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Hey, and welcome to my Fanfic. It is based off of Avatar, as well as Xerion's RP, well.. not really.. just the character names. So, Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This Fanfic contains some words that some people think is swearing. I,myself, do not agree, or disagree, and I respect people's opinions. So anyway, if you find anything offensive to you, or a friend, then, keep it to yourself, for frankly, I've been planning a Fanfic for Avatar for about 3 months, as well as spending about a month and a quarter writing out the chapters. So, thank you for the time, and keep reading :biggrin:

Chapter 1- The Battle

The sun was setting as the battle raged amongst the Fire Nation and the Water Nation. Wao, whom was a high-ranking General in the Water Nation Army raised his left hand, blasting 2 balls of water at a Fire Nation soldier, sending him crashing through the wall behind him. Wao shook his head at the soldier, and sighed.
"Is this the best they got?" He asked.
Just then, a soldier ran up towards Wao and saluted him.
"Sir! The Fire Nation broke through Daine Outpost!" The soldier said, sadness on his face.
"What!?" Wao growled, gritting his teeth,"Damn Firebenders."

Kyle laughed as he stood on the rubble of the back wall of the Daine Outpost.
"Set up camp here! We begin our assault at Midday tommorow!" He ordered, pointing to the massive city far in front of him.

Wao trudged ahead of his men, who were muttering beneath their breath. Many of them were injured, and very few were uninjured.
"Where exactly are we heading?" A soldier asked, whom was holding his left arm.
Wao stopped walking, and turned around.
"We're heading to Lashmet Pass." He said,"If we take the pass, we split their army in two."
"How?" Another soldier asked, whom was uninjured.
"Simple. Their base is west of the Pass" Wao began,"While their Assault force is scattered around the East of the Pass."
At this, the soldiers began chatting amongst themselves, excitement clearly shown in their voices.

Kyle stared in front of him at the magnificent city before him. He sighed and shook his head.
"Shame it isn't one of ours." A voice said from behind Kyle, startling him, and making him jump.
Kyle turned around to see who'd spoken to him. Shock slowly crept onto his face.
"Kross?" He gasped,"I thought you were with Strike Team B?"
Kross shook his head.
"I was." He began,"Until we assaulted that Outpost blocking the path to that City."
"How?" Kyle asked.
"Well, we were outnumbered by atleast 100-20." He replied."And they had this General with them, who on his own took down 30 of our best men!"
At this, Kyle raised an eyebrow, intrigued by this foe.
Kyle cursed and took a deep breath.
"So, what exactly should we do?" He asked.
"I thought you would know." Kross said.
"If we lose this outpost.. we might get cut off from Base" Kyle said.
"But... if we lose the Pass, we lose contact with Base" Kross pointed out.
"Damn.. It's a risk.." Kyle said, pondering their next move.

Wao raised a hand as the sun blinded his eyes. The day had just begun, and voices began murmuring from the tents around the camp.
"Men! To Arms!" Wao shouted, as pattering of feet broke the silence as the soldiers came running out of their tents.
After 2 hours, Wao stood before atleast 150 Water Nation Troops.
"We go to take the Pass. VICTORY!" He shouted, raising his left fist high into the air. The troops cheered very loudly, and they too rose their left fists in the air.
"VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORY!" They began chanting.
Kyle whirled around, looking in the direction of the noise.
"What the Hell?" He groaned,"What the heck is that!?"
Wao started running forwards, followed by his men, as they cheered.
"HRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They roared, their eyes glinting with determination.

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Kinda short. But it's a prolouge so it's supposed to be. The only other thing i saw wrong (and it doesn't matter the least) !00-20. And he knocked out 30 of us? Bad math.
:neutral: (who cares though)

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Kinda short. But it's a prolouge so it's supposed to be. The only other thing i saw wrong (and it doesn't matter the least) !00-20. And he knocked out 30 of us? Bad math.
:neutral: (who cares though)

100-20 means they had like 20% of what they had.. not actually 20 :oops: sorry If I confused you. Also, the first 2 chapters I wrote in College when i should of been doing Maths :ermm:.. anyway.. it's kind of short.. but it's dedicated to the assault on the Pass(woot!)

