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Charizard Michelle
11-11-2007, 03:45 AM
Here is the power list with descriptions. One person per power (Unless noted on this list). Something something something. I will do my best to keep this list up to date with who have what power. So here it is.

Sticky please if deem ok to.


Ability to Change Trash into Plants
-The user is able to turn orinarally trash into any plants they choose or into a tree.

Ability to Change Shadow into Clay Men
-With a heated ligth source, the user can make their shadow become a clay men. The clay men can move to some degree but if the heat light source is gone so are the clay men.

Ability to Change Dirt into a Scythe
Able to turn dirt into a scythe. If the scythe gets wet then it reverts back to dirt.

Accelerated Healing:
-Ability to heal rapidly from any injury. Small cuts heal instantly. Can also heal others.
Noob of all noobs

-Ability to bring 3 smaller inanimate objects or 1 large inanimate object to life. Objects are loyal to the user but are goofy looking and can sometimes act just as goofy.

Ability to Become a Power Ranger (Up to four people)
-User can become a power ranger. Gain all basic weapons but can’t teleport. Able to use the material arts as a power ranger and have some enhance strength. User can pick their own color.

Ability to Become an Anime Character (Up to two people)
-User can transform to be one anime character. In the form they can use that character’s basic attacks or ablities. In sign up please place what anime character you can become. No characters from the Pokemon anime since they will be real characters in this RP.
1)Nitrodown (Naturo from Naturo)

Ability to Break Apart
-The user is able to break their body apart to different pieces (Kind of like how those lego people do). While broken up the parts can move on their own. Being cut up is unaffected to user.


Bone Manipulation:
-Ability to manipulate the bones in ones own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones.


Candy Manipulation
- User can control candy, though is limited to candy in their vicinity. Much like Sand Manipulation, user can use the sand to do various things, such as project the user or make weapons. User must concentrate to keep their power alive, and can only make as much things as there is candy.

Chubi Transformations
-User can become and make others into chubi form. In chubi form user and others affected are smaller and can best be said look childish. Their physical attacks are much weaker.

Change rings into a rocket
-The user is able to change rings into miniture rockets. The rockets can be filled with liquaids, smoke, explosive or something harmless. The ring can be any kind of jewery ring including plastic rings.

Change beads into bombs
-Able to make small beads into bombs by touching them. The beads become explosive by touching them.


-Ability to create or manipulate darkness (AKA shadows, etc), often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy an manipulating it with their hands.

Density Control
- Ability to increase the natural density of oneself or an object. User can make oneself to float or become very heavy.

-Ability to create 2-3 clones of yourself. Each clone has a part of user’s personality.


Energy Blasts from Whistle:
- Able to change the sound from a whistle into an enegry beam.

Energy Constructs:
- Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or daggers) out of solid energy. Function for only about 5 minutes for small shapes, 2.5 for larger.

User may stretch his various body parts much like rubber, and so are more durable and stronger then normal human skin. Bullets are unaffected to user.

Elemental Control: All Elemental Controls are limited in power. For instance, someone with Cold control could not instantly freeze someone, it takes a 5-10 minutes. However, one could harm Pokémon with a weaknesses to the element, or, for instance, freeze fingers. Also, Elemental Control characters MUST take 2 Pokémon of that type.

Elemental Control: Air / Wind:
Ability to control, generate, or absorb air or wind.

Elemental Control: Cold / Ice:
Ability to reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus reduce temperature, can be used to control, generate, or absorb ice.

Elemental Control: Earth:
Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or minerals.

Elemental Control: Electricity:
Ability to control, generate or absorb electrical fields.

Elemental Control: Fire:
Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire.

Elemental Control: Plant:
Ability to accelerate the growth of, control or animate plant life. User may also understand basic plant thoughts (Or whatever you want to call them).

Elemental Control: Water:
Ability to control, generate or absorb water.

Elemental Control: Mood:
Which element the one controls is determined by the mood the user is in, such as fire for anger, cold for sadness, electricity for excitement, air for calm, and water for happiness. The powers are weaker then those with just one element, and more practiced, but still potent. Also, user cannot change their mood themselves, it must happen naturally.

Elemental Resistance:
Character is resistant to all elements, protecting the user from almost all damage. For instance, if a Charizard used flamethrower, the fire would not do much damage, but the claws of the Pokémon is still deadly.

Can sense others emotions, even if they try to hide it. Can also change their emotions, taking a normally happy person and making them angry. If time is taken, user could try to control the one with their emotions, making them sad enough to go to them for guidance, or angry enough to attack their friends. EX: Can make a person feel as if they are madly in love with user or others, be sad, be happy or etc. Limited on other RPers.
May Norman

Enhanced Vision:
Ability to see clear in the darkness and see through thinner materials and walls, and larger walls if one concentrates hard enough to make them dizzy for 5-10 minutes, seeing spots for 20, though not larger walls like safes.

