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Loyal Arcanine
03-18-2005, 04:31 PM
Mike is a 14-year old starting trainer from Mauville City. In this world, Pokemon is an important aspect of live, and therefore, Mike has now become a Trainer himself. He’s pretty small for his age, with brown skin and dark hair.

On the day of Mike’s 14th birthday, he received an invitation for a certain Pokemon Festival, organised by Professor Birch from Littleroot Town. Professor Birch had been a friend of the family for a long time, and knew them well. Mike was extremely excited and couldn’t sit still for a moment, before his father called him back to earth with a few simple words.

“Mike, you don’t have a Pokemon yet. How can you get to a Pokemon Festival without a Pokemon?”

“But I’m invited!”, Mike yelled in response. “I can’t ignore an invitation, can I?!”

“That may be true Mike, but then you would have to catch a Pokemon. I would have to teach you how to do that first, and that might take some time”, his father said.

“But there’s gotta be some way to get a Pokemon for me! Can’t you buy one for me in the GameCorner, or lend me one of yours?”

“I don’t have a money-tree or something in the garden! The GameCorner is too expensive. I think you’ll just have to wait until next year’s festival, son.”

Now Mike was getting both desperate and furious. His father could sometimes be so mean! He would try to catch a pokemon on his own. Yes, that might be good idea. Or he could ask somebody else to lend him a Pokemon. He had a friend, Brendan, who also lived in Littleroot Town, and his father was said to be a gymleader. Surely they could lend him a pokemon!

But while Mike was creating his mad plans, the phone rang. His father walked over to answer the call.

“Hello, Rydel Lewis speaking.”

“... ...”

“Yes, we received the letter.”

“... ...”

“Yes, he’s very excited, but unfortunately he doesn’t have any Pokemon at all, so I don’t think he will be able to come.”

“... ...”

“No, that’s no problem at all.”

“... ...”

“Right, thank you for your time. Goodbye.”

Rydel turned around again, and was shocked to dead. Mike stood in front of him, at 14 still smaller than his father, and Rydel heard some angry words spoken to his chest.

“That was Professor Birch, wasn’t it!”

“Yes, that was him on the phone.”

“You told him I can’t come! You, you stupid cow!”

“Mike, calm down! You did not hear what he said, now did you?! Sit down, and listen.”

“Hmpf ... I’m sorry. Well, what did he say?”

“He said that even though he was well aware that you don’t have a Pokemon yet, he still invited you to the Festival.”

“But if I go without a Pokemon it’s no fun at all!”

“I wasn’t finished yet, Mike. Get back in the chair. Good. Professor Birch said that he thinks you do have talent to become a Trainer. Therefore, he has caught a Pokemon for you. It’s a young one, so even though you are not experienced as a Trainer, it will obey you. You will go to Littleroot Town, to Professor Birch to get your Pokemon, and then you will go to Slateport City with Professor Birch, where the Festival will be held.”

“Great! That’s absolutely great! What Pokemon is it, Dad?!”

“It’s a Growlithe.”

“Great, a Growlithe!”

Mike once more jumped out of the chair and did a dance, while singing “I’m getting a Growlithe!” His father stood back and laughed in himself. When Mike finally finished his weird dance, his father continued what he had to say.

“You will leave tomorrow morning. You will have to make a slight detour, because Route 103 is blocked off by water, and you can’t Surf yet. I’ll give you a bicycle from the shop. Then you can cycle to Slateport City, from where Mr. Briney will sail with you to Petalburg Town. Then from there you can cycle to Littleroot Town. And don’t forget this: as long as you don’t have your Growlithe, you should stay away from grassy areas, or pokemon might attack you.”

“Yes, Dad, I’ll be very careful!”

“Good. Time to go to bed then. Off you go!”

Mike was still excited, and he couldn’t sleep. He was thinking about the Festival. The letter had actually been pretty vague. It didn’t tell what the Festival would be about. But that didn’t worry Mike. Professor Birch would never let children do something dangerous. Mike wondered if Brendan would be there as well; it would be great to see him again. And of course, Professor Birch’s daughter, May ... Finally, Mike fell asleep.

“Wake up, Mike! Today’s your big day!”

