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Tamer Marco
03-19-2004, 06:34 PM
This is my first ever Fan Fic and it is a horror story.


Almost a century ago there was one pokemon that lived a life of death and horror. Everything that pokemon loved and cared for was ripped away from it's fragile heart. With every passing death of loved ones he faced he grew more cold and deadly until he fell into a deep dark sleep that lasted over 3 centuries. The pokemon's hibernation took place and he when he woke up from his sleep his home was destyoyed of the past he knew was gone as well. This pokemon is bent on revenge and will do anything it takes to kill....

Tamer Marco
03-19-2004, 06:49 PM
Chapter 1:Moving Day

"Well we have everything packed up and ready to go"! said Mrs.Davis.

"Aww mom why can't we stay in our old house it's perfectly fine"! said Marco the youngest son of the Davis family.

"Now hush", she said. "I don't want any trouble from you today".

After 30 minutes or so they reached the new house on Elm street.Dark puffy nimbus clouds and a horrible feeling of death and agony filled the new neighborhood. "I don't like this place" said Marco. It was 87 degrees but Marco shivered.
"If you don't want to help out on putting the stuff in our new house you can introduce you'reself to the little kids on the block" Mrs.Davis said with a angry tone in her voice. "Okay"! he said cheerfully.

He went to every house he could find but there were no signs of life. Then Marco went to the last house on the block which was pretty old. Marco knocked on the door. "Hello" said Marco. "I'm you're new neighboor". Is this you're house"? "I live right next door to you. The little girl asked "To the right or the left"? "The right" Marco said. The girl had a unspeakable look of horror on her face.

Tamer Marco
03-20-2004, 04:13 PM
Marco could easily see the fear on her face."What's wrong?" he asked. The girl finally spoke and told Marco all she knew. "Centurys ago a pokemon lived in that house and one by one that pokemon's loved ones had died". Continuing the girl said whoever lived in that house would die.....

"Well our house looks that way".Marco joked. "This serious".she replyed. If some sense gets knocked into you come back"."That is if you aren't dead first".