Chapter 2- The Pass

At the massive sound of the cheering, the Fire Nation Troops at Daine Outpost awoke from their sleep, groaning and muttering.
"What the hell was that?" One soldier demanded, looking quite annoyed. Kyle looked at the soldiers.
"I do not Know.. but it doesn't seem good." He said.
"What if they're attacking the Pass?" One soldier exclaimed, looking around.
"No, they wouldn't be that foolish." Kyle said, as the troops began muttering, and chaos started to ensue.
Suddenly, they all fell quiet as explosions sounded behind them.
They all turned looking at the Pass, from where the explosions had resounded from.

Bodys lay scattered around the Pass as a massive battle broke out. Water smashing into Fire Nation Troops, sending them into Rocks and other damageable objects.
"BLOOD BENDERS!" Wao shouted, as around 20 Blood Benders ran in front of the Water Benders, and pulled blood out of many injured enemy, and pulling it towards them.
They proceeded to pull a vial out of their pockets, of which contained a Purple liquid, and they mixed the Liquid with the blood, before launching the Blood back at the Fire Nation Troops.
They began to scream out in pain, as smoke rose from their skin.
"What the hell is this stuff?" One of them screamed as he fell to the floor, clutching his face, before falling motionless.
One after the other, the 15 other Injured Troops all lay on the ground, motionless.
"The Prototype worked.." One of the Bloodbenders said, smiling.
"VICTORY!" They chanted, storming towards the few remaining Fire Nation troops.

"Crap! They're attacking the Pass!" Kyle shouted, and all his troops started running around the Outpost.
Kross stood there, his arms folded, no emotion on his face.
"Go on then. What the hell are we gonna do?" Kross asked, staring blankly at Kyle.
"Um..." He began, trying to think of what to say,"Attack the city?"
At this, Kross slapped his forehead.
"No idiot, we're gonna go to the Pass." Kross said, looking at Kyle as if he were blatently stupid.
"But the Outpost." Kyle said.
"To hell with it." Kross growled, running towards the troops,"Gather the men! TO THE PASS"
The soldiers began quickly charging towards the Pass, and Kyle stood shaking his head, before sighing.
"Damnit." He groaned, before following the troops.

"VICTORY!!!!" The Water Nation Troops roared, raising fists into the air as dead bodys lay around them.
"How many dead?" Wao asked, looking around.
"30" A soldier said, whom was next to Wao.
Wao cursed at this, gritting his teeth.
"Damn, why so many?" He demanded.
"Some of them caught them off guard. Had no chance." The soldier replied, but the last sentence was cut off as the Troops began chanting 'VICTORY!!!!' over and over.
Suddenly, something caught Wao's eye. Coming down the East entrance were loads of Troops. But they were not Water Nation.
"Men! TO ARMS! INCOMING!" Wao shouted, trying to organise his men.
Unfortunately, it was not just the Fire Nation troops at Daine Outpost who'd heard the explosions.
A soldier looked at the West side.
"SIR! MORE ENEMY TO THE WEST!" He shouted, and fear settled in the Water Nation troops, whom began to panic.
"We're surrounded!" One soldier screamed.
Wao looked around, amongst his cowering Men.
"Men! FIGHT! WE WILL FIGHT VALIANTLY! FOR HONOR! FOR OUR FAMILY! OUR HOME!" Wao roared, and this quelled the panicking, and the morale and courage of the soldiers came back.

"CHARGE!" Wao shouted, as 60 troops stormed to the West, and 61 to the East.
At this, the Fire Nation Troops were confused, for they thought their enemy would give up and the overwhelming numbers, and were not ready for battle. Some of them looked at each other, fear and shock on their face, but that was soon gone, as they were forced to engage in battle.