Mike heard the voice from far away, but woke up immediately. Normally, the first time his mother would wake him up he would pretend he didn’t hear her and sleep for another fifteen minutes or so. But, as the voice said, today was the big day. He opened his eyes and saw it was indeed his mother.

“Yes Mum, I’ll be downstairs in half an hour”, Mike replied.

He got out of bed and took a shower. He took quite some time to look good today; he wanted to make a good impression on May. When he was finally done he went down to have breakfast. While he was eating, his father repeated most of what he had said yesterday evening. But now Mike was even more excited than yesterday evening. Yesterday, he had at least listened to his father. Now he didn’t and just ate as fast as he could. When he was done, his father took him to their bike shop next door, to select a bike for Mike’s little journey.

“Here, this one will suit you. Now go, be careful and learn a lot, but most importantly, have fun!” his father said to him.

Finally, Mike took off for the Festival. When he arrived in Slateport City, he headed south for the beach, where Mr. Briney would be waiting for him. But when he reached the beach, Mike got quite a shock; people where already busy with preparations for the Pokemon Festival. It would take place here on Slateport’s beach! Of course, Mike would have loved to take a closer look, but Mr. Briney was waiting, so he went to see him.

Mr. Briney was a friendly man, who always let his Wingull out of it’s PokeBall. Mike told him what he was up to, and Mr. Briney gave him his best wishes. Then they arrived at the beach of Petalburg. Petalburg was also the city with the Gym of which Brendan’s father was the gymleader. Mike hoped to challenge him one day. But now he just raced past the gym, towards Oldale Town and Littleroot Town, whilst avoiding the grassy areas as his father told him.

But just as he was getting close to Littleroot, he saw Brendan and May in one of the grassy areas. He waved at them, and they waved back, but they didn’t seem in need of a third person. All of a sudden, Mike felt a strange feeling in his stomach. But he pulled himself together, deciding that he would not let this ruin his day. So he just continued to Professor Birch’s lab.

“Ah, Mike, there you are!” Professor Birch shouted. “I was waiting for you. Look, over here!”

Mike walked to the other side of the lab, where Professor Birch stood beside a table. On the table was a PokeBall.

“Look! In there is a pokemon. It’s your Growlithe! It hasn’t been out of the PokeBall yet since I caught it, so if you’re the first to let it out, it will acknowledge you as his Trainer,” Professor Birch said.

“Wow! Can I let it out now?!”

“Sure, but let’s do it outside, out of the lab.”

So, Mike and Professor Birch went out of the lab, and there, in Littleroot Town, Mike met his first own pokemon. He opened the Ball and out came a small, red, Growlithe, barking and walking around his trainer, and then Growlithe lay down at Mike’s feet.

“Wow! Isn’t it cute?” Mike said.

“It sure is,” Professor Birch laughed, “but Growlithe is also a very trusty Pokemon. It is known to be very faithful to it’s trainer, and will protect you against others. I think that you will become great friends. But now, we have to get going. We must get to Slateport. Let’s go find Brendan and May!”

Loyal Arcanine
03-22-2005, 12:03 AM
So, the four of them took off to the beach of Slateport. There Professor Birch let them alone; he was the organizer and he had to explain the rules and such. Mike thought he now had time to have a chat with May and/or Brendan, but before being able to, Brendan said:

“Well, Mike, we’re off. Good luck with the Festival.”

And they went. Mike felt a bit sad, and released his Growlithe out of the PokeBall. Immediately it jumped at him and licked his face. Mike smiled and pushed it of his chest. Then, he heard Prof. Birch announce the rules of the Pokemon Festival using a speaker.

“Welcome! Welcome everybody! It’s good to see so many young trainers around here, all together for the first edition of the Pokemon Festival. The rules are quite simple: You have to have at least one Pokemon with you. Then you pair up with another Trainer. Together you’ll have to go through a kind of puzzle. You’ll have to answer questions or perform an action, and every time you do it right you will move further up the beach. The winners will be the first pair to reach the inner city of Slateport! The Trainers from this pair will win the newest version of the PokeDex! Well, what do you think of that?!”

