly evolved Medicham. Smiling
brightly, Syas' thoughts contained one word.


Watching the Medicham swing the Carvanha around a few times, Syas
smirked as she let go, propelling it into the side of the ship. Hurt and dazed,
with eyes barely open, the Carvanha was out of the fight.

Still smiling brightly, Syas nodded a thanks to his Medicham before removing
a Pokeball from Dalton's bag, and in one fluid movement threw it toward the

As the ball opened and Carvanha was pulled inside, Syas crossed his fingers
and hoped, desperately low on air.

One Shake...

Two Shake...

Tamer San
03-18-2005, 07:58 AM
Amazed me again Syas, you are one good Story writer, I excpect a lot of you in further days and weeks. The plot was nice, it was well detailed but the more the better and the length was so fine for a Carvanha. Good job ^^

It can happen anytime ^^

Nothing noticable in here...good job =)

It could have been way much longer my friend, but the length of the story it self was more than enough for this Pokemon. I would love you to add a sequil to this just for fun using your second Pokemon and lengthening the battle but its your choice this time at least ^^

OUTCOME- Carvanha captured in a good lengthed story...have fun with it ^^

NOTE: I would really love to see a sequil and another part (Post) to this battle saying that Carvanha poped out and continued the battle with higehr spirits if possible, but either ways, it is captured)