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{-Critical Kingdom Battles-}
Authorizational Story Made By Aleyquala
{-Chap.1: The Arrival Of Hoenn-}
Tony and his talented, elegant Typhlosion watched a tremendously interesting battle aboard S.S. Anne. It had been a full year since Tony started his journey in Johto. Witnessing all the excellent battles and capturing his elite team was a year to definitely remember.

Now, Tony Williams had a new title…an Essence Elite Trainer. After failing to capture Suicune, thanks to Team Rocket, Tony was still entitled an Essence Elite Trainer, due to his remarkable skills.

Now, to challenge himself…he wanted to start all over again with his team, meaning that he could capture new pokemon of the Hoenn Region, the newest region that was co-founded by Lance Elegantece.

As Tony folded his arms, he smirked as he let down his head.

“These people haven’t seen me in battle,” Tony muttered under his breath. “Just wait until I obtain the pokemon I need…”

Typhlosion looked in confusion, wondering what its trainer was saying. It knew that its trainer, who was also its best friend, wanted to win that battle with Suicune so he could capture it. But, Typhlosion was weak against water, so it could do nothing but try its best.

“All aboard the S.S. Anne! All trainers are to exit the ship immediately! All trainers are to exit the ship immediately! That is all,” the announcement said.

Luckily, Tony had already gathered his things, since he had already prepared for this.

“Let’s go, Typhlosion,” Tony said, arising from the soft, luscious, brown seat. “Its time to start our new journey!”

Typhlosion happily smiled as it saw its trainer finally have a smile on his face. As it caught up with him, Tony soon exited the S.S. Anne, walking on the black, steel bridge to lead the trainer across the river to the normal grounds.

Tony and his Typhlosion waved back to the sailor as the bridge lifted up.

“Everyone have a great time in Hoenn! I hope that everyone’s dream comes to life!” Sailor Antoine said.

And with that, the mighty S.S. Anne cruised down the long ocean, where its next destination was to the Kanto Region. As Tony turned around, he saw everything!

As the autumn breeze began blowing around, tons of Aipom were gathering to eat the bananas. A herd of Chikorita and Bayleef crossed by, spreading around their infatuating aromas.

Tony smelled the air, suddenly realizing that this was their special attack, Sweet Scent. Then, Tony gazed up, seeing loads of Taillow and Pidgey soaring through the air, as though they were in a race of speed!

“Typhlosion, isn’t this place wonderful?” Tony asked.

Typhlosion happily nodded as it looked around, hoping that Tony would begin walking! Wearing his yellow and red tracker outfit with the red AirForce1’s to match, Tony and his faithful companion began walking down the path of Route 151, where he would soon to reach Littleroot Town, where he was originally born.

Tony was very nervous; as for he had not been there for about 4 years! He just hoped that everyone would remember him, since 4 years ago; he was only 9 years old, when he was learning the basics about pokemon on television and at his vocational school in Rustboro City.

“Typhlosion, I don’t think I ever told you this,” Tony began saying. “But, 4 years ago, I used to live in this region.”

Typhlosion understood its trainer, but heard the story about 20 times! It faked as though it never heard the story and opened its eyes WIDE open to make it seem that way. Then, Tony continued as they walked.

“Well, 4 year ago, I used to live in Littleroot Town. I used to love it here, all of the exclusive pokemon, my vocational school, everything! But, one day…all of that changed. My father, Rick, had been fired from his job after an incident where they blamed him. Someone had stolen all of the baby Magby and Elekid at his job, and his best friend told on him. So, they fired him and we had no choice but to move into the Johto Region. I was highly upset with my father…I never spoke to him for 2 years. I had the greatest friends ever, and I had lots every single one of them. Brendan, May, and Alexis. Those were friends that you could count on.”

Typhlosion suddenly noticed that Tony was getting a little bit too emotional from his OWN story!

As they continued walking down the path, they were soon to reach Littleroot Town.

“Now,” Tony continued. Typhlosion thought it was the end, but it wasn’t at all. “Now, my father works in the Pokemon League Organization and we chat whenever I get the chance to call him. He even said that if the money starts flowin’ back in, then my mom and him will move back to Littleroot Town! Wouldn’t that be great?” Tony asked.

“Ttttyyyyyyyyy.” Typhlosion muttered.

After Tony’s welcoming story…they were finally in Littleroot Town, home of the legendary Professor Birch! Tony suddenly grew a smile on his face as he began running towards the small town.

“C’mon, Typhlosion,” Tony called out. “We have to register for the Hoenn League!”

With him saying that, Typhlosion began racing towards its trainer on its legs and forelegs, hoping that Tony wouldn’t get too carried away…

The quiet, still town of Littleroot gave Tony so many welcoming and comforting memories. When he wanted to get a Treecko, from the time where he needed help from a wild, terrorizing pack of Mightyena. Tony looked back, seeing his Typhlosion barely keeping up with him.

“C’mon, slowpoke,” Tony yelled out. “We have to get there!”

As Typhlosion caught up with Tony, a door suddenly opened. A man walked out, wearing a lab coat, looking around and scratching his head.

“That voice sounds too familiar,” he said to himself. “It can’t be…nah! He wouldn’t come back here! They all probably hate us for your dirty actions!”

And with that, he walked into the Pokemon Laboratory.

Meanwhile, Tony was in the Pokemon Center. Both Typhlosion and himself were breathing heavily after running such a long way.

“Typhlosion, you need some rest,” Tony said. “C’mon back to your pokeball.”

Pulling out his pokeball, Tony returned his tired friend to take some rest. As Tony barely walked to the front desk, the nurse soon approached him.

“I’m Nurse Joy,” the beautiful nurse said. “How may I help you?”

“Could you register me up for the Hoenn League?” Tony asked politely.

Nurse Joy began typing up the registration site on her HP-Pavilion Computer, and began speaking.

“I’ll need your name and qualifications please. I’ll also need your password and Pokemon Security Number.”

“Alright, if you need to know, I’ll tell you,” Tony replied. “My name is Tony Williams, and my qualifications are an Essence Elite Trainer. My password is CrushBoom-Child, and my P.S.N. is 433563-8778.”

With him saying that, Nurse Joy began typing in all of Tony’s needed information. Then, with a click of a button, Tony was now registered!

“All done,” her sweet voice said. “You are now registered for the Hoenn League. Since you are an Essence Elite Trainer, you will be competing in the Gold Rampage Conference. That is only for trainers who have obtained all 8 of the Johto Badges.”

“Okay. Thanks a lot.”

“Thanks, and good luck,” she replied, ending her sentence with a smile.

Tony quickly made a phonecall to his mother. He wanted to let her know that he had safely made it to Littleroot Town. Then, she answered.

“Hi, mom!” Tony happily said.

“Um,” the person said. “Who are you? I am not a mom. I have no children!”

Tony gasped! He must have dialed the wrong phone number!

“I’m very sorry for the inconvenience,” Tony said. “I accidentally dialed the wrong phone number.”

“Its okay,” the woman replied. “Have a nice day.”

Tony hung up, and slowly dialed the phone number. Someone answered very quickly, so he knew it was his mother.

“Mom?” Tony asked.

“Whoever you are, you have the wrong phone number.”

“Well, this is my mother’s home!” Tony yelled out on the phone.

“Your mother is named…Manuella Williams?”

“Yes, that’s my mother.”

“OH,” the woman said. “She moved out of his home 2 weeks ago. Now, I own this home. She moved to, um…Littlebarn Town! I think that’s the name.”

“Thanks, and it’s Littleroot Town.”

Tony hung up…he couldn’t believe it! His parents now lived in his old town! Tony was now very happy again!

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I will be updating this fanfiction tomorrow for sure. I hope you people are enjoying the first chapter so far.... :smile:

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It is a good story.

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Thank You! ^__^
An update will be tomorrow, FOR SURE! If not tomorrow, then later today! I have been doing other things, but now I have free time! ^__^

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Well, here comes Chapter 2.
================================================== ========
{-Chap.2: Old & Renewed Memories-}
Tony walked around his new town, wondering where his new home was. Then, a man stopped in front of him.

He was wearing a long, white lab coat, and wore glasses for his sight. With his brown shoes and hair, he began staring at Tony carefully.

“Could it be you?” he asked.

Tony turned his head…he knew it was probably another suck-up person who wanted his autograph. Then, he slowly glanced at the man…he also seemed familiar to him.

“Um, do I know you?” Tony asked.

Then, the man jumped for joy!

“I knew it was you! It is finally good to see you again!”

After saying those words, Tony also recognized this person.

“Is that you, Professor Birch?”

“Yes, it’s me! Tony, you have grown a lot. I cannot believe it…you are actually back! How are you?”

“I’m great, never better!” Tony replied.

“I saw your mother earlier, and I saw my ole college buddy, Rick! Yeah, I see he’s been up to work.”

“Well, he’s making a fitness building in the Lilycove Crossing Mall where trainers and pokemon can work out. He hopes his business becomes bigger than Big Bob’s Pokemon Beepers!” Tony replied, letting out a small laugh.

“Well, Tony…since you are here, why don’t you head up to the Pokemon Laboratory with me? I have something to show you, and I think you’ll like it.”

Tony suddenly grew a smile on his face and then they began walking towards the Pokemon Laboratory.

“So, Tony,” Professor Birch begun. “How has your Johto journey been?”

“Well, it would have been better, but they cancelled the Silver Conference, thanks to Team Rocket.” Tony responded.

“What?! They never cancel any kind of tournament like that!”

“Well, a lot happened. Just as my first battle was about to begin, suddenly…Entei arrived on the battlefield. Then, everyone saw Raikou and Suicune enter, too. They were watching us battle, and as they sat there…Team Rocket appeared and kidnapped all three of them.”

Professor Birch gasped once Tony said those words.

“Are they okay?”

“Yes, but we all had to do a lot to help them escape. That’s why it was cancelled. After the Kanto Region Competition, they will hold it, so that they have more participants and more exciting battles.”

“Ahh, what a brilliant thing they have in mind,” Professor Birch commented. “Now, all we have to do is make sure that Suicune, Raikou and Entei are never captured by those kind of humans.”

“Yeah, but now…they don’t trust anymore people. Since they finally experienced a deadly situation, they aren’t trusting anybody but pokemon.”

“This is just too horrible,” Professor Birch said. “We have to make them realize that not all humans are bad.”

“I agree.”

As they continued talking, they walked up the stairs carefully, where they would reach Professor Birch’s Lab.

Professor Birch opened the door, and they walked in. This laboratory brought old, nice memories to Tony’s head. He remembered when he used to help

Professor Birch around the lab, playing with the pokemon, making sure they weren’t hurt, and to feed them the right, specific pokemon foods.

“Professor Birch, why are we here?” Tony asked.

“Well, since we are here, I mine as well tell you.”

Professor Birch took a deep breath and continued.

“I would like for you to have a starter pokemon.”

“A starter pokemon?! What for?!” Tony asked, beginning to smile.

“Well, since you helped out a lot, and I felt sorry about the situation about your father losing his job, I hoped that one day, you would come back and I would give you your favorite grass pokemon.”

“...You don’t mean Treecko?!?”

“You guessed right, Tony.”

Tony jumped for joy! He always wanted a Treecko, and never had the chance to get one! But, today was his best day ever…he would finally obtain one!

Professor Birch took out a pokeball and it opened, releasing a white figure. As the white faded away, the green gecko pokemon looked at Tony and walked up to him slowly. Tony bent down and grabbed Treecko’s hands.