ESP / Telepathy
Can read simple or very powerful thoughts, such as needing to go to the bathroom or something like ‘Ow!’ if concentrating. Also able to communicate between psychic Pokémon with thoughts but unable to control them and ones own Pokémon.


-Whether by wings, or for whatever other reasons, the character can fly in the air. Player cannot fly into space or too high, and only moves as fast as they would be able to run on the ground. Player also understands flying Pokémon better, and the power of flying Pokémon on their team is highered.

Force Fields
Can create a visible force field that covers self or others. Can protect from most basic punches, bullets and filter air. If attack with strong attacks then the field can crack and eventually break. If field breaks the person is left dizzy.


Growing Body Parts:
-Gives user the ability to "sprout" multiple copies of any part of the body on any surface the user chooses as long as they can see the surface. If sprouted part is hurt in any the user can feel the pain.


Hybrid (Up to three)
Can become a hybrid of one pokemon by choice. Basically able to transform into a hybrid by choice.


User is able to show / make people see things that are not really there, such as a rampaging Charizard. More concentration is needed for the larger illusions or to use them a long time, while it is more difficult to do it to multiple people.

User is slightly demented, and can transmit some of their sanity to others, making them believe things they would not normally believe. Can make others slight nightmares of self and others take real form.




Kinetic Absorption:
Ability to absorb forms of Kinetic Energy into oneself and convert it to physical strength like a Counter or Mirror Coat attack. If attack is too strong then the attack will not work.


Light Manipulation:
Ability to control, generate or absorb photons (particles of light).


User can merge with an item to gain characteristics of that item or with NPC’s who are willing. If merge with NPC then the merge only last til the end of the battle unless user is defeated or for one post. Character does not have the strength of both together, instead about 75% of each character. User can demerge by will.

Merge by Eating (Up to two)
Able to eat anything without harm coming to self. Stomach can be compare to a bottomless pit. Can merge with item that they eat and can demerge.

Metal Morphing
-Ability would include the ability to create metal, and change already existing metal into different shapes. Anyone with the ability could also make the metal a part of themselves, such as turning their body into metal (Like T1000 from the Terminator 2). Metal parts and weapons could also be created on the spot, and used for whatever purpose. Would also require the company of two Steel type Pokémon.

Mind Control:
Can dominate non-RP characters with their mind, using the characters to do their bidding. People effected by it tend to act zombie like. Only muddles the thoughts of RPers, affects RP-controlled-NPCs (one of the 3-4 allowed) slightly more. Works better if the minds are already open or weaker for some reason (tired, been crying, etc).




Paper Manipulation:
- User can control paper, though is limited to paper in their vicinity. Much like Sand Manipulation, user can use the sand to do various things, such as project the user or make weapons. User must concentrate to keep their power alive, and can only make as much things as there is paper.

- Ability to phase oneself and clothing / objects on their body through solid objects. Phasing though things like safe area bit harder.

Poison Manipulation:
- The user may summon and control the weaker poisons, expelling them in multiple forms. If inputted directly into the Pokémon or human, it acts as toxic, and if it is used in Powder form, it is much like Poison Powder, while also weakening them physically. User may also make powders to paralyze enemies. Poison cannot kill by itself. User can also use sleep powder, though it only works if caught unawares.

Pokémon Mimicry:
- Able to concentrate on a Pokémon and mimic its movements, abilities, and some moves (in other words, cannot create fire but can move quicker, hover some, slash their nails against a person, etc.) Also has a strong connection with all Pokémon, understanding their general idea of what they are trying to say and strong emotions, but not able to control Pokémon (in other words, going up to a random / enemy Pokémon and telling them to turn).
Canis Lupus

Power Mimicry:
-Able to copy another RPers powers (ONLY the RPers, no saying you met Superman :P), though only one at a time and half strength, and only if they have seen them use it in person.

Power Negation:
-Able to all but null the enemies power, so that if someone had, for instance, fire control, they could only make someone a little warmer by touching them.

Power to Make Towels into Steel
-Can make a towel into a sheet of steel or able to make it into steel in some form.

Power to Make Your Mouth to a Fourth Dimension
-Can stick as much as one can into mouth as long as I can fit into mouth. Unlimited space inside mouth. Can spit out smaller things from this fourth dimension.

Power to Make Photos into Toy Models
-Can make photos of people or things into toy models.

Power to Make Toy Models into Real Things
-Can make toy models into real things.

