View Full Version : -The league of leagues . For the new old, and experienced battlers.

11-06-2007, 11:31 PM
First of all , this is not a league-like-clan.

This is not a league where you have gyms and elite 4, or where you go into wars . This is a league where every member will battle each member once. ITs kinda like a sport, where the teams play like they play 82(nhl and nba) but it will be more like football length (14 games ) where if there is 16 members, each person gets 15 battles.
This league wont get rushed or rushed to finish, it is for battlers who like having lots of battles and this is the place to guerintee at least over 10 battles.After every single battle is done, playoffs start. Where top 8 battlers advance to a single elimation round.
So, if you would like to join, fill the out the application

Why you are entering-
Will you drop out or quit-


FC-1160 7131 2038
Battle Record - 0-0
Current Place-1/1

I feel that this will start by late november-early december. I will stop accepting apllicants at November 18.
Feel free t join if you are not very experienced, or very good.

~no double posting
~no spam or flaming
~4-word rule.