“Ahh…its great to finally have a Treecko,” Tony said. “Treecko, hello there. I’m your new trainer.”

Treecko looked into the eyes of Tony, and suddenly grew a smile on its face. As Tony got up, Professor Birch handed him Treecko’s pokeball and a new pokedex.

“Since you have a starter, you need to have this pokedex. It’s updated with all of the Hoenn pokemon here, since there are a lot to discover.”

“Thanks,” Tony replied, taking the pokeball and pokedex. He clipped the pokeball to his belt…he wanted Treecko to walk along with him, so that they could become closer.

“Now, Professor…where is the first Pokemon Gym?”

“Well, the first one is in Rustboro City. You’ll find it kinda simple to get there, but it will take a few days. That should give you enough time to strengthen up your pokemon. By the way, how many pokemon do you have?”

“Well, I have 6, but gave 5 to Professor Elm except for my Typhlosion. So, now that I have this Treecko, I have two pokemon!” Tony replied, smiling.

As Tony, with his new Treecko following, left the Pokemon Laboratory, Professor Birch waved goodbye to him. Tony waved back, and swiftly walked down the gold-colored stairs.

It was beginning to feel like summer, though it was autumn! As Tony and Treecko began to slow down, a voice stopped both of them.

“Hello, hunny!”

Tony gazed around, seeing a HUGE home! It had to be at least 3 stories! Then, Tony saw a woman…and couldn’t believe who it was.

“Hi, mom!” Tony quickly ran and hugged his mother, Manuella. After the warming hug, Tony and his mother began speaking.

“How are you, Tony?” she asked.

“I’m fine! I was beginning to get scared…I called our old home, and someone else answered. They told me that you and dad were going to be here, and here you are!”

His mother let out a laugh afterwards. Then, she gazed down, seeing the Treecko Tony received from the Professor.

“Aww, isn’t it cute?” she asked, admiring Tony’s Treecko. Treecko just stood there, wondering what was wrong with that person.

“Mom, I’m looking for power, not cuteness!”

They then began laughing. Then, Tony saw his faithful father come back home!



They both hugged, happy to see each other again. Then, they stopped hugging.

“Tony, I can’t believe that’s you! You have grown some since last year,” his father said.

“Its good that I grew…I look more fierce in battle!”

“Yeah,” his mother replied. “You look like any other trainer at your age.”

They all began laughing.

“Well, mom and dad…I’m off.”

“Already? We just moved here!” his mother said.

“Let the boy go on his journey,” his dad commented. “Here, Tony. Take this Pokemon Navigator. It will help you out on your journey.”

“Thanks, dad!”

With him saying that, Tony took the yellow mapping device from his father. After hugging them again, Tony was off! As Treecko followed, Tony waved to his parents. Now, they were off to Route 106!

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{-Chap.3: The Fight For Meditite!-}
Tony and his Treecko walked down the path of Route 106, where Tony’s destination was to reach Petalburg City.

From there, they would travel through Petalburg Woods, so that they could reach Rustboro City in a day or two.

Tony looked around, witnessing his calm surroundings. The winds were still and pokemon were sleeping. It was a peaceful day to read a story or just sit with pokemon and nap with them.

That’s what Tony loved about pokemon…they were so humanlike, yet they were creatures of different types and abilities.

But, they act like humans…they eat food, they nap, they sometimes even play around. But, Tony gazed at something that looked abnormal to him…

It was a blue pokemon that was floating above a large, brown rock. It looked to be meditating, with Tony trying to figure out if he saw this pokemon before.

“Meeeddaa.” The pokemon said quietly, though Tony could hear the soft voice.

Tony silently took out his pokedex and scanned this pokemon. The pokedex flipped open and recorded the data of Meditite:

{Meditite, the Meditation pokemon. Meditite is a newly discovered pokemon with the two types of psychic and fighting, making this pokemon a good one to have. Meditite usually meditate in quiet areas to relieve its mind from stress and to build up power.}

After hearing this, Tony was pleased in seeing this pokemon meditate! As he placed his pokedex away, Treecko stood there, wondering if it could try meditating.

Tony suddenly looked down, seeing Treecko leap into the air! It folded its legs and placed its hand together, but unfortunately, it fell to the ground! Luckily, the crash didn’t awake the pokemon, but Meditite suddenly opened its eyes.

“Treecko, you have to be careful,” Tony told it. “You cannot meditate…unfortunately.”

Treecko arose from its fall, but grew an angry look as it looked straight ahead.

“Treecko, are you okay?” Tony asked.

“Treecko! Treecko!” Treecko yelled out angrily.

“Treecko, what’s wro…WHAT!” Tony said, seeing that the wild Meditite was now on ground.

“Treecko, you must have broken its meditation concentration.” Tony said, scratching his head.

Then, Tony thought for a second…he should catch this Meditite! It would definitely be a great addition to his new team, since it was psychic/fighting! As he faced the battle, Meditite stood in battle position, balling its hands into a set of fists.

“Treecko, its time for our capture,” Tony began. “Let’s go!”

With him saying that, Treecko ran in front of Tony, ready to attack. Suddenly, a wild Furret opened its eyes, about to witness the battle for this Meditite. It quietly walked on the rock, and sat there quietly.

“Alright, you ready Treecko?” Tony asked.

“Treecko, Treecko!” Treecko responded.

“Then let’s go!” And with him saying that, the battle for Tony’s capture had begun!

Treecko, use your Pound attack!” Tony yelled out.

Treecko proceeded and began charging towards the wild Meditite. As soon as it was close enough, Treecko swung its dark-green tail at Meditite. But, Meditite jumped into the air to dodge!

“That Meditite is fast,” Tony said. “Treecko, just stay put!”

Treecko looked up, waiting for Meditite to come back down to the ground. The wild Meditite’s fist glowed purple, and it struck Treecko with it!


Treecko hollered out as it fell to the ground, very hurt. Then, tons of pokemon began to wake up, seeing the hurt Treecko on the ground. They silently watched the battle proceed.

“Treecko, try to get up!”

Treecko slowly arose from its fall, ready for more.

“Treecko, use Quick Attack!”

Treecko ran on its arms and legs, ready to strike Meditite. Luckily, it managed to, with Meditite falling to the ground.

“Now, Treecko! Use your Pound attack!” Tony yelled out.

Treecko stood on its two legs, and then smacked Meditite with its tail, doing damage to Meditite. As Meditite took the attack, it seemed to be very tired from the battle.

“Treecko, you did good,” Tony complimented. “You are the best grass pokemon!”

Treecko smiled and looked at Tony, thanking it for Tony’s nice compliment. But, Tony and Treecko gasped as Meditite actually arose!

Both Treecko and Meditite were breathing heavily, but were both able to continue the battle. Then, Meditite’s ears began glowing blue!

Tony looked up this attack, learning that this was Meditite’s signature move, Confusion. Then, Treecko began getting worn out by this attack!

The Confusion attack began sucking energy away from Treecko, but with Meditite taking the sucked energy and using it to power-up its Confusion attack.

“Treecko, you have to break away from the Confusion!” Tony yelled out.

Meanwhile, all of the pokemon gasped as they saw Treecko taking the attack badly. Treecko, opened its eyes, and somehow broke free from the attack! Meditite stopped using Confusion, but proceeded towards Treecko.

“Treecko, use Pound attack!” Tony yelled out.

Treecko waited for Meditite to come close. As Meditite charged towards Treecko, Treecko quickly swung its mighty, green tail at Meditite! As Meditite crashed to the ground once again, it was finally defeated!

As Meditite lied on the ground, very hurt, Treecko suddenly fell. Tony gasped, and took out Treecko’s pokeball.

“Return, Treecko,” Tony calmly said. “You deserve a nice, long rest.”

The red ray sapped Treecko into the red and white device, and Tony clipped the pokeball to his belt. Meditite was still lying there helplessly. Tony took out an empty pokeball and stood there.

“Go, pokeball!” Tony hollered out, throwing the pokeball straight towards Meditite.

The pokeball hit Meditite, opening and sucking Meditite into it. As it closed, it began moving around, with the dot flashing red. Tony stood there, waiting for the flashing and movement to stop.

The wild pokemon, like Linoone and Seedot, closely observed as they watched the human try his best to capture that Meditite.

Finally, the pokeball stopped moving. The flashing had stopped, also. Tony walked over there and picked up his pokeball.

He leaped into the air and happily said, “I did it! I caught Meditite!”

As he landed, he heard cheering from the local pokemon that were sleep. He happily bowed…he felt honored.

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03-28-2004, 09:27 PM
{-Chap.4: Double Electricity!-}
Tony arrived at the Pokemon Center of Petalburg City shortly after he caught his Meditite.

He waited at the front desk, hoping that Nurse Joy would come soon. Then, the woman with the red hair and nurse uniform came along, greeting Tony.

“Welcome to the Petalburg City Pokemon Center! How may I help you?” she nicely asked.

“Could you heal these three pokemon? They are all very tired,” Tony responded. “Thank you.”

Tony gave Nurse Joy his three pokeballs, and she placed them in the Healing Reviving Machine. It was a machine to basically heal pokemon.

The machine was red, huge, and made of steel and mechanical parts. As the healing light flashed onto the pokeballs, that same light instantly healed them. Nurse Joy happily returned Tony’s three pokeballs.

“All done,” she said. “Your pokemon are all healed. Thanks for coming and we hope to see you again.”

“Thanks and bye.” Tony said as he took his pokeballs and clipped them to his belt.

As Tony went outside, he suddenly ran into a person, with both of them falling.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the person said.

Tony looked up, seeing that it was a boy. He had brown hair, with hazel eyes to match. He seemed to be wearing a Pokemon Ranger Outfit. As they both got up, Tony introduced himself.

“I’m Tony Williams,” he began. “I’m sorry for bumping into you.”

“Its okay. My name is Forester.”

Tony suddenly looked down, seeing two yellow pokemon, which looked to be twins. The only thing that differed them was that one was red and yellow, and the other was blue and yellow. Tony looked up the two pokemon:

{Plusle, the electric helping pokemon. Plusle is always born with its twin, Minun, and together, both pokemon can be very dangerous. Plusle’s signature move is Helping Hand.}

{Minun, the electric power pokemon. In battle, Plusle and Minun work together, with Minun being the offensive power and power-up. Its signature move is Spark.}

Tony looked as the two pokemon yelled out, “Plusle!” “Minun!”

Tony smiled…they were both very cute.

“Forester, these must be your Plusle and Minun,” Tony said. “They are very adorable.”

“Thanks. We have been together for about a year. I competed in the Johto region.”

“I did, also,” Tony replied. “I competed in the Johto region, also.”

“Well, maybe we could have a battle,” Forester said. “I mean we could have a double-battle.”

“A double battle? What do you mean?” Tony asked.

“Well, a double-battle is when two trainers use two pokemon in one battle instead of one each.” Forester replied. “I heard about that, but I never got the chance to battle those kind of battles.”

“Well, now’s your chance to do so!”

Tony and Forester stood there, with Forester already choosing his Plusle and Minun for the battle.

“Go, Meditite and Treecko!” Tony hollered out, releasing his Treecko and Meditite from their pokeballs.

As they both landed on the ground, Tony said, “You two have to work together. Got it?”

Both Meditite and Treecko nodded.

“Then, let’s battle!”

“Plusle, Minun…let’s start off this battle with double Quick Attack!” Forester commanded.

