View Full Version : Gaming Awards

03-19-2004, 11:32 PM
Alright I just would like to know what you guys think should win the following awards.

Most Anticipated: Well, I'd have to say Pokémon Collosseum right now.
Best Graphics: Final Fantasy X-2 or XI
Best Sound: Need for Speed 6 (great soundtrack and police voice effects etc.)
Best Gameplay: I'd say hmm....the Metal Gear Solid gameplay is pretty intuitave
Most Innovative: Viewtiful Joe, no question about it
Most Under-rated: Viewtiful Joe, it's a great game people!
Most Over-rated: Need for Speed UG (6 is alot better in my opinion)
Best Gamecube: Until Collosseum arrives once again Viewtiful Joe
Best PS2: There's alot of titles but i'd have to say Rise to Honor right now
Best X-Box: Well seeing as i don't have an X-box i shouldn't comment :confused:
Best GBA: Pokémon R/S or Metroid Fusion
Biggest let-down: Sonic Heroes *Slaps Sega hard*
Oddest game: Pikmin, excellent game but way over my head :wink:
Most addictive: Pokémon R/S
Most Frustrating: Can't think of 1 right now....
King of NES: Super Mario Bros. 3 and TMNT 3 are neck and neck