Everybody was excited, and Mike also was ready to go. He formed a pair with a boy named Wally. And so they got started, Mike with his trusty Growlithe, while Wally had a Ralts. The first obstacle was just a grown-up Trainer, who said:

“To get passed me, you’ll have to answer two questions! Here’s the first one: Into what Pokemon does Heracross evolve?”

Wally turned to Mike and said:

“Uh-oh ... I haven’t even heard of a Heracross before ... do you know the answer, Mike, do you?!”

Mike smiled and said:

“Yes, I sure do. My father told me about Heracross. It’s not a good question actually; Heracross doesn’t evolve!”

“That’s right”, the Trainer laughed. “Now for question two: a few years ago, on an island far away called Cinnabar Island, two ancient pokemon were resurrected from fossils. Which Pokemon where these?”

Mike and Wally looked at each other, and knew that they both knew the answer.

“Omanyte and Kabuto!” they yelled at the same time.

“Right again!” the Trainer said. “Now follow this path straight on.”

The next obstacle was actually a pokemon: a Jigglypuff. Before Mike and Wally could do anything, the Jigglypuff sung them asleep. Five minutes later, they were waked up at the beginning of the path by a smiling Trainer, who said:

“Oh dear, is a Jigglypuff already too much for you? Come on, you can do better!”

“I guess we can, yeah”, Wally said. “But then we’ll have to make it faint.”

“No!” Mike shouted. “My Growlithe can roar it into fear, so it will run.”

Wally agreed on this neat idea, and so the second obstacle could also be passed. They then followed the next path, which eventually led to the edge of the beach. But there was a little shack at the edge of the beach with a Trainer in front of it. In front of the shack there were a few bushes.The door appeared to be shut.When Mike and Wally approached, the Trainer spoke:

“Where the key is buried, that’s where I got it.
I took it with me in my hand because I could not find it.
The more I searched for it, the more it bothered me.
And when I found it, I threw it away.”

Mike had no idea where that key should be, but Wally closed his eyes for a second, gave it a thought and then smiled.

“See those bushes, Mike? That one over there has roses. And it also has thorns; and that’s what the Trainer referred to. So the key is buried under the rose-bushes!”

Mike wasn’t convinced immediately, but he could think of nothing else, so he ordered Growlithe to dig into the ground. Within a few minutes, Growlithe found a key and brought it to his trainer. Full of excitement, they opened the door ... and saw Professor Birch inside. Mike and Wally had won the Pokemon Festival!

Mike and Wally were delighted! Moments later, Professor Birch took them back to the beach where a podium had now been put up. Then he congratulated Mike and Wally on their efforts, and then gave them the precious prize: a PokeDex! After that, he spoke a few words to the people on the beach:

“Having made Pokemon my profession, I have seen many Trainers and Pokemon. Strong Trainers using Strong pokemon, Trainers using their favorites and young Trainers getting started. But I must say, that these two boys have impressed me very much with their attitude towards this quest and their pokemon. I think they deserve this PokeDex as much as anyone else here today!”

That of course was one of the biggest compliment he could have made the two young Trainers, and Mike felt as good as he had ever felt. What a fairytale start for a young Trainer ...
But one look at Brendan and May dented his feelings a bit. He found it hard to admit even to himself, but he was jealous. Not even jealous at Brendan for appearing to be May’s boyfriend, or at May for taking all of his friend’s time that he could have spent with him ... He just wished for friendship too. Wally of course was a fine lad, and he loved his Pokemon, but that just could not match up to a real friend ... or could Growlithe?

Mike didn’t speak a lot during the celebrations, and next morning he silently took off for home. But he was restless at home too. The next day, he left Mauville City again. He cycled for hours and hours, and came to places he had never been before. He met new people, which was great, and saw a lot of other pokemon too. But he never caught one. Instead of doing his PokeDex quest, Mike had started a quest of his own ... He was in search of himself.

Loyal Arcanine
04-04-2005, 06:36 PM
That night, Mike just slept outside in a grassfield. He did not really know where he was anymore, but he also didn’t really care. He had to sort out a few things with himself. His parents wouldn’t worry about him; they held him in very high regard and knew what he was capable of. While lying in the grass, Mike thought of why he was actually feeling depressed. And he could not come up with the answer. There were just little thing, like for instance May hardly taking notice of him, and those little things together may have been the cause.