Plusle and Minun took command and proceeded with their attack. As they both raced towards Treecko and Meditite, they were both ready to double-attack!

“Treecko, use Pound! Meditite, use Mach Punch!”

Both Treecko and Meditite performed their attack, attacking their opponents, Plusle and Minun.

“Counter with Spark!”


“Minnnn!” They both said as they huddled together.

Then, they began using Spark together, blasting a powerful, blue, and electrifying bolt of electricity at both Treecko and Meditite. They both took massive damage, which definitely impressed Tony.

“Forester, your Plusle and Minun are tough,” Tony began. “But, I shall still win! Treecko, use Quick Attack! Meditite, use Meditate!”

As Meditite and Treecko arose from their fall, Treecko began to run on its two legs are two arms.

As it raced towards Plusle, Meditite floated into the air, glowing purple. It was using its Meditate technique to raise its attack.

“Minun, use Protect!”

“Meditite, use Confusion!”

As Treecko was in close range to Plusle, Minun jumped in front of Plusle to use Protect.

But, thanks to Meditite, it used Confusion so that Plusle would use Protect on Confusion, not Quick Attack!

“Treecko!” Treecko hollered out as it rammed into Plusle, knocking Plusle into Minun.

Both pokemon fell, trying their best to get up.

“Now, Meditite…use Mach Punch! Treecko, hit them with your Pound attack!”

Meditite ran to Minun and delivered a serious Mach Punch attack, while Treecko bashed Plusle with its mighty tail, ending the match for both Minun and Plusle!

Forester returned his Plusle and Minun back to their pokeballs, while Tony congratulated both of his pokemon for their first match won.

“I’m proud of you both,” Tony said. “Now, c’mon back.”

He took their pokeballs and returned them both into them. Then, he looked at Forester and they shook hands.

“Forester, that was a great battle,” Tony began. “I hope we get to battle again.”

“I hope so, too,” Forester replied. “Maybe we should exchange phone numbers. We could call each other every now and then, to see what we are doing.”

“Sounds great. Well, I gotta go! I’m heading to the Pokemon Center for tonight, then I’m heading to the Petalburg Woods.” Tony replied back.

“I’m going to Dewford Island. Haven’t you won your first badge?” Forester asked

“Me?! Not yet,” Tony said. “But I plan to get there in a day or two.”

“Wait, wait, wait! I already won my first badge, and you still beat me…that’s absolutely amazing.”

Tony waved back at Forester as he headed back to the Pokemon Center to get some rest…the next day; he was off to the Petalburg Woods!

Scorch Ry
03-28-2004, 09:29 PM
{-Chap.5: The New Threat-}
It is a nice, beautiful day. Tony had awoken early so that he could get a jumpstart to get to the Petalburg Woods.

As he walked, he walked along with his Treecko, since it was beginning to trust him more. But, as he looked around in the Petalburg Woods, he noticed that the forest was dark, as though it was nighttime here 24/7.

“This is creepy,” cried out Tony.

“Treecko, tree!” cried out Treecko as it began starting into the eyes of…well, actually a floating shell. It was a brown, floating, mysterious figure with a ¾ of a white, miniature moon above its head.

It quietly said, “Shed, shed.”

Tony looked down at Treecko, seeing it as it experienced this horror.

“Treecko, what’s wrong with you?”

Treecko slowly pointed as the dead figure, and as Tony slowly looked…he too, began getting frightened! Tony yelled out, scared of the THING!

“This cannot be a pokemon,” cried out Tony. “Its look…DEAD!”

Just to double-check though, Tony pulled out his pokedex and scanned the brown, floating bug shed, and to his horror…it was, in fact, a pokemon.

{Shedinja, the Shed Spirit pokemon. Shedinja evolves from Nincada whenever Nincada starts sleeping during the daytime and wonders during the night. Shedinja is a powerful pokemon and possesses magical abilities.}

As Tony gazed upon the Shedinja, he figured out that maybe a Nincada in the forest evolved into this ghost pokemon. As Shedinja floated there, Tony suddenly noticed its motion.

It proceeded towards Treecko, making Treecko suspect that it was coming to talk. But, Shedinja rammed into Treecko, making Treecko fall to its knees.

“Great work, Shedinja,” someone said. Tony heard the voice, hoping that he didn’t hear that.

“Who are you?” Tony asked.

“Stay away from this forest! GO NOW!”

Then, Tony looked as he saw a man, wearing a suit that had a ‘G’ pendant on the left side of the suit jacket. The man looked very classy…having smooth, short black hair, with his green eyes to make him look even classier.

“I’m Taylor, the leader of Team Galaxy.”

Tony suddenly grew an angry face…he heard of this team, since it was supposed to be a highly advanced team fusion of Team Kinetic and Team Rocket.

“Why are you here?” Taylor asked angrily.

“I was suppose to be going to Rustboro City last time I checked,” Tony said, with his smart comment.

“Its kids like you that get on my nerves. You get smart with people and you think that you are so bad. But, let me tell you something…I ain’t the one to be getting smart with,” Taylor said with an angry voice.

“What you gonna do about it, Taylor?” Tony asked, showing a smirk.

“Young blood, I don’t have time to battle you. I have better things to worry about.”

Taylor ran off into the darkness of the woods, with Shedinja soaring behind him. Tony saw Treecko next to him, and asked it if it was okay.

“Treecko, did Shedinja hurt you?” asked Tony.

Treecko shook its head, indicating to Tony that it was just fine. Then, Tony thought for a second.

“How come when he first approached me, he told me to go away? But, then he took off! Hmm,” thought Tony.

Then, something hit him! Taylor was planning something! Tony knew that Taylor would be up to trouble! Tony, with Treecko following, headed down the path where Taylor took off at, hoping that Taylor didn’t already get away…

As Tony raced through the darkness of the bushes, he began hearing screeches of pokemon! He could tell…they were sounding off like Nincada!

“Taylor, you betta not be taking away ANY pokemon!” cried out Tony.

Tony was beginning to get sick and tired of having to deal with these teams. First, it was Team Rocket, and Team Kinetic.

Now, they have merged, setting more problems for wild pokemon of Hoenn, Kanto and Johto. Finally, Tony and his Treecko made it out of the bushes, and saw nothing but horror!

Just like Tony suspected, Taylor was taking away the Nincada AND the Venonat of the Petalburg Woods!

Tony watched in horror…the giant machine, which was brown, having mechanical hands to pick up the pokemon, had been gathering all of the wild Venonat and Nincada.

“Treecko, you have to stop them!”

Treecko determinedly looked into the eyes of its trainer, seeing that Tony wasn’t gonna let Taylor do this. At once, Treecko ran into action, heading straight towards the machine pokemon.

“Treecko, use Pound attack!”

Treecko lifted its feet off the ground, making it jump high into the air. Treecko swung its tail at the machinery, but it wasn’t dented or anything.

“Stupid child, nothing will stop my machine!”

Tony gazed up, seeing Taylor once again. This time, he was IN the machine, controlling it!

“Haha,” Taylor continued. “You shall never come into my way again!”

Taylor suddenly arose, and ran out of the machine. The pokemon were trapped inside of a glass container on the top of the machine.

The machine was throwing them into there, making them very hurt to try to attack. Tony balled his fist, trying to fight back the urge to punch Taylor for his cruel work.

“Why are you doing this?!” Tony yelled.

“I need pokemon, that’s why. Its all about satisfying the team with strong pokemon,” Taylor calmly said. “I mean, why wouldn’t I want to do this? I like these type of pokemon. And when they are taught the right moves, they can be undefeated!”

Tony began getting angrier as Treecko ran down the machine to help.

But, suddenly, Taylor held up two pokeballs.

“But, I always capture my pokemon first,” he said, beginning to laugh.

Then, Treecko leaped above Taylor’s head, landing in front of Tony perfectly.

“Ahh, your Treecko seems great! But, it’s useless! Treecko are way too stubborn to capture, so I don’t have time to capture and train one!” said Taylor.

Both Tony and Treecko began getting angrier, and Tony pointed at Taylor.

“Treecko, get ready to attack!” Treecko nodded its head, and stared into the eyes of horror.

“Go, Nincada! Use your Hidden Power!”

Taylor threw out his pokeball, releasing the Nincada he captured not too long ago. The beetle-like pokemon’s green eyes began shining the color of white. Then, it blasted a mystical, white beam towards Treecko.

“Treecko, dodge and use Quick Attack!”

Treecko hurried up and got away, making the blast hit the grass. Treecko raced down the field, tackling Nincada with great power.

“Now, end this with Pound!”

“Nincada, use your Scratch attack!”

Once again, Treecko raced down the green, everlasting fields towards Nincada. Treecko then swung its large, gecko tail at Nincada, attacking it fiercely. But, Nincada managed to counter the attack by using its Scratch attack, its quickest move to use.

“Ahh, Nincada are so great,” Taylor said, folding his arms. “Now, Nincada! We should be heading out! Use your Hidden Power attack again!”

Nincada nodded, making its green, scary eyes shine that bright white color. As it blasted a beam, Tony called back Treecko to make sure it wouldn’t get hurt.

As the white beam blasted onto the ground, it created a dark smoke! Tony covered his mouth and eyes, making him more vulnerable. As he took a peek, the smoke had cleared. Tony took his hands away from his face, noticing that Taylor and his machine were gone!

Tony fell to the ground…Team Galaxy wouldn’t be a weak team this time…they were out to find pokemon and defeat anyone in their paths! But, he felt sorry for the Nincada and Venonat…hoping that they would escape.

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03-29-2004, 10:30 PM
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Scorch Ry
03-31-2004, 11:25 PM
{-Chap.6: The Rock Edges Of Power-}
Tony had awaked from his soft, nice bed up in the Pokemon Center Rooms. After the great incident in the Petalburg City Woods, he needed to get some rest. He wanted to get the stealing off of his mind.

It was a good thing that he had a gym battle to worry about! As he headed to the main floor of the Pokemon Center, he began wondering if Treecko and Meditite would be ready to battle the Gym Leader, which he found out to be Roxanne.

She dealt with rock-type pokemon, like Golem and Onix. Tony just didn’t hope that her pokemon wouldn’t be too fast for rock-types!

After eating his breakfast with his Typhlosion, he quickly headed to the Pokemon Gym, wanting his first badge very badly. Tony’s fiery friend walked beside him, wondering what was on his trainer’s mind.

As the delicate winds began to blow, trees were letting loose their brown and red autumn leaves. The sun was shining brightly, making this day a warm autumn one. Even pokemon were out, playing around and smelling the red roses with such wonderful aromas.

As Tony continued walking, he saw a large, blue building. It had a great collection of windows, which were very clean. The doors were painted pure black to make the building earthier.

At the entrance door, it said, “Devon Corporation: Home Of The New Technology”. Tony smiled, seeing tons of business-looking people entering and exiting the tall, blue building.

“That must be a major tourist attraction,” Tony commented to himself.

As Tony and his Typhlosion continued walking towards the Pokemon Gym, Tony began seeing glitter fall onto the platform. He gazed up, seeing Beautifly and Butterfree, flapping their wings to fly around.

Tony looked at the red, sparkling glitter, knowing that this must had been their mating migration season. Tony suddenly looked around, seeing not too many homes.

This place was mainly a business city, witnessing all the buildings and all. The tan, stoned grounds made this place more fashionable, while the old buildings were even being reconstructed to become better, new and improved business offices.

“Finally…we made it, Typhlosion,” Tony said to his Typhlosion. “This is the Rustboro City Gym.”

