View Full Version : im trading fanmade event itaria pikachu untouched and legit

10-21-2007, 03:06 PM
i want only fanmade events in return

10-21-2007, 03:14 PM
i have 2 fanmade event manaphys i made myself without pokesav.made from TRU manaphys,one is luck manaphy witch is TRU manaphy obtained in jul,7,2007 and moves spelled out to spell a secret message,with lucky egg and the other is rare manaphy witch is TRU manaphy but obtained jan,1,2000 and has moves to spell out a secret message,with blue scarf,i also have a TRU manaphy with was obtained on sept,28,2007 instead of sept,29,2007 if you do consider it a fanmade event call it "pokemon day error"manaphy.

10-21-2007, 03:16 PM
no the pokesav fanmade events are the legit ones you just hacked those i dont want them sorry

10-21-2007, 03:27 PM
i`am sorry but pokesav ones are hacked these are made from an auctal event,and i was going to give them to your for free but i see that you don`t care.see ya.