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03-28-2005, 01:49 PM
Aquaville Acquisition (Prologue):

The Setto region. A vast expanse of open sea, containing ten large islands: Pyros, Raidros, Swarmos, Hydros, Aeros, Nocturnos, Sapios, Geodos, Neutros and Setto. Each island contains rare and valuable Pokemon of types specific to that island.

Raidros, the Isle of Lightning. A dark and desolate environment mostly devoid of human life. It is however, the perfect habitat for most species of Electric Pokemon, who thrive on the islandís almost constant thunder storms. Braving the terrifying storms is also the first test trainers must face before entering the islandís gym, which is the only artificial structure on the island.

Swarmos, the Isle of Swarms. Obviously it is so called due to itís record breaking population of Bug Pokemon. Thousands of insects, big and small, inhabit this island. As expected, this island gets fewer visits than other islands due to the ferocity of these swarms of bugