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King Zark
03-18-2005, 11:01 PM

May 31st, 2045

Info about me- I am 10 and like pokemon I battle them using simulation and watching other people like my dad. My mom has a Bellosome and a Mr. Mime. My dad has more pokemon then my mom. He has a Crawdant, Spheal, Walrein, sharpedo and couple more that he keeps at work. I live in Lilecove City and my dad is trying to get a Water pokemon gym here also since Wallace had become part of the elite four. We went on a vacation to Kanto we stayed at ash's place.

~Finally! Today I get my first pokemon! What would pokemon shall I choose? I really want a water pokemon because it will help life in the sea. ~Dream


“Zark WAKE UP!” Mom hollered.
“Five more minutes mom!” I groaned back.

My dad came up and used his Spheal ice-cold water gun to wake me up.

“DAD”I yelled when I jumped from the cold water hitting by face.
“Go get ready we are going to Oak’s laboratory!” Dad said in a strong voice.

I got ready and my mind was on what pokemon I was going to take.

After I ate, we drove to Oak’s lab and on the way there, we saw an explosion right by Oak’s lab so we rushed there. My dad went on probably 140 km/h. When we reach there, we saw two people and a talking cat forcing Oak to give them the pokemon.

Battle 1 Jesse and James vs. Zark and his dad.
“Go Spheal!” my dad yelled.
“Go Seviper” the girl in the red yelled back

They sang a terrible song and the last part was Jessie, James prepare to fight and that cat said that’s right.

“Go Cacnea” James yelled.
“No I don’t have my other pokemon with me, they are at home.” My dad said unfortunately.
“Zark uses this pokemon!” Oak tossed me a pokeball.
“Go pokeball” I said in a loud voice.

To my surprise, it was a Mudkip. We began the battle.

Jesse used a Poison Tail but my dad’s Spheal was fast enough to dodge it than Cacnea was busy hugging James that it did not attack than I used Mudkip’s Water gun on Seviper, which did some damage. My dad used Blizzard on both of the pokemon we were battling and KO’d them. I was surprised that one attack KO’d them my dad must be very good to do that. After that lose they tried to flee but my spheal used ice ball and blew up their hot air ballon and that sent them flying. After that we helped to fix up Oak’s lab.

“Zark the way I saw you battle I was surprised it in your blood for get battling like your father so they way Mudkip responded to you I have decided to give Mudkip as your first pokemon.” Oak said congratulating me.
“Thanks Professor Oak!” I said happily.

In a while, my poke gear started ringing. It was from Gary, Ash, and Brock.

“Hey did you get your first pokemon yet?” Gary asked.
“Sure did it was a Mudkip” I responded.
“Hey let’s have a battle!” They asked me.
“Where should we meet?” I asked
“Pallet Town Battle Station” Ash said.
“Okay let me ask my dad” I responded

I turned to my dad and asked him.

“Can we go?”
“Sure thing!” Dad said.
“Okay guys I’ll meet you there!” I said happily.
“Well nice meeting you and thanks for saving the pokemon here!” Professor Oak said in a gracious mood.
“Nice talking to you let meet again sometime.” My dad said.
“Thanks for Mudkip and bye!” As I said when I ran out the door.

---My dad took us home than I took my bike to Pallet Town Battle Station where I met my friends.----
“Hey Ash!” I said.
“Hey!” He responded.
“What up Brock how the Gym?” I asked.
“Not Much” Brock responded.
“Hey Gary” I said
“Hey Zark!” Gary yelled back.

“Let’s have a mini tournament.” Ash said excitedly.
“Sure the winner we go to the next round!” Gary said.
“Here is how it goes 1 pokemon verse one pokemon no breaks” Brock responded.
“Sounds great but what about the match ups?” I asked,
“Okay we will roll a dice the two highest numbers will battle and the two lowest numbers will battle,” Brock said as he
took out a pair of dice.
Everybody rolls the dice Ash rolls a five, Gary rolls an 11, Brock rolls a four, and I roll a seven.

“So it me verse Brock than Gary verse Zark!” Ash says.

Battle 2 Ash vs. Brock

Brock releases Geodude and ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu started of using agility than quick attack, but it did damage to Pikachu because Geodude used harden. Geodude goes in with a full body tackle, which hurt Pikachu severely. Pikachu comes back in with a powerful thunderbolt but Geodude stopped it by using mud slap. Unfortunately, made Pikachu unable to battle. In the first round, Pikachu loses because Geodude had type advantage.

Battle 3 Gary vs. Zark
Gary sends out Eevee and Zark sends out Mudkip. Eevee starts using quick attack but Mudkip says defensive and uses bide. Than Eevee comes in with a full powerful tackle attack, Mudkip is still in bide. Then Eevee launches another quick attack at Mudkip, and Mudkip hanged in there. Then Mudkip releases Bide and does serious amount of damage. Then when Gary told Eevee to attack, it fell backwards in a daze. In the second round, Mudkip nearly won because of Mudkip’s high HP and Eevee low HP.

