View Full Version : are you looking for a shaymin?

10-24-2007, 09:41 PM
if anyones willing to give me a shiny mew, hacked or legit, whatever.. ill trade you my shaymin - obtained as far as i know from the E4 glitch so is semi-legit... the others are ALL legit

plus ill throw in....
a legit lv 100 MATTEL Ho-oh
a legit lv 100 Lugia (transfered from pokemon XD)
a legit lv 100 CHANNEL Jirachi
a legit lv 72 MYSTRY Mew

thats my offer... 5 pokemon for one shiny (most likely hacked) mew
Items ill give you, rare berries, heart scales, masterballs, rare candys... anything ive got that you want


4 Nov 2007 - im still waiting for anyone to reply to this