Power to Make Pencils into Four Legged Pokemon
-Can make chairs into any type of pokemon as long as it can walk on four legs. If pokemon is defeated or tired then it reverts to original form. User can make pokemon who were once the item back to it’s true form. Doesn’t include legends.

Power to Make Paper into Flying Pokemon
-Can make paper into any type of pokemon that can fly as long as it has wings. If pokemon is defeated or tired then it reverts to original form. User can make pokemon who were once the item back to it’s true form. Doesn’t include legends.

Power to make Erasers into Water Type pokemon.
-Can make erasers into water type pokemon. If pokemon is defeated or tired then it reverts to original form. User can make pokemon who were once the item back to it’s true form. Doesn’t include Legends.

Psychic Weapons
-Ability to create a weapon of psionic energy that can harm physically. Able to cripple weak-willed, the effect is dulled with strong-willed individuals. One can make it so the enemy cannot feel it, but the effect is dulled.
Cress Albane






Sand Manipulation:
- User may control sand, wherever it is, so is forced at times to carry the sand with them. Many things can be done with sand, depending on the amount, such as forming a sand shield or creating a sand weapon. It is hard, however, to carry around much sand for the user, so creating large obstacles is limited to places like beaches. Also, they may only control one form of sand at a time, or two at a time but weakened.

-Outside the School Area: User must pick a smaller Pokémon (Such as a Houndoom) to turn into, and can only turn into that Pokémon and one other, smaller Pokémon. Can turn into them at will, though the turning causes a pain. Also, clothing does not survive the change. Pokémon powers of the Pokémon shifted into is weakened.
-Inside the School Area: Can change, but cannot use the offensive attacks of the Pokémon.

Size Manipulation:
-User can shrink or grow to ¼ and 1 ¾ their height. While larger the power and defensive grows, though while smaller forms move faster and is harder to hit. After 30 minutes, user must recharge and wait 20 minutes.

-The user tends to have a ‘nice’ body and can be hard to grip. This leads to the person being slippery and able to slide on any ground.

Smoke Manipulation:
- User can control smoke, though is limited to smoke in their vicinity. Much like Sand Manipulation, user can use the sand to do various things, such as project the user or make weapons. User must concentrate to keep their power alive, and can only make as much things as there is smoke.

Spring Transformation
-Able to make any part of their body into a metal spring. Can help then bounce and attack with spring up punches and spring powered leaps.

Spikes Formation
-Can make spikes come out from body. Can even shot out spikes from body and if touches the ground, user can make spikes come out of the ground.

Super Strenght
-User can pick up things that is five times their own weight. No more then that.

Superhuman Senses:
-Ability to see, smell, taste, feel, and hear more than a normal human.


Technology Expertise:
- User has created and mastered an array of different gadgets, including melee weapons and the bow, and can now use them with great ease. Only character who can use various gadgets, such as smoke grenades and anything else the user can think of. The user is limited by their ability to hold the various items.

- Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. Cannot manipulate large objects much, and if you do for too long you get a headache which grows with time.

Transformation: Alternate Personality:
-Outside the School Area: User transforms, sometime at will and sometimes not, into a monster-like creature. The creature has an altered appearance, and is usually larger and stronger then the human counterpart. Though little things might be similar, most of the personality of the two are much different.
-Inside the School Area: User only transformed a little, becoming slightly bigger, larger, faster, etc.

Transformation: Pokemon (Up to three people)
-User is able to become a pokemon by choice (Just one pokemon). The user can become full pokemon or take a hybrid pokemon form. Person can not be capture in a pokeball while in pokemon form.

Turn his hair into a high-powered drill
-Able to turn their hair into a drill.

U & V



Wall Crawling:
-Able to climb up walls and other substances as much as one likes. Feeling is like walking normally.

Wax Manipulation:
- User can control wax, though is limited to paper in their vicinity. Much like Sand Manipulation, user can use the wax to do various things, such as project the user or make weapons. User must concentrate to keep their power alive, and can only make as much things as there is wax.

Weather Manipulation:
-Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena (rain, tornadoes, lightning, etc.) or control the intensity of the weather. Stronger things like tornadoes only happen for small times, while rain can last longer. Also, the weathers movement cannot be changed or manipulated.



Charizard Michelle
11-11-2007, 03:47 AM
Here is a map of the region Pallet.

Region of Pallet

Pallet is made up of many states. There are other smaller cities and towns but the bigger and better known ones are on this map. Use your imgenation to determine what state and city is known for.

Orange Lake
South of Purto City

Brown Lake
South of Rico Town

Pink Lake
South of Estra City

Green Lake
Northeast of Dumbark City

Red Lake
West of Redburn City