After seeing the nice parts of the city, Tony finally made it to the Rustboro City Gym. The building was only one level, and resembled rocks. It was painted gray and yellow, with a huge rock inserted in the buildings.

The steel doors weren’t locked, so a battle must have been done or just got completed. Tony reached for the door-handles and pulled the gray, steel door open.

He walked in, with Typhlosion trailing behind him. Actually, the Gym looked very promising. It was elegantly painted an earthy-like color, with the gym floor having boulders on them.

There was even a balcony, full of velvet seats for watchers who wanted to witness any special battles. This gym looked very nice. As Tony walked in further, he saw a woman, feeding her pokemon some type of food.

This pokemon looked very weird…it had a big, red nose. It was blue, and its eyes were closed. This pokemon seemed to have no sight, though it looked at Tony very quickly.

Its pedal-like hands arose, indicating to the woman that someone was in the gym.

She looked over, seeing a boy with his Typhlosion. She stood, wearing her blue, school uniform outfit. She wore her hair in two ponytails, with two red ties wrapping around them.

Her nice, hazel eyes definitely caught Tony’s attention. As he approached her, Typhlosion trailed beside him, wanting to know if Tony knew this person.

“Welcome to the Rustboro City Gym,” the woman said. “I am Roxanne, the leader of this gym, and possessor of rock pokemon.”

“I am Tony Williams, and I am here to challenge you!” Tony replied.

“Well, you’re very confident, I see,” Roxanne commented. “Alrighty then, here are the rules. We will use two pokemon each. You have to exciting privilege of substituting one pokemon for another,” Roxanne began.

“I, unfortunately, don’t have that arrangement, so take that into your advantage. Now, I must warn you…my pokemon are very tough. As you can see, my Nosepass here is already ready to challenge you.” Roxanne ended.

Roxanne looked behind at her Nosepass, seeing that it was ready for battle.

“So, when shall we begin this battle, young Tony?” Roxanne politely asked.

“We shall begin it right now! I’m ready to earn my badge!”

Tony and Roxanne took their places of the Rock Field, where the battle would take place. Then, one of Roxanne’s young apprentices came to judge the battle.

“Are both participants ready?” He asked.

Roxanne and Tony both nodded. The apprentice raised the red and green flags, and said, “Let this match begin!”

“Alright…first up, Graveler!”

Roxanne politely threw her pokeball up, releasing a huge boulder pokemon, with four arms. Its legs were very small, but Tony knew that it could roll very fast. He had battled a Graveler before…and wasn’t expecting any tough times with it.

“Alright…let’s go, Treecko!”

Tony threw out his pokeball quickly. As it spun in the air, it opened, releasing his wood gecko pokemon, Treecko. Treecko stood there, staring down Graveler. Graveler smirked, growling under its breath.

“Treecko, use Pound!”

“Graveler, use Tackle!”

As Treecko ran down the brown Rock Field, heading towards Graveler, Graveler quickly charged straight into Treecko, attacking it fiercely. Treecko fell to the ground, but quickly arose.

“Treecko, time for a Bullet Seed!”

Treecko began blasting a series of sharp, green seeds at Graveler, attacking it rapidly. Graveler began to back up, trying its best to get away from the Bullet Seed attack, since it was surely weak against grass-type moves like Bullet Seed.

“Graveler, use Magnitude!”

Graveler began beating the rocky platform with its rocky arms, emitting Sound #8 Magnitude throughout the ground.

“Great work, Graveler,” Roxanne complimented. “Now, use your Seismic Toss!”

Graveler ran furiously, stomping the ground hard.

As it came in close contact with Treecko, Tony hurried up and yelled out, “Use Pound attack!”

Treecko quickly swung its tail at Graveler, hitting Graveler straight in its face. Graveler rolled back, after being struck by this attack. But, it suddenly opened its eyes and headed towards Treecko again.

It wrapped its long, rocky arms around Treecko, and then jumped into the air. Then, rapidly, Graveler began twisting around it the air. Finally, Graveler released Treecko, making Treecko hit the ground hard.

Tony was very shocked with this attack…this Graveler performed it different.

“Graveler, end this with Mega Punch!”

“Grav!” Graveler growled out as its rocky, gray fist began shining white.

Meanwhile, Treecko arose from its harsh attack, beginning to show to Tony that it was getting tired.

“Treecko, use Bullet Seed again!”

Treecko opened its mouth, shooting out another series of green, sharp seeds at Graveler. This time, Tony noticed that the attack looked more powerful and more effective, since Graveler began to run away from the Bullet Seed attack Treecko was emitting.

“Great work, Treecko!” Tony yelled out.

“Treecko, Treecko!” Treecko said, showing Tony a ‘thumps-up’ symbol.

“Graveler, time for another Seismic Toss,” Roxanne confidently said.

As Graveler ran towards Treecko, ready to use another Seismic Toss, before Tony could instruct an attack, Treecko started to glow black.

Then, it furiously tackled Graveler powerfully, making Graveler take a lot of damage! Tony hoped that Treecko would learn this attack…it was known as Pursuit.

“Great work, Treecko,” Tony happily said. “Now, end this with a Bullet Seed attack!”

Treecko opened its gecko mouth, suddenly blasting a herd of green seeds, which struck Graveler. Graveler tried its best to get up, but it was defeated!

The apprentice raised up the green flag and said, “Graveler is unable to continue! Treecko is the winner!”

Tony jumped for joy! Tony was now seeing that his battling was going to pay off. Treecko walked back to Tony, looking a lot stronger and fiercer.

“Treecko, you’re looking great!” Tony said.

“Treecko, Treecko, Tree!” cried out Treecko. Then, Treecko stood there…and suddenly began glowing white! Tony watched in excitement as his Treecko began growing taller.

A long leaf grew on its head, and was extended down its back. Its feet were larger, looking to be for climbing trees. It also grew blades on its arms.

As Treecko stopped shining white, it was now a strong, new and improved Grovyle! Grovyle looked stronger and very smarter.

Its skin was a darker tone of green, while its front area with the bashful hot pink color. Tony took out his pokedex and recorded the data of Grovyle:

{Grovyle, the Forest Gecko pokemon. Grovyle is the evolved form of Treecko. Once evolving, Grovyle will only obey trainers who treat it with respect, power and love. Grovyle obtains new moves, like Screech and Fury Cutter, while its signature move is Leaf Blade.}

Tony finally had his long-awaited Grovyle! After returning her Graveler, Roxanne was very, very surprised!...
================================================== ========

Scorch Ry
03-31-2004, 11:27 PM
{-Chapter 6 Continued...-}
She never thought that a Treecko would evolve after learning a new move!

Roxanne began clapping, and said, “I’m very impressed, Tony. Your new Grovyle is going to be a tougher opponent. But, for my last pokemon, I choose Nosepass!”

Tony looked, seeing that Nosepass had disappeared! Then, the stadium began to move abruptly. Tony and his new Grovyle looked as Nosepass arose from the undergrounds!

“How did your Nosepass get underground?” Tony asked.

“Nosepass used a secret entrance. It loves to go underground, and it played there until I called it forth.” As Tony looked at the blue rock pokemon, he recorded the data of it:

{Nosepass, the Compass pokemon. Nosepass can use its nose as a compass to find its opponents. This nose can also emit electric attacks, like Zap-Cannon and Thunderwave.}

Tony listened to the information, knowing that Grovyle would be the best choice. As Grovyle glared its dark-yellow eyes at the big, blue pokemon, Tony called it back into the battle.

It stepped up, growling around. The apprentice immediately instructed for the battle to begin!

“Nosepass, let’s start things off with Rock Tomb!”

“Grovyle, use Quick Attack!”

Nosepass stomped the ground with its heavy foot, blasting up a huge rock. But, Grovyle quickly ran away from them, ready to use Quick Attack on Nosepass. Grovyle tackled Nosepass, but it didn’t do much damage.

“Nosepass, use Sandstorm! Let’s turn things around!”

“Grovyle, use Bullet Seed!”

Nosepass’ nose began shining white as it suddenly blew out blue spores. Then, a sandstorm began to brew around the gym.

Tony covered his face, lifting his arm to block the sand. Tony couldn’t see Grovyle, but heard a sound.

“Gggrrrr” was the voice.

As the Sandstorm began to brew away, Tony saw Grovyle trapped under Nosepass! Nosepass had successfully used its Body Slam attack, trapping Grovyle under its blue-stoned body.

“Grovyle, get away from Nosepass! Use Bullet Seed to get away!” Tony yelled out.

Grovyle nodded, looked straight into the eyes of Nosepass, and shot a series of small, yellow seeds in its eyes, hurting Nosepass’ eyes a lot.

As Nosepass lifted off of Grovyle, it began getting very upset. Roxanne hoped she wouldn’t have to do this…but it would definitely test Tony’s strength.

“Nosepass, use Rock Tomb again!”

“Grovyle, use Leaf Blade!”

Grovyle dodged the uprising boulders coming from Nosepass. Its blades began shining, forming two, large, green, shining blades. Grovyle hurried up and struck Nosepass, damaging it a lot. Nosepass walked back, almost losing its balanced. But, it managed to get control of its balancing.

“Nosepass, use Thunderwave!”

Nosepass blew out an electrical, erupting, yellow beam at Grovyle, striking it very roughly. As Grovyle hit the ground…it seemed to be very hurt from the attack. Usually, grass pokemon were strong against electric types, but this attack was WAY too powerful.

“Grovyle, don’t give up,” Tony said to Grovyle. Grovyle looked back as Tony continued. “I have faith in you. I know that you can win against this Nosepass.”

Grovyle gave a ‘thumps-up’ to Tony, and Tony knew that it could still defeat Nosepass. Grovyle arose from its fall, definitely giving Roxanne a shock.

But, she smirked…and said, “Nosepass, let’s end this battle! Use Zap-Cannon!”

Nosepass heard its instructions, and quickly blasted a powerful, yellow, electrical beam straight towards Grovyle. Tony knew that this attack could paralyze Grovyle and maybe end this battle, with Roxanne winning. But, Tony knew exactly what to do.

“Grovyle, use Pursuit!”

As soon as the enraging Zap-Cannon came near, Grovyle began glowing black, jumping into the air to dodge the electrical attack. The Zap-Cannon struck a boulder, blasting it around the gym.

Then, as Grovyle landed, and immediately ran towards Nosepass and tackled it, along with some of the pieces of boulders that hit it. Nosepass began backing up once again, losing the control of its balance.

“End this with Leaf Blade,” Tony confidently said.

Grovyle’s blades extended and began to shine lime green. Grovyle struck Nosepass with the blades, finally defeating Nosepass…

As Tony stood outside with his Typhlosion, Roxanne came from inside of the Rustboro City Gym, ready to give Tony his earned belongings.

It was getting late, with the elegant blue skies now fading away into bright, orange & indigo colors. Wild Altaria and their young, Swablu, soared the skies, while baby Aipom were falling asleep.

Around this time, the city was still and quiet but shined the colors of yellow that mixed together with the brightness of the skies, making a remarkable shine. Then, Roxanne met face to face with Tony and began speaking.

“Tony, as victory for your match, here is your well-deserved Stone Badge. And also, here is TM39, which is Rock Tomb. Your Grovyle could learn it, and so can your Typhlosion. It comes in great use when surprising your opponent with sneaky attacks.”

“Thanks,” Tony replied. “I’ll keep this TM for my rock pokemon, if I capture one.”