The night was coming to an end, and Mike couldn’t sleep anymore. Mike released Growlithe out of it’s PokeBall, and sat on a bench, watching Growlithe trying to catch butterflies. It made Mike smile, and also gave him an idea; if humans were so dissapointing, he would devote his life to pokemon. He would become a good pokemon trainer, who one day might have all Gym Badges. He would ....

Growlithe seemed to get tired now, and it returned to it’s Trainer. It put his head on the Trainer’s knee, who was still sitting on the bench. It had an extremely friendly and loyal look on it’s face, and Mike was more pleased with it then ever. He would become a great Trainer, with this Growlithe always by his side.

It now became fully light around the park, and Mike woke up from his thoughts.

“Come on, Growlithe”, he said. “Get back in you ball. We’re going home.”

That day he returned home again, and told his father of his happenings. His father laughed, and said:

“You got your first Pokemon only two days ago, and now you’re talking about Gym Badges?!”

“I want to do it, Dad”, Mike replied. “I know it will take time. But that’s no problem, time I’ve got.”

His father now got serious.

“You already seem very dedicated to Pokemon, Mike. But tackling gyms will be tough. You will have to get stronger first by battling other Trainers, get some experiences. And you’ll have to get some more Pokemon too.”

“Well, that’s even better!” Mike shouted. “Then I can combine the gym challenge with my PokeDex quest!”

“That seems like a good idea to me”, his father laughed. “You know what? I’ll come and catch a Pokemon with you today. And since you didn’t came back yesterday, I suppose you like traveling with Pokemon. We’ll make a little journey for your new Pokemon!”

And so they did. Mike’s father had a nice little idea. He would take Mike south of Fallarbor Town, to try and catch a Swablu. But while he thought it was a nice surprise, instead he got surprised by Mike.

“Dad!” Mike shouted.

“Woo, what’s going on? What’s with the yelling?”

“This is were I was last night!”

“Really?! What a coincidence! Well, at least you know the terrain then. Let’s try and catch a Swablu!”

They entered the grass, but encountered a Seedot first. Mike didn’t want to wait for a Swablu, and started a battle with the Seedot. However, Growlithe’s Flame Wheel knocked it out immediately! So, they looked further. And yes, they met a Swablu!

“OK”, his father told him, “you should weaken it first.”

“Should I make Growlithe roar to make it afraid?!” Mike asked happily.

“No! Then it will run away! Try a weak attack, bite it or something.”

“All right Growlithe. Bite that little bird!”

Growlithe quickly run up to the Swablu, and bit it. The Swablu tried to evade it, but it didn’t succeed. It’s left side was now injured, but then it opened it’s beak and made a beautiful sound; the Swablu was singing! Mike was surprised at this tactic, and thought the Swablu was pretty weak already, so he threw a PokeBall. However, the Swablu popped out again. Mike turned, and now understood what the Swablu had done; his Growlithe was asleep!

“I think you were a little bit too enthusiast there, Mike”, his father smiled. “Here’s an awakening, wake up your Growlithe!”

Mike did as he was told, but now the Swablu aimed his beak at Growlithe, and then quickly flew at it, pecking him were he could. Now Growlithe had some wounds too, but that merely encouraged Growlithe to try harder. This time, it breathed some hot flames at the Swablu, using the Ember-attack. The Swablu was very weak now, but once more it tried to faint Growlithe; it flew a few yards left of Growlithe, and then half flew and half ran back at it, trying to take it down with it’s healthy right-side. It hurted Growlithe, but it wasn’t fainted yet.

“Both pokemon are weak! Now would be the ideal time to try a PokeBall, Mike!” his father yelled in his ear.

“Yes, I think you’re right, Dad”, Mike coolly replied. “Only now you’re the one being a little bit too enthusiast.”

And while trying to avoid the friendly punch his father gave him, Mike picked a PokeBall out of his pocket. He threw it at the Swablu, and this time it didn’t get out immediately. But the ball was still moving ... Did he do it?! Was it caught?!