Battle 4 Final: Brock vs. Zark
Gary sends out Geodude and Zark sends out Mudkip. Without wasting time, Geodude uses Mud slap but Mudkip dodges it and uses water gun, which almost KO’d Geodude but Geodude survived than Geodude tackles Mudkip and it was a critical hit but Mudkip barely survives and uses water gun which KO’d Geodude. Winner of the mini Friends tournament is Zark.


“I could have beaten you me and my Pikachu could have beaten you and your mud pokemon any day!” Ash said.
“It Mudkip! It matters how you battle than who you battle Ash.” I said.
“Excuse me are you Zark right the one who battled just now?” A man who was wearing a Karate clothes
“Yeah I am why did you ask? Also who are you?” I replied.
“I am Karate King!” he said.
“So Karate King so what is it you want with him?” Gary asked.
“The way I saw him battled surprised me!” Karate King said.
“You point is?” Brock wondered.
“I have this Tyrogue who needs to be out in the open so I was wondering if you can train it.” Karate king asked.
“Sure!” I said with happily feelings.
“Don’t get your hopes up first you must capture it by yourself” Karate King said.
“Fine I am ready let’s going,” I said excited.

Battle 5: Pokemon Capture!

Opponent is Tyrogue!

Zark sends out Mudkip. It start out tough and Mudkip begins by using bide. In addition, Tyrogue uses Low kicks and Pound to attack. Mudkip releases Bide and does more damage and barely Tyrogue survives. Then Tyrogue uses Pound attack coming from the sky. Zark yelled dodge it but the area filled with dirt with the impact. When the debris blew away they on the ground was Mudkip couple of inches away from the impact and Tyrogue did some self-damage. I threw my pokeball. Then it shook once, twice, three, four times before Tyrogue popped right back out. Somehow, it released itself. Mudkip used water gun to keep from striking but it blocked with its arms. Then Mudkip went in for tackle but Tyrogue used double team and Mudkip was surrounded. Zark yelled use mud slap. The mud slap hits Tyrogue and he was unable to see well because it was seeing double so it kept on missing. Than Mudkip used water gun, unable to protect itself Tyrogue took heavily damage. Quickly Zark threw a pokeball at Tyrogue it shook three times and …

King Zark
06-01-2005, 03:06 PM
Sea Life I (Cont.)

June 3rd, 2045

My path of becoming a King of the Sea was not going well. My dad had gotten into an accident when he was preparing the boat. There was an explosion by the dock and I took my bike to see what the expolsion was. Then I saw it had been Team Aqua because I got a glimpse of their flag.

“Dad! What happened?” I yelled.
“I.. got… ambushed…” Dad said in a moaning voice.
“Go Tyrogue! Help me remove the stuff off my dad! Mudkip use water gun on the fire!” I said while trying to call mom.
“Mom call the ambulance to the harbor dad’s been in an accident!” I said very quickly.

Several minutes later,

I heard sirens and when they stopped, they took dad and my pokemon because of they were exhausted and slightly burned from the fire.

Same Day 8:30pm
That night we had pizza and then we got a telephone call. My mom picked up the phone.
“Hello?” my mom answered.
“Is your husband the one in an explosion earlier today?” Officer Jenny asked.
“Yes and what does this regard? ” mom asked.
“That he is apart of Team Aqua and he is the co- leader of this illegal gang.” Officer Jenny said.
“WHAT!” my mom yelled (she was surprised).
“Maam they were building a boat and then someone had set off a bomb and your husband was apart of this explosion. We guess it was Team Magma trying to ruin team aqua.”
“But why was there no other team aqua people there?” my mom asked.
“Well we believe that they have gotten away or picked up anyone on the ground before they left and forgot about your husband.” Officer Jenny said.
“Can we continue this conversation tomorrow please?” my mom asked polity.
“Okay that is fine.” Officer Jenny says and hangs up.Next Day

Mom was on the phone as I left to start a journey with Ash. Yesterday first my mom had said no but she said after I am done come back to Lilycove City. Gary was going to help Professor Oak with something. We headed north to Pewter City tried to get Brock’s Gym badge. After leaving Vidrian City we headed towards the forest and we tried to get out the other ways but got into several battles. Thankfully I had two pokemons by then so it became very easy against bug pokemons. Ash battled Rick Charlie and Sammy I took on Anthony and Doug.