Tony took the Stone Badge and the TM39 Capsule. He placed his Stone Badge in his badgecase, while putting his TM39 Capsule in his red and yellow Nike bag.

“Now, I think you should be heading to Dewford Island. That’s where the next gym is,” Roxanne commented.

“Where will I ever get a ride there?” Tony asked.

“Well, you should ask Mr. Briney. He lives in a cottage in the wesr of Rustboro City, and can give you a ride there from off of our shores here. But, he’s sailing with his Pelipper, so he’ll be back in the morning.”

As Tony waved goodbye to Roxanne, he walked towards the red building, which was known as the Pokemon Center. There, he could get some rest for tomorrow’s adventure…

Scorch Ry
03-31-2004, 11:28 PM
{-Pelipper's Rescue Mission!-}
“Meditite, end it with a Mach Punch!”

Meditite’s white first shined the color of indigo and Meditite struck Zigzagoon with it, finally ending the crusading battle! As Damien returned his Zigzagoon, Tony hugged his Meditite, thanking it for a wonderful battle.

It was morning, and Tony woke up around 7am to get some training in with his Typhlosion and Meditite. Today, the skies were clear, and the sun was very bright. Tony thought it felt like summertime outside, due to the massively hot temperatures of today.

Wild Linoone and their mates, Furret, were going on migrations to Seafoam Island, so they would be ready to have eggs. Even the wild Pidgeotto weren’t flying in the skies, since they would be closer to the hot sun. It’s a good thing that Tony’s tracksuit has a jacket and shorts outfit as well!

Tony and Damien shook hands, now experiencing their rivalry between one another.

“That was a great battle, Damien,” said Tony. “I thought for a second that my Typhlosion was definitely gonna lose against your Muk.”

“Well,” Damien responded. “My Muk was my second pokemon I ever captured. But, your Grovyle was truly amazing…it defeated my Feraligatr with one swipe of its Leaf Blade technique. And your Meditite is a pokemon to not reckon with, or it’ll just use Confusion and Mach Punch to end the battle.”

“Thanks,” Tony commented. “Now, I must get going…I need to catch up with Mr. Briney today, so that I can get a ride to Dewford Island.”

“Alright…catch ya lata!”

Damien waved goodbye to Tony, as Tony and his Typhlosion walked down the elegant path of Rustboro City. Tony wanted to get to Dewford Island in about two days at least, so he could get some training in as well.

Tony was finally at Mr. Briney’s Boat Cottage at the west side of Rustboro City. There rested the long beach, with the nice, blue sea moving quietly. The sun beamed into the shore, making the sand sparkle with delight.

For such a hot day, people weren’t relaxing for tanning. They were actually battling with their pokemon. From Psyduck, to Pikachu, to even Charmeleon. The cottage, on the other hand, looked very professional.

It was red, made of a brick material, instead of wood. The roofing was black, while the nice windows were sparkling clean. Tony could tell Mr. Briney kept his cottage up. Tony gently knocked on the black, smooth door.

Then, both Tony and Typhlosion heard someone walking towards the door, making Typhlosion very alert. Finally, someone had opened the door. But, to Tony’s surprise…it was a person, who looked much older than Tony, wearing a casual outfit.

Just a white t-shirt and blue jeans was all the man was wearing. Though he was wearing very expensive causal shoes. The man began to wipe his eyes, which were filled with tears.

“May I he-he-hel-help you?” The man stuttered with sadness. Tony noticed the man crying and wanted to ask why.

“Are you Mr. Briney?” Tony asked.

“Yes, in fact, I am.”

“Is there anything wrong?” Tony asked. Mr. Briney began to cry a lot more, with tears running down his face.

“SOMEONE STOLE MY PELLI!” Then, he began to turn red, getting angrier and angrier as the seconds went by.

“What happened exactly?”

“It was those dang ole Team Galaxy members. Two of them, with their Nincada, came and captured my faithful Pelli!”

“What’s a Pelli?” Tony asked immediately.

“It’s the nickname for my Pelipper!!!”

Tony researched the data of Pelipper:

{Pelipper, the Seagull Swallowing pokemon. Pelipper is the evolved form of Wingull. Pelipper learns more water attacks, and can soar throughout the sky more. It carries its young in its huge beak whenever they are traveling, in search of a new home.}

“Hmm…Mr. Briney, lead the way! Take me to where you last saw those Team Galaxy grunts. I’ll take care of them…”

Swiftly, Mr. Briney angrily ran out of his house, with Tony following him. As they raced through Rustboro City, a group of people began looking at them. They had on shaded black outfits, with matching hats.

With the letter “G” imprinted on their shirts, and black belts around their waist that held their pokemon.

“Wes, they are on the move,” one of the people said. “I’ll be there to help right now. They’re approaching at high running speed, so we’ll need to try to figure out how to capture that pokemon…” And she stopped.

She arose from her seat and began running after Tony and Mr. Briney, only when they turned down a route, she didn’t. She, instead, took the mild shortcut through the grassy plains, full of wild and territorial pokemon like Machop.

Tony and Mr. Briney, on the other hand, had finally approached some sort of a cave. It was deep, but had lights on the dwelling, brown walls. The cave had a sign saying, “Carch Cave”.

Mr. Briney caught his breath, since he was running very fast! After doing so, he began speaking.

“Tony, that’s where those two people took my Pelipper! I just hope that they didn’t get to Vanderturf Town!”

Mr. Briney then sat down, with tears racing down his face.

“Please, Tony…I need you to go in there and get my Pelipper back…it’s the only pokemon I’d ever had…”

Mr. Briney began crying in sadness, hoping that he would see his Pelipper again.

“Don’t worry,” Tony replied. “I’ll get Pelipper back. Come with me…Pelipper might need your help.”


As Mr. Briney followed Tony into the Carch Cave, Tony specifically explained his plan.

“Okay, this is what we’ll do. While I’ll be taking care of those two grunts, you should take Pelipper’s cage its trapped in and run out of the cave.”

“Its too risky…there might be other grunts as well,” Mr. Briney replied. “But, its worth a shot.”

As they continued walking in the Carch Cave, Tony noticed that he witnessed some ground pokemon like Diglett and Dugtrio. The soft rock material they were in was keeping them safe from the hard floors beside them.

The brown walls were now turning into silver walls, making the cave a lot brighter. The floors were also turning green, which was an odd color in a cave!

But, sparkles came from walls, as for there were green jade stones stuck in them, making them reflect the light, sparkling beautifully. Then, Tony and Mr. Briney heard a sound.

“Peli peli!!!” it cried, and Mr. Briney knew instantly that that was his faithful companion, Pelipper. Mr. Briney began running faster and faster, with Tony wondering how come Mr. Briney could tell that was his Pelli or not. Tony raced behind him, releasing his Typhlosion for back up.

There it was…Pelli’s cage. Pelliper was trapped in a large, steel cage with a keyhole inserted in the door part. Pelipper sadly cried, hoping that its best friend would come and save it.

Then, Tony and Mr. Briney saw the Pelipper! Mr. Briney quickly ran to his best friend, happy to see it was okay. Pelipper walked up to its trainer and happily smiled. Tony was just glad that they were united.

“You two, back away from the Pelipper!!!”

Someone shouted out. Tony looked behind him, seeing a grunt! He knew it was a grunt from Team Galaxy…their outfits had the letter “G” imprinted on them, colored purple.

“What are you two doing here?! This here isn’t your Pelipper, it’s ours!”

Just as Mr. Briney was about to say something very negative, Tony placed his arm in front of Mr. Briney, letting him know that his plan was about to happen.

“Okay, let me introduce myself. I’m Tony.” Tony said.

“Well, nice name. I’m Cassie,” she replied. “Now, get away from the Pelipper, ruthless person,” she yelled out to Mr. Briney. “Or you’ll have to answer to my pokemon!”

“No…we are not listening to you. Let’s get down!”

“Go, Nincada!”

“Let’s go, Typhlosion!”

As she released her white bug pokemon, Nincada, Tony called forth his star attacker, Typhlosion.

“Nincada, use your Double Team!”

“Typhlosion, spinning Flamethrower!”

As Nincada began racing around Typhlosion, making copies of itself, Typhlosion’s powerful, pure colored flames blasted from its back, heating up the intensive power.

Typhlosion then began spinning around, blasting the powerful, red and yellow, crimson fiery beam at the multiplied Nincada, finally attacking the real Nincada! As Nincada was carried off the ground, Tony quickly ordered another attack.

“Use Ember to end this, Typhlosion.” Tony confidently said.

Typhlosion stopped spinning, looking into the eyes of Nincada. Then, it blasted a series of red, dazzling ember missiles at Nincada, ending the match for sure! Cassie returned her Nincada, suddenly out of pokemon.

“You still won’t get Pelipper,” she said, laughing.

“Not so fast, Cassie. I already did so,” Mr. Briney said, with Pelipper flying above him. It was flapping its white and blue wings, looking very angry.

“Now, Pelipper, use Hydro Pump!”

“Typhlosion, Fire Blast!” Pelipper opened its mouth, blasting an aquatic, blue, spinning Hydro Pump towards Cassie. Typhlosion then blasted a fiery, hot, torching Fire Blast attack, in a shape of a human star. As both terrorizing attacks collided, they blasted Cassie right out of the cave…

Tony and Mr. Briney were at his cottage as today’s blue skies were now turning into the evening skies. The ocean was still, sparkling from the moonlight. Hoothoot and Noctowl were in the skies, proudly soaring around. The nice, comforting warm temperature made this night and warm one.

“So, Mr. Briney…I never got the chance to ask,” Tony said. “But, may I get a ride to Dewford Island?”

“Sure, why not? You helped me rescue my beloved Pelipper.”

As Mr. Briney and Tony shook hands, Pelipper happily cheered on the roof, happy that it was free, once again.

Scorch Ry
04-02-2004, 08:30 PM
{-Chap.8: Mysterious Powers-}
Ahh…what a wonderful day it is, right Pelli?” asked Mr. Briney.

“Pelipper pelipper!” Pelipper responded.

It was morning, and Tony was heading to Dewford Island, thanks to the help of Mr. Briney. They sailed in his nice and comforting Pelipper boat. The sunny skies filled the area with warm temperatures, while loads of Wailmer passed them by.

Wingull, Pelipper’s pre-evolved form, were happily soaring around it a circle, singing a catchy melody. As they sailed in the big, blue sea…Tony recorded the data of tons of pokemon, like Wailmer, Goldeen, Wingull, and even a rare pokemon, known as Mudkip.

The water, blue pokemon were on a journey to Dewford Islands. Tony found Mudkip very fascinating, with their blue skin, and their black curved horn on their heads to give them better guidance in and under the ocean, lake, and river areas. As the sun beamed into the sea, the sea was sparkling blue, making this scenery an elegant one.

Tony and Mr. Briney were then headed towards an island that wasn’t Dewford Island.

“I think that’s Pikay Island. Its where all of those pokemon live and where trainers can battle each other.”

“Would it be a problem if we stopped there? I do need to train my pokemon some more, like my Meditite and Typhlosion.”

“Sure, that would be a great idea. Me and Pelli could go buy some supplies, since after your small stops, we will be heading on a long sailing cruise!” Mr. Briney said, smiling.

The island looked like it had a mountain in the center of it, though Tony knew it was a volcano.

As they pulled up onto the island, Mr. Briney safely parked his sailboat and dropped the anchor into the ocean so that the boat would stay in place.

