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10-21-2007, 02:04 PM
Digimon Journey: The New Digidestined

This story takes place in the world we know best. A world where Digimon is nothing more than an old card game and a hit anime series. That’s right, the world we are in right now. A world in which no one suspects that there actually is a Digital World.

Five years earlier...
Countries all over the world were visited by Digimon. The appeared all over the world and then disappeared just as abruptly as they appeared.

Four years later...
Life goes on in the Digital World, where the inhabitants are blissfully ignorant of the existence of the Real World. Suddenly, several Digitamas fell from the sky and were treated with much interest. They were poked and prodded, but didn’t hatch. The Digimon then put the Digitamas into a sacred temple where they hoped that the ones with the power to make them hatch would arrive there.

Present day...
Several children who have all had past experiences with Digimon five years earlier have been chosen as the winners of a contest. A contest that they didn’t enter. They are all gathered in Tokyo, Japan. Then, the children feel themselves slipping away from their parents and guardians. They vanished into thin air. The children’s relatives believe them to be dead and are greatly saddened.

But they are not dead or even mildly injured in any way. They had been transported to the Digital World, right outside the temple with the Digitamas in it. The children’s life energies cause each egg to hatch in their hands and to become their Digimon partner. With their help, the children start to begin their journey to find their way home.

Little do they know that there is an evil mastermind who sees the threat that these children as a threat to him and his dark plans for the Digital World. This threat has decided to use his Black Spikes to enslave helpless Digimon into doing his bidding. With the Black Spikes and his own voluntary servant(s), this mastermind plans to remake the Digital World in his own image. The children, however, are clueless to this threat and just want to go home...


The main villain and his minions must be Digimon
The minion form is for people who wish to be evil and not have to do a lot of RPing. The villain can also use it to go into more depth about his or her servant(s).
You can make up Digimon
Put the phrase “Food is tasty” in your Sign-Up so I know you read the rules.
No spamming
No flaming (Some in-character insults may be okay)
Use good grammar and try to post at least two paragraphs. NO ONE LINERS
The main villain must be a Champion
The main villain’s minions must be Champion Level or lower
No Bunnying
Nothing more than the natural Fresh-Champion Route, Digidestined
Stay on Board for the entire saga; I want to make this a great story.
Reservations last 48 hours.

Digidestined (6-15)
1 Kentucky_Fried_Torchic
2 Eeveeking 929
3 -Alone-
4 GreenRampage
5 DreamWalker
6 Xerion
7 bekah_the_pikachu
8 Moonlight
9 DarkSalamence
10 Blaze2

Villains (1-5)
Main Villain Tyrell321

Reserved Peoples

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