Jack of Clovers
04-07-2005, 07:09 AM
i like the story and the festival idea is unique. very good.

good. i like how you didn't say "Mike left Petalburg City and reaches Littleroot Town in no time" instead you describe that journey in three good paragraphs. :biggrin:

i stopped everytime there was something wrong... and there was a lot. i suggest using a wordperfect program of some sort to grammer check for you. also, re-read everything you write. i won't find everything, but here are a few:
He’s pretty small for his age with brown-skin and dark hair.
*Prof. Birch = spell out Professor.
*you have the same problem i have with "just" and using it when it's not needed. go through and decide... does the sentence need "just" in it?
*capitalize Pokemon. and i like to capitalize Trainer too but u don't have to.
“Mike, you don’t have a Pokemon yet. How can you get to a Pokemon Festival without a Pokemon?”
*delete all "now" words. using 'now' only works if you go from past-tense to present-tense.
He would try to catch a pokemon on his own.
It’s a young one, so even though you are not experienced as a Trainer,[comma] it will obey you.
“Yes, Dad, I’ll be very careful!”
capitalize Dad when used as a name to call someone.

it's short. i like the detail but the battle is too short and needs to have more turns of attacks. add on at least double what you wrote for the battle.

looks fine.

greatly improve grammer though you aren't graded down because of that. the battle is what hurt you. just add more battle and fix some grammer and i can re-grade for ya.

Outcome- Swablu Not Captured!


Loyal Arcanine
04-13-2005, 01:29 AM
OOC: We all start somewhere I guess. :oops: I've edited my previous posts, and will post the rest of the battle here.

No. Unfortunately, it popped out once more. Mike was dissapointed.

“It’s harder than I thought it would be, Dad,” Mike said. “Why does it keep popping out?”

“It’s probably a very fit Pokemon. I’m afraid you can’t weaken it further, because it might faint. Try to make the battle last longer, so it will get tired.”

Mike followed this advice, and ordered his Growlithe to use Agility. It made some quick movements, raising it’s speed in general. But while Mike was eagerly waiting for the Swablu’s next move, it actually did not attack! Out of nowhere it popped up a Berry, which seemed to be healing the Swablu.

“What’s happening, Dad?!” Mike shouted.

“It ate a Berry, which healed the Swablu, although probably not to full health. Actually, it’s pretty handy since you can now attack again without worrying it will faint.”

So Growlithe, who was very fast now, once again breathed some hot flames at the Swablu. It was so quick that it had no chance at all to try and evade the attack. And as Mike looked closer, it saw that the Swablu’s tail was on fire; the Swablu was burned! But it showed some real spirit. It used a special, refreshing technique on it’s own tail, which caused the burn to go away. With the battle taking so long, Growlithe started to look a little distracted.

“Come on, Growlithe, try to focus!” Mike yelled. “We can still do it! Bite it this time!”

Growlithe ran up to the Swablu again, and this time bit it on it’s right side, so it was weakened on both sides of it’s body. It still wasn’t going to lie down though. Appearing to be wanting to be protected from further burns, it now created a guard in front of it.

“That’s a Safeguard, Mike”, his father told him. “It will protect the Swablu from status inflictions for a while.”

Growlithe was looking tired now. To prevent it from getting physically exhausted, Mike ordered it to use Leer. And while sharply staring at the Swablu, it tried to lower it’s defense. Then the Swablu sang again; Mike was already looking to his father for another awakening, but then listened closely to find out this was a different song.

“That was the Perish Song”, his father said. “It means that within three turns, both Pokemon will faint. It probably wants to end this battle.”

“Then I must quickly try to catch it!” Mike yelled with a desperate voice. “OK, Growlithe, bite it one more time!”

Growlithe bit the Swablu once more, and for a moment Mike thought it fainted. But it just hang on. The Swablu had now used most of it’s tricks, but it tried to attack again. Once more it ran at Growlithe from a few yards distance, but it was now very weak and Growlithe was so quick that the Swablu failed to take it down.

“I think now is the time, Mike”, his father said. “Throw a PokeBall.”

That was exactly what Mike did. Once again it wasn’t caught, or at least not immediately. It wobbled and wobbled around ... Mike couldn’t bear to watch ...

Jack of Clovers
04-16-2005, 10:13 PM
good improvement. now keep it up for future stories.

Outcome- Swablu Captured!