“C’mon, Pelli!” Mr. Briney said, signaling his Pelipper to come with them.

Pelipper flapped its wings and soared next to Mr. Briney. As they walked on the hot, dry sand…the island looked more like a jungle resort. The island had a wild collection of tall, green pine trees.

On those pines trees, grew Pecha, Oran and Cheri Berries. The Pecha Berries were pink, swirling around their oval-shaped body was the mysterious color, black. The Oran Berries were orange, with their shape being a pure circular one.

With Oran seeds on them, these Oran Berries could grow continuously, even if the original berry molded out. Lastly, the Cheri Berries. They were shaped like cherries, only their brown stems were a lot longer, giving them more juice inside.

They were colored passionate red, making these berries great for ice cream sundaes and apple pies. Then, on the green and yellow-green bushes grew Kelpsy Berries, which were green, with three stems coming from the top of the berries. The Kelpsy Berries grew wonderfully under sun and didn’t need rain to grow, unlike the Oran, Cheri and Pecha Berries!

“Alright…there is a Pokemon Center in here. You can go inside of this forest, while I go to the Pokemon Center. Pelipper, come with me.”

Mr. Briney strictly ordered. With that, Tony headed inside of the forest-like area, while Mr. Briney and his Pelipper went to the Pokemon Center of Pikay Island.

“C’mon out, Grovyle!” Tony said, releasing his tree gecko pokemon from its pokeball, known as Grovyle.

“Grove!” Grovyle screeched out, scratching its blades on its right arm.

“Grovyle…let’s go into the forest. We should find either a pokemon or a challenger,” Tony said. “Follow me.”

Tony slowly walked into the jungle-theme part of the island, with his Grovyle anxiously following. Tony walked further, coming across tons of Mankey, Primeape and Aipom.

With wild swine trees growing their pink Pecha Berries, and the wild bushes hiding Scyther and Weedle. Grovyle walked next to Tony, ready to protect its trainer. But, Tony wasn’t paying attention to Grovyle…he was more alert of the beautiful garden conservatory scenery!

Wild Spinarak were hanging from trees, using their thick, white thread to give them hanging abilities of certain things. As Tony and Grovyle continued walked, they were near the raging volcano.

It was brown, with boulders at the bottom of the volcano mountain. At the top of the volcano was dry, red, cooled magma that stayed there from the last eruption the island had over 67 years ago.

As smoke began coming out from the center of the volcano, Tony watched in awe as Grovyle looked at it, fascinated. The wild, dark green grass grew around the mountains, full of wild roses with black, sharp thorns on them.

But, these flowers were growing due to the volcano’s ashes, making the seeds grow wilder and a lot faster. This island was absolutely amazing.

“Wow, Grovyle…isn’t it peaceful here?”

“Grove! Grovyle!” said Grovyle, seeing that this place was the kind of place it could stay in.

“Hello over there!” someone yelled out from the forest.

Tony grew a questioning expression on his face, wondering who that was.

“Over here!”

Tony looked, seeing a very attractive girl. She had long, brown hair running down her back. Wearing pink earrings, and her pink one-piece shirk outfit made by Estence. Her brown eyes and gorgeous face really caught Tony’s attention.

“Um, hello,” Tony said, beginning to blush.

“Hi there, you must be new around these parts. I’m Lanesha,” the girl responded, smiling. “So, I see you have a cute Grovyle with you,” Lanesha said, looking at Grovyle. “Are you a trainer?”

“Yup, you know it!” Tony replied.

“Then, if you are…how about a battle? It’ll be a two-on-two battle!”

“Sounds interesting…I won one before, and I shall this one!”

As Lanesha and Tony stood near the wild, brown volcano, the dangerous Mankey and Primeape leaped across the trees, practicing to run away from predators. Wild Pidgeot and their young, Pidgey, soon inhabited the green area.

“Alright, Ariados, Yanma! Let’s do this!”

Lanesha threw out her two pokeballs, releasing her Ariados and Yanma. Ariados took the characteristics of a spider…only a lot huger. It was colored a red-orange and had stripes colored back.

Its four, pointy legs were a mix of purple and yellow, along with a set of toxic horns on the second part of its body. The Ariados’ eyes were pure purple, while it’s set of white, sharp teeth were inserted on the side of its face. This pokemon also had a white horn on its head to use deadly attacks like Toxic.

Her other pokemon, Yanma, was flying in the air ragingly. Yanma was a huger version of a dragonfly, with its scaly body being red. Its huge head was light green, having a red mouth for shooting attacks out like Swift.

Yanma’s two sets of wings were long and white, flapping at high speeds. It also had four black legs on the bottom of its body, while holding a set of horns on the end of its tail.

As both Ariados and Yanma stared Grovyle down, Tony said, “Go, Typhlosion and Meditite! Show these two no mercy!”

Tony threw out his two pokeballs, releasing his Typhlosion and Meditite. Meditite began meditating in the air, while Typhlosion’s flames on its back came out, burning brightly. Then, the match begun!

“Yanma, use Wing Attack! Ariados, use String Shot!”

As Yanma’s four, white wings began glowing white, it soared towards Meditite, ready to use its attack. Meanwhile, Ariados shot out a thick, white, stringy substance at Typhlosion.

“Meditite, use Confusion! Typhlosion, use Agility!”

Meditite opened its eyes and quickly began blasting energy away from Yanma. Yanma began turning blue, being sapped its energy. Typhlosion, on the other hand, jumped towards Ariados to dodge the attack.

“Now, use Flamethrower!” Tony instructed.

“Ariados, use Night Shade! Yanma, use Sonicboom on Typhlosion!” Lanesha said.

As Typhlosion quickly blasted a heating, sensational, burning Flamethrower towards Ariados, by countering, Ariados blasted dark, purple and black ghost energy from its eyes to block the attack.

As both pokemon continued using their attacks, Yanma came from behind of Typhlosion and stricken it with its terrorizing Sonicboom attack. As the Sonicboom attack struck Typhlosion, Tony knew what Meditite had to do.

“Meditite, go in and occupy Ariados! Use Mach Punch!”

Meditite quickly landed on the ground and raced towards Ariados. It’s white fist, which was balled up, began shining indigo as Meditite punched Ariados, breaking its attack from Typhlosion. Typhlosion quickly focused its Flamethrower attack on Yanma’s Sonicboom, quickly overpowering it.

“Yanma, dodge and use Swift! Ariados, use Night Shade!”

As Yanma shot a series of yellow stars, and Ariados blasting another hypnotic, ghostly Night Shade, Typhlosion and Meditite began dodging the attacks as they came near them.

“Alright…teamwork time!” Tony commented. “Typhlosion, use Quick Attack on Yanma! Meditite, use Mach Punch on Ariados again!”

As Typhlosion ran down the dark, wild green, it jumped into the air, striking its attack at Yanma. From behind, Meditite stood there, and opened its mouth.

Somehow, Meditite blasted a white, catastrophic beam at Ariados, blasting its body at full power. Tony was amazed…Meditite had learned Hidden Power!

“Great work, Meditite!”

As Tony began cavorting, he saw Ariados fall to the ground, very hurt. But, he could see Yanma giving Typhlosion a hard time.

“Yanma, use Swift! Ariados get back up and use Sludge Bomb!”.......

Scorch Ry
04-02-2004, 08:31 PM
{-Chap.8: Continued...-}
Surprisingly, Ariados arose and began shooting a series of dark purple, powerful, toxic sludge bombs. Yanma began shooting another series of yellow, speedy stars, both of them aiming their attacks for Typhlosion.

“Typhlosion, use Flame Wheel! Meditite, use Hidden Power!”

Typhlosion’s flames on its back began filtering around its entire body. Then, Typhlosion began racing towards Ariados, finally tackling it with great power.

Meanwhile, Meditite’s eyes glowed white as it shot another mystical, mysterious, white Hidden Power beam straight at Yanma, directly hitting it! As Yanma and Ariados took those attacks, both fell to the ground, defeated!

As Yanma lied on top of Ariados’ back, both were defeated. Tony walked up to his two pokemon and thanked them for a wonderful battle.

“You two are awesome,” Tony said, very proud of both of them.

Lanesha quickly ran to her pokemon and bent down to see if they were okay.

“Ariados, Yanma…you two okay?” Both looked at their trainer and smiled. “Good. Now, come on back. The both of you did a superb job!”

Lanesha took out their pokeballs, returning her Ariados and Yanma back into the highly advanced devices. Tony was very happy that Meditite finally learned Hidden Power…this attack would definitely help with Tony’s second gym battle!

He quickly returned Typhlosion and Meditite to their pokeballs, but suddenly saw Grovyle running down the volcano! As he stopped next to Tony, it smiled.

“Grovyle…you love going exploring, don’t you?”

“Grove!” Grovyle said, still smiling at its beloved friend and trainer.

Once returning their pokemon, Tony and Lanesha shook hands.

“That was a great battle, Tony,” Lanesha said. “I hope we can battle again another day!”

“I hope so, also!”

Near the tempting and wild volcano, they both shook hands, seeing that they had a rivalry between them now…

As the sun rested across the deep, blue sea, tons of Wingull circled around the everlasting Dewford Island. It was nearly nighttime, since the skies were purple and orange. The town was glowing colors as Tony stood on the Shore of Dewford Island.

“Well, here you are! I’ll be back! I have to go back to Petalburg City to buy some supplies on sale, but I should be back in a day or two. You go ahead and challenge Brawly for your Knuckle Badge. Good luck…”

“Thanks, Mr. Briney! See ya!”

As Tony waved to Mr. Briney and his Pelipper, both him and Grovyle watched as Mr. Briney and Pelli disappeared into the far ocean.

Scorch Ry
04-04-2004, 05:31 AM
I actually hope you readers are reading my fic! It seems no one is reading it, so all suggestions/comments/compliments can be HERE. I would definately appreciate it.


Scorch Ry
04-08-2004, 08:52 PM
An update will be coming late tonight/early tomorrow morning. I'm very sorry about uneven times updating, but I have not been on the computer this week alot. Now, since its Spring Break, I will have tons and tons of time on my hands!

Scorch Ry
04-15-2004, 03:26 AM
{-Chap.9: Crucial Seismic Wonders-}
The bright, blue skies were peacefully clear as Tony and his Grovyle walked towards the Dewford Island Gym. With the skies clear and inhabited with pokemon, Tony was ready to win his second badge!

Dewford Island was very huge to be a town…it was populated with lots of red-bricked homes. With their delicate, clear window and the black roofs, the homes looked very comforting for peaceful people. Then, there were a few buildings, for taxes. The buildings weren’t very tall, but not short either!

They were painted red with oval-shaped, black roofs to make them very different. Loads of Swablu gathered in the air, taking off after their mother, Altaria. Tony could tell this would be an amazing time to win a battle!

Tony and his faithful friend, Grovyle, finally reached the Dewford Island Gym. A gold, long awning hovered over their bodies, having a carved, gold painting of a Machop and Machoke, running happily.

The gym was blue, making this a very seeable gym, since most of the buildings and homes were red, not blue! Made out of hard-stone wood, the Dewford Island Gym looked very interesting.

Also, the gym had gold-colored, steel doors for protection of intruders. With two guards standing near the gym, they were completely ready to attack anyone who dared to rob the gym of the pokemon, and the money expenses!

Tony walked up to the gold, shining, steel door and slightly pulled it open with his caramel-colored skin tone hand.