We first encountered Rick and Ash took him on. Firs Ash has his pikachu use Thundershock on weedle and it did plenty of damage! Then weedle strikes back with poison sting! It does little damage and doesn’t pikachu poisoned. Then Pikachu strikes back with another T-shock but weedle is weak but it is still able to fight. Then weedle uses string shot! Then pikachu finishes it off with T-shock and weedle faints. Then Rick sends in caterpie! Pikachu uses T-shock again on caterpie. Caterpie uses tackle! It barely did any damage on caterpie. Pikachu uses T-shock and nearly faints but it remains standing! Then caterpie uses string shot and slows down pikachu! Then Caterpie uses tackle but it misses! Then Pikachu comes back with a T-shock and wins the match!

After walking a while longer we come across Charlie.


Charlie sends out its metapod and Ash with his Pikachu yet again. Pikachu starts off with a classic T-shock and does quite some damage and metapods starts off with a hard tackle with does very little damage. Then pikachu uses thunder wave and PAR Metapod. Then metapod uses harden to raise its defense! Pikachu use T-shock and it does critical damage! It faints!

Then finally Ash battles Sammy.


Sammy sends Kakuna and Ash sends Pikachu. Pikachu starts of with a T-Shock which does a good deal of damage. Kakuna uses poison sting! It hits and gets poisoned! Pikachu uses T-shock and weakens it but kakuna hangs in there. Kakuna uses poison sting and weakens it more and Pikachu is hurt by poison! Pikachu stands strong and uses T-shock and Faints kakuna!

After those three battles ash got tried and we took a break and had cheese sandwhich with Soda.


Next I fought Anthony and this was kind of hard. I send my mudkip and his caterpie. Caterpie uses Tackle but it does so little damage. But my mudkip strikes back with a stronger force! Then Caterpie use more tackles but very little damage. Then mudkip use mudslap but that wasn’t very effective but caterpie’s accuracy went down. Caterpie used another tackle and it hit’s! Then mudkip follows up by water gun! And Caterpie nearly faints! Caterpie uses tackle and it hit but NVE and mudkip follows with a water gun and wins the match.

We kept on going and reached the exit but Doug stopped us and challenged me and if I lost I had to give him a potion.


Doug made it a 2on1 battle and we began! I send my mudkip and his 2 weedles! They both used poison sting and that did some damage. Then mudkip used water gun on Weedle #1 and it did critical damage! And almost KO’s Weedle #1! Then Weedles use poison sting again! Then mudkip uses mudslap on both the weedles! NVE but it brings down weedle#1 closer to FNT. Then both weedles try another 2 poison stings in order to poison mudkip. But no it didn’t work. Then mudkip uses 1 more mudslap but Weedle # 1 just barely survives. Weedles once again tries to poison mudkip once again but they both miss. Mudkip uses mudslap and faints Weedle #1 and Doug sends in Kakuna. Weedle # 2 uses poison sting but it misses then Kakuna uses Harden. Then mudkip’s watergun is no match for Kakuna high defense. And it does good damage. Poison sting hits but no poison and this gets mudkip near the red mark and again kakuna uses harden. Another water gun on kakuna does critical damage and makes it very weak. Then Kakuna uses Harden and weedle uses poison sting but it missed. Then mudkip uses watergun and faints kakuna. Weedle tries yet again to poison Mudkip with poison sting but it missed by a long shot. Then mudkip uses water gun! The water gun makes weedle weaker. Then weedle makes another attempt to use poison sting. But it missed again then mudkip used 1 water gun and does some damage. Weedle missed the target when using poison sting. Mudkip uses tackle! It hits but weedle still stands. Weedles last try to use poison sting missed by couple of centimeters. Mudkip washes away weedle and mudkip brings a win!

After that match Sammy started saying that “If his poison stings didn’t missed and his weedles were kakunas you would have lost terribly.”

Then ash said, “But you wouldn’t stand a chance with his Tyrouge!”

After that quick conversation Ash and I Rushed to the Pokemon Center and got our pokemon healed. Then when we head upstairs to battle each other so we are strong enough to battle Brock we meet…

King Zark
06-25-2005, 12:15 AM
My grandfather we thoguht that he left a long time ago and died but yet he is alive.

"Pappy?" I said.

"I reckon thats... my grandchild."
Thougths raced through his mind why is he here...Hope doesn't ask too many question... or ask for anything.

"Yes? You called me?" We thoguh you were dead and gone forever!"
"I was gone"
"What are you doing here?"
"Trying to find someone with a Tyrouge or... "
"I could lend you mine."
"You got one!"
"I got oen while back it was hard though"
"I give you meditite for it"
"I need it for Fierce Gym I will train it to Hitmonlee we need another different fighting pokemon"

Pappy and I headed to pokemon trade section and we traded I had gotten meditite wasn't sad or anythig but I rather have a meditite and makeds me feel connected with my Pappy.

"When you are strong enough come challenge my gym and if you are good and beat me I will give another pokemon for your journey."

"Pappy where is your gym?"

"You will find out soon."

Attemping to catch a meditite.