View Full Version : A friendly reminder

10-22-2007, 10:00 AM
Hey guys

Whenever I log on AIM I get 2-3 requests to ref, grade, approve things etc etc. So I'm just going to remind you all that I'm not really reffing or doing anything related to the urpg at this moment in time. I don't mind if you IM me to say hello or catch up or what have you, but I'm not really in the reffing business. i recently did a string of 1v1s and that was probably a mistake as it upped the requests I get from one or two every once in a while to 3+ everytime I get on. I would really appreciate it if you all desisted on the requests for now.

I'll be more than happy, however, to help you all if I should become an active member here again

Hugs and kisses