“Grovyle…be very alert when we get inside. There could be invaders around here, but we don’t know that for sure,” Tony commented.

“Grove!” Grovyle responded, stepping very quietly behind its trainer.

As they walked in, Tony saw…nothing but paradise! The gym was crystal-colored, with a streaming, raging waterfall in the back of the gym. The gym floor was painted crystal also, giving the gym a sparkling sensational feeling.

Also, the gym had a seating area in the balconies for any viewers of the match. The gold-colored, leather seats looked very uncomfortable, though they actually were massage chairs also.

With rocks in the cascading waterfall, the water generated beautifully, giving Tony a welcoming feeling inside. The light was shining at the top of the waterfall, giving the entire gym 100% light.

As Tony looked around, he was amazed! The gym looked a lot bigger inside than it did on the outside.

“May I help you, dude?” someone said.

Tony quickly looked around, seeing nobody in the gym. But, the voice had to be someone!

“Where is the gym leader?” Tony cried out.

“Right here, little bro!”

Tony suddenly gazed at the waterfall, seeing a man. As he walked closer, he could fully see the person. It was a man, wearing an orange muscle shirt, with blue pants to match.

The pants were neatly rolled up at the bottom, since it was beginning to get warmer outside now. With his crazy, blue hair and tempting blue eyes, this person looked like a surfer dude!

“I’m Brawly, the gym leader of the Dewford Island Gym, dude! Little bro, what’s your name?”

“I’m Tony,” Tony responded. “I would like to have a battle for the Knuckle Badge!”

“Well,” Brawly replied. “We shall battle under my rules, dude. Two pokemon each, with substitution if necessary! Are you ready, Tony?”

“Sure…I’ll always be ready to battle,” Tony commented.

“Fine…it is agreed then!”

Tony and Brawly took their positions near the riveting waterfall, ready to begin their trustworthy battle! As Grovyle positioned to enter the battlefield, Tony stopped it. It was powerful, but he needed to train up Meditite and his Typhlosion a little more.

“Alright, I choose Machop!” Brawly said.

He threw out his pokeball, releasing a pokemon known as Machop. It was the height of a 7-year old child, taking the human shape of a human.

It was faded crystal-blue, with three, beige slumps on its head. With its red eyes, Machop looked very strong.

“Mach!” Machop growled out, making Grovyle angry.

“Alright…go, Meditite!”

Tony threw out his pokeball, releasing his blue pokemon fighter, Meditite. Meditite calmly landed onto the ground, balling its white hand into a fighting fist.

Then, a gym judge appeared, wearing a green shirt with beige shorts. As both Meditite and Machop stared down each other, the gym judge arose both flags.

Then, he said, “Let this match begin!”

“Machop, go in for a Low Kick attack!” cried out Brawly.

Machop began running towards Meditite, ready to perform its Low Kick attack.

“Meditite, use Confusion!” yelled Tony.

Meditite’s ears began glowing lightblue. Then, Meditite began moving its arms up in a pattern, releasing the psychic, blue force telepathically throughout the air.

Machop stopped running and tried its best to block the Confusion attack. Sadly, Machop was picked up off the air, being attacked by this psychic attack greatly.

“Great work, Meditite,” complimented Tony. “Now, let’s try your Mach Punch attack!”

Meditite’s eyes began shining white as Meditite opened its mouth, blasting a catastrophic, white, mysterious beam towards Machop. As Machop got up from its harmful fall, Machop quickly jumped into the air to dodge the attack.

“Machop, use Seismic Toss!” cried out Brawly.

Machop landed onto the crystal, hard ground, running towards Meditite once again.

“Meditite, use Detect!” Tony yelled out quickly.

Meditite suddenly held out both of its hand, shining red. As Machop came near Meditite, it suddenly stopped, noticing that Meditite was protecting itself by using Detect.

“Meditite, try your Confusion attack again!” Tony quickly yelled out.

Once again, Meditite began throwing its arm back and forth, releasing blue, psychic waves in the air. Once again, Machop was being picked off the ground, taking this tremendously strong attack! As Machop hit the ground, it was beginning to show that it was getting tired!

“Meditite, use Mach Punch!”

“Machop, dodge and use Karate Chop!”

As Meditite was about to approach it, Machop quickly arose and karate chopped Meditite away from it, damaging Meditite a lot.

“Meditite, counter with Hidden Power! Let’s bring this pokemon down to defeat!”

Tony confidently yelled out. Meditite’s bold eyes suddenly filled the color of white, helping Meditite blast a white, mystical, heating beam towards Machop.

As Machop took the attack, it crashed to the ground, defeated! As the waterfall crashed into the sparkling river, the referee held up the green flag and said, “Machop is unable to battle! Meditite is the winner!”

Meditite walked towards Tony, and Tony hugged it.

“You did awesome, Meditite,” Tony complimented.

“Medi, Meditite Meditite!” Meditite happily said.

As Machop helplessly lied onto the brown, hard stone floor, Brawly took out its pokeball.

“C’mon back, little fighting dude,” Brawly said, returning Machop back into its pokeball. Then, he took out his second pokeball and threw it in the air.

“I choose you, Hariyama!”

Hariyama was released from the pokeball immediately, growling angrily. The pokemon looked like a sumo-wrestler, taking the colors of yellow, darkblue and orange. Hariyama had two large, orange hands that had three humungous fingers on them.

Hariyama’s two feet were orange, while its legs were very wide, huge, and darkblue. The front of its body extended over the Hawaiian-like skirt, with the bottom tip being darkblue as well. As Hariyama angrily looked at Meditite, Tony decided to keep Meditite in this gym battle!

As Meditite clinched its fist in angriest, Tony asked, “Meditite, will you still be able to battle?”.....

Scorch Ry
04-15-2004, 03:27 AM
Even though Meditite was worn out from the battle with Machop, it shook its head, ready for more.

The gym judge raised both of the flags and said, “Let the second round begin!”

“Alright, Hariyama,” Brawly said. “Use your Arm Thrust!”

“Meditite, use Confusion!” Tony yelled out.

“Hariyama Hari Hariyama Hari!”

Hariyama yelled out as it charged towards Meditite. Immediately, Meditite reacted by throwing its blue arms up and down in a pattern, releasing psychic waves telepathically in the air. Hariyama began taking the attack, but somehow managed to stand its ground! Hariyama stood there, taking the attack without damage!

“Hariyama, time for a Focus Energy!” Brawly said.

Hariyama closed its plain-colored eyes, beginning to glow the pure color of red.

“Meditite, use Hidden Power!”

“Hariyama, use Seismic Toss!”

Meditite began gathering energy, blasting a catastrophic, white, powerful beam towards Hariyama. Hariyama immediately JUMPED into the air to dodge, and proceeded towards Meditite.

Before Tony could command another attack, Hariyama safely wrapped its arms around Meditite. Suddenly with amazing strength, Hariyama soared into the air very high. Tony horribly watched as Hariyama began spinning forward in the smooth air, picking up speed and attack.

“Hari…yama!” Hariyama said as it tossed Meditite towards the ground dangerously. Meditite helplessly hit the ground, fainted!

Meditite couldn’t arise from the tremendous fall. Hariyama safely landed onto the ground, standing above Meditite.

The gym judge raised the red flag and said, “Meditite is unable to battle! Victory goes to Hariyama!”

Tony quickly ran onto the field to rescue his friend. He picked up Meditite and looked sadly.

“Are you okay Meditite?” he asked.

Meditite looked up at Tony and nodded. As Tony walked back to his position, he returned Meditite inside of its pokeball, thanking it for the tough battle it fought in against both Machop and Hariyama.

“Now…I have no choice,” Tony began. “I choose you, Typhlosion!”

As Tony threw his pokeball into the air, it opened. The red and white device released Typhlosion inside, making Typhlosion growl angrily. As its flames on its back burst out, Typhlosion looked into the eyes of Brawly’s Hariyama. Hariyama stepped forward, with Typhlosion stepping up near Hariyama, also.

“Very interesting,” Brawly said, adding a smirk to his face.

The gym judge raised both of the flags and said, “Let the final round begin!”

“Hariyama, use Focus Energy!”

“Typhlosion, use Quick Attack!”

Hariyama closed its eyes, beginning to glow red around its entire body. Typhlosion ran on its two legs and two forelegs, soon tackling Hariyama with great force.

“Great work,” Tony complimented. “Now, use Flamethrower!”

Typhlosion opened its mouth, quickly blasting a stream of tremendously hot, raging, fiery fire at Hariyama. The heating attack surprisingly struck Hariyama, taking more damage than Brawly expected.

As Hariyama fell to the ground, it arose. It was still showing that it was still able to defeat Typhlosion.

“Hariyama, time for an Arm Thrust attack!” cried out Tony.

Hariyama angrily ran towards Typhlosion, stomping on the ground very hard. As it reached towards Typhlosion, Hariyama began hitting Typhlosion with both of its large, orange hands, repeatedly hitting Typhlosion with great fire.

“Now, use Dynamicpunch!” Brawly said.

“Hariyama Hari Hariyama!” cried out Hariyama as it balled out its right fist. Its balled up fist began turning white as he swung it towards Typhlosion.

“Typhlosion, fight back with Swift!”

Before Hariyama could blow Typhlosion with its attack, Typhlosion began shooting out yellow stars from its mouth. The yellow, sharp stars struck Hariyama’s white fist, ending its Dynamicpunch attack.

“Typhlosion, use Swift again!” cried out Tony.

Typhlosion began shooting another series of yellow stars towards Hariyama.

“Hariyama, use Seismic Toss! End this battle now!” Brawly yelled out.

Taking the Swift attack, Hariyama charged towards the fiery monster, ready to slam it just like it did Meditite. Hariyama managed to wrap its long arms around Typhlosion, getting a fantastic grip. It soared up into the air and began spinning forward quickly.

“Hari!” Hariyama said as its released Typhlosion from its grip. As Typhlosion helplessly soared towards the ground, Tony quickly yelled out a command.

“Typhlosion, use Flamethrower!”

Typhlosion turned in the direction of Hariyama and blasted it with such a powerful, heating, sensational fiery beam at Hariyama. The Flamethrower attack blasted off of Hariyama, making Hariyama get damaged a lot.

As Typhlosion finally hit the ground, it managed to not take as much damage. Hariyama fell to the ground also, being very hurt.

“Typhlosion, end this with Quick Attack!” Tony confidently said.

Typhlosion arose and ran straight towards Hariyama, tackling it with great force. Hariyama was blasted straight into the wall, defeated!!!

The sunny skies were now turning into evening skies. The beautiful sky setting of the colors purple, pink and orange were very attractive, yet peaceful and calm. Tons of Noctowl and Hoothoot were invading the skies, flapping their strong wings to fly away.

The Island’s buildings were closed, with people going home to prepare supper or to eat supper. As Tony stood outside, next to his Grovyle, he stood in front of Brawly, facing him. Then, Brawly began to speak.

“As winner of our gym battle, here is your well-earned Knuckle Badge.”

Tony took the Knuckle Badge and glanced at it. It was a blue badge, in the shape of a fist. He placed it in badgecase and waved goodbye to Brawly as Mr. Briney and Pelli awaited him at the Dewford Island Dock…

04-15-2004, 11:35 PM
Well of course, this fic is still doing a greta job. Remember what I said about rushing to gyms and just try to take it easy and relax. Try not to plan this story out to far ahead because then you will be tempted to write it quicker when you need to just not worry about when you should finish it. Ease it out a little and you will be ok. The spelling is perfect and no grammer errors that I see of. Looks to me like your doing a pretty decent job on this fic and I bet it will turn into one of the greats!

