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Cliff Notes:
Chapter 1- Everyone Meets Up and Talks about Plans
Pages 1-3/4
. D'aru talks with another Tyranitar
. Ash arrives at the 'Pokemon Center'
. D'aru and Ash go into the big building
. Jonathyn comes downstairs, finds Ash and D'aru in restaraunt
. Nikki arrives
. Aaron arrives
. Skye comes Downstairs, meets Ash and some others in Hallway, D'aru still in restaraunt
. Karl watches from outside of the building
. D'aru leaves restaraunt and greets everybody
. Karl sprouts wings, and flies back to Demon Base, D'aru notices Karl standing outside, before realising it's the demon King
. D'aru walks outside of building, and stretches his wings, ready to follow Demon king. Karl lands back at Demon Base.

Chapter 2- Karl's plot for an Assault
Pages 4-4
. Karl prepares his army to attack D'aru and the Tyrannitar
. The Hyperbeam Cannons are finished
. Karl launches his army into the air

Chapter 3- The Assault begins
Pages 4-7
. The Hyper Beam Cannons begin firing at the Demons, as D'aru realises the Black Shapes in the Sky are Demons
. Skye is in her room, looking at a locket of someone she loves, and is suddenly interupted by a Tyranitar
. Panic ensues amongst the Tyranitar as they rush to defend
. Tyranitar get killed, as the Demons attack
. Skye gets trapped in the lab, as bits of Hyper Beam Cannon crash into the Building
. D'aru locks everyone, minus Skye, in Restaraunt, as 30 Tyranitar rush to the entrance
. Karl destroys the entrance and stands at the doorway, as the Tyranitar open fire
. Karl destroys the bullets shot at him
.Karl kills the 30 Tyranitar, injures Skye, before capturing her, and locking her in cage, he also captures D'aru, and has D'aru covered in Pink,Fluffy Bunnies
. Tyranitar are defeated by the Demons, Karl walks away, flies into air, followed by the cage holding Skye, and the rest of the Demons.
. D'aru hanging from restaraunt ceiling screaming.

Chapter 4- Time to Rebuild
Pages 7-7
. The Tyranitar regroup in the big building
.D'aru is freed, The Tyranitar go into the secret Tactic Room

Chapter 5- The Quest For The Sword, and The Quest For The Pokeball
Pages 7-?
. The Tyranitar with a black stomach explains all to Ash, and Aaron, sending Ash to Quest for the Sword, while Aaron Quests for the Pokeball.
. Ash has to head to Celadon, while Aaron has to head to Viridian
. Ash is attacked by a Shadow Tyranitar, while Aaron is attacked by a Dark Tyranitar
. Shadow Tyranitar kills D'aru

Chapter 6- The Acting Remendation
Pages ?-?

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. Skye makes rock pikachu
. d'aru comes in

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. Skye makes rock pikachu
. d'aru comes in

The Rock Pikachu isn't important -.-
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Updated Cliff Notes.