Scorch Ry
04-16-2004, 12:43 AM
I understand. I didn't slow down after the major event of Mauville City. When I post it here, you'll see exactly what I mean. But, that's my weakness right there! I cannot make my main character do other things other than battle! I can make up good battle scenes, but for those filler chapters, I can't think of anything. I know I could make Team Galaxy appear more and with someone coming along, this fic will start to flow better.

I'll post Chapter 10 later on today. I want this fic to be caught up so that both fics at both forums are at a good pace.

Scorch Ry
04-17-2004, 02:04 AM
{-Chap.10: Electrical Hostility!-}
“Here you are, Tony! Slateport City Beach!” Mr. Briney said to Tony.

Finally, after traveling on the Pelipper Boat all last night, Tony and Mr. Briney finally made it to Slateport City! Tony got off of the boat, waving goodbye to Mr. Briney and Pelipper. As he glanced around, he saw nothing but paradise!

The silky brown sand, the sunny skies, everything was nice today! With the warm temperatures now taking over, tons of people in their bathing suits were at the beach, tossing beach balls or tanning on the sand. A flock of Wingull flew above the beach, while Corphish and Krabby roamed around the sandy area.

Tony began walking on the sand, thinking about his battle with Brawly. Meditite was really getting stronger and stronger, while Typhlosion was definitely getting used to battling Hoenn pokemon. Tony even noticed how some attacks were performed differently, like Seismic Toss and Rage.

Usually, a Seismic Toss was performed with the user soaring around in a circle as though it was circling the Earth. Then, it was soar towards the ground and drop its opponent down with it.

Now, the user traps its victim in its grip and spins forward in the air. And then, it throws its victim to the ground, taking a lot of damage.

Tony continued walked on the beach, seeing the beautiful skies filled with flying pokemon. From flocks of Swablu, Pidgeotto and Spearow, to even a couple of Hoothoot and Noctowl, which was very unusual.

As for oceans, they were inhabited with surfers, sailors, and a pile of Wailmer on their migration season to Mirage Kingdom. The huge whale pokemon spurted out water from its mouth, signaling people that they were traveling with no harm at all, only if the people attacked them.

But, little did they know that a wild Wailord swam under the Wailmer just incase the opponent was too tough for them.

Tony was still on the beach, wondering what pokemon he should try to go for next? He was thinking of maybe a water type or electric type. And since the next gym leader dealt with electric pokemon like Raichu and Electabuzz, Tony had everything covered by using Typhlosion, Grovyle, and Meditite!

But, Tony was thinking of maybe trying to capture an electric pokemon of the Kanto Region or the Hoenn Region, since he saw all of the Johto Region pokemon. But, he suddenly had a flashback…his Venusaur battling Jazmine’s Ampharos.

He took a quick interest in Ampharos, seeing how powerful is was in battle. Though giving Venusaur a very hard time, Ampharos somehow lost to Venusaur’s massive attack, Solarbeam.

But, it showed power, yet elegance in battle. At that time, Tony never had an electric pokemon, but now…this was his catch to get one!

Finally, Tony was off the beach…into the city-part of Slateport City. It was a gigantic city, even larger than Rustboro City! With the tons of working offices and tall, gold buildings, Slateport City was a very interesting city!

The homes of Slateport were made with gold-colored bricks, with black roofing to match. With flowers all around the homes, these people looked very independent and responsible! The buildings were very, very tall, being painted the fantastic color of darkblue.

As he began walking, with his Grovyle right next to him, Tony could see pizza restaurants. They were painted red, with the sign, “Pizzazi Pizza” on them.

Tony also saw the Pokemon Center, which was shaped like a pokeball from the roofing part, taking the colors red and white just like the original pokeball. With its clean, glass doors, this Pokemon Center looked a lot better in both services, responsibility and quality.

Tony also saw a medium-sized building, which was looked like it was made from thick wood. It was brown with windows only at the top of the building. The roofing wasn’t there, since there was section to sit at the top of the building! And with no doors, this place could get robbed very easily! But, he smiled and began laughing.

“This must be the Slateport Boatyard,” Tony commented.

Walking at a normal pace, Tony and his Grovyle were about to enter Route 109, when they suddenly saw something odd. Tony turned, seeing a group of people standing at some blue building.

It was a small building, but very long. It looked as though to be one of those buildings with the ancient Greek columns that were made of stone. This building that those similar columns, only they were painted aqua blue.

The roofing was in the shape of a triangle, colorfully painted darkblue to bring out the building. The building was entitled: “Oceanic Museum: Learn Something New Everyday!” that made Tony catch interest.

But, he was very curious about the people standing near the Museum…they had black uniforms, with the letter “T-G” on their black shirts. Those letters were painted dark purple, making Tony definitely realize something…Team Galaxy was in Slateport City!

Tony had no choice but to act fast…he immediately ran towards the Oceanic Museum, wondering why Team Galaxy was here again! He knew that was them, since they had the letters “T-G” on their shirts! As he ran straight into the Museum, at once he saw nothing but horror!

Inside of the Museum was nothing but wreckage. The beautiful statues were broken all over the floor. The amazing ship structures were broken into pieces. All the paintings were on the floor, smashed into as though someone stomped on them.

The glass that sealed each ship’s main parts was broken, with the clean glass all over the floor. Paperwork was all over the place! Everything was just terrible!

Tony then saw something very odd…a tall sculpture that was neatly placed in the corner. But, it looked as though a huge cloth covered the tall sculpture. To makes things even interesting, Tony swore he heard a voice.

“Meeep!” was the voice he had heard!

“Grovyle, check things out with that thing over there,” Tony commanded.

Grovyle took action, leaped over at the sculpture. It examined it, and pulled the cover off of the sculpture, revealing a hidden cage! Tony grew an angry face, seeing that Team Galaxy was trying to hide…Mareep!

The steel cage had a door opening, but was locked with 5 combinational locks that you use on lockers. Inside of the cage was a crowd of Mareep, looking very sad except for one. That Mareep kept tackling the cage, trying to protect its friends. But, it was no use…that Mareep wasn’t strong enough!

As Tony approached the cage, he took out his pokedex, recording the data of Mareep:

{Mareep, the sheep pokemon. Mareep is of the electric pokemon clan, taking the only characteristics of an electric pokemon. As this pokemon gets stronger, it was begin to shed its wool without it being cut.}

Tony sadly looked as all of the trapped Mareep looked sadly, with one of them crying.

“Don’t worry,” Tony said. “I will get you out!”

“Exactly how?” Someone said.

Tony quickly turned around, seeing one of the Team Galaxy grunts. She angrily looked into the eyes of Tony, seeing that it was him again.

“So, we meet once again,” she said.

Somehow, Tony could recognize the voice. But…it couldn’t be! As he looked at her hair, it was lightblue, letting Tony know that in fact, it was the one and only Jade.

“Why are you here?” Tony angrily asked.

“I’m on Team Galaxy, the executive of this team. Now, why are you here? It looks to me like you have weaker pokemon!” Jade replied, laughing.

Tony grew a smirk, with Grovyle running in front of him.

“Grovyle, let’s show them our new techniques!”

“Grove Grovyle Grove!” Grovyle said, staring into the eyes of Jade.

“Let’s go, Kirlia!” Jade said, releasing her psychic pokemon known as Kirlia.

This pokemon was green and white, with skinny, white legs. This pokemon looked to be a ballerina, having skinny, green arms also. With its streaks of what seemed to be green hair, Kirlia was definitely a new pokemon of the Hoenn Region! Grovyle suddenly looked down as Kirlia, noticing how much it looked into the sky…

“Kirlia, use Psybeam!”

“Grovyle, use Bullet Seed!”

“Curl!” Kirlia cried out as it opened its mouth, releasing a colorful, psychic beam towards Grovyle.

To counter, Grovyle began shooting tons of yellow, speedy seeds, colliding with the Psybeam attack.

“Grovyle, use Pound!”

Immediately, Grovyle suddenly stopped using its Bullet Seed attack and jumped into the air to dodge the Psybeam attack. As it landed, Grovyle punched Kirlia in its face, weakening Kirlia.

“Kirlia, use Calm Mind!” Jade commanded.

As the Mareep watched, only one was looking at how powerful Tony was.

“Grovyle, end this with Fury Cutter!”

Grovyle’s sharp claws began shining as it struck Kirlia with its Fury Cutter attack, suddenly ending the easily won battle!

“Kirlia, return!” Jade said, returning her beaten Kirlia to its pokeball.

“Tony…you may have beaten us, but we shall be back! At least we got the maps to The Seafloor Cavern!”

“The what?!?” Tony asked, but it was too late.

Jade and Team Galaxy were gone! As Grovyle stood next to him, Tony thanked it for the battle.

“Now, Grovyle…use Leaf Blade on the cage to help get the Mareep out.”

Grovyle quickly extended the leafs of its right arm, shining bright light green. Grovyle then swung its leafs at the cage, cutting a huge section of the cage, large enough for the Mareep the escape.

The Mareep happily ran out of the cage, running out of the Oceanic Museum happily. But, the one that was trying to get out from before stood there, smiling at Tony.

Tony happily looked at Mareep and asked, “Would you like to join us on our journey?”

“Mareep Mareep Mare Mareep!” Mareep said, cavorting around in happiness…

04-17-2004, 03:18 AM
Great description, very few errors spelling-wise. Overall it was a great chapter and I honestly cant wait til the next chapter is up cause I'm dieing to read it. I think you made a good decision on getting Mareep to join the team, it seems to fit Tony and his team well. I like Team Galaxy coming along with the story, pretty interesting team going on there. Keep up the great work Aley!

Scorch Ry
04-17-2004, 03:29 AM
Thank you, KCash. I must say...you people have great fics! And hopefully, mine will become the same. As for the grammar, I'll keep an eye out on those mistakes.

04-21-2004, 05:25 PM
I have read the furthur chaps, but I didn't know you posted here. May I call you, Celtrise?

About the fic, amazing, inspired me to start fan-ficing.

05-02-2004, 08:48 AM

Your fic is doing an amazing job and I can't wait to see more up. Sadly, I hear that your computer is down and you will only have limited time at the school's computer to write. Luckily you can still get some of your work up here like its up at Serebii. Keep up the great work Aleyquala and my many more birthdays come!

05-04-2004, 09:37 PM
Huzza! Something I can read a seocond time and review! (Umm, I'm Sentretcookie, BTW... sorry about missing some of your chapters on serebii, but I sorta gave up on that place)

Anyway, you needs to work on description. Rather then saying:

But, he was very curious about the people standing near the Museum…they had black uniforms, with the letter “T-G” on their black shirts. Those letters were painted dark purple, making Tony definitely realize something…Team Galaxy was in Slateport City!


However, he was very curious about the people standing near the Museum… There were about 20 of them or so, all in completely black long sleeved uniforms with the bold mauve letters "TG" on the front. TG.. Tony definatly remembered seeing those letters before. Suddenly a light came on in Tony's head- Team Midnight was here, in Slateport City!

See? It's more descriptive, and it flows much better.

And another thing- never use exclamation point at the end of sentences that are not in quotations, unless the sentence implies the character is thinking something, like the phrase I used above, saying "Team Midnight was here, in Slateport City!"

Well, that's all I have to say for the time being. Keep up the good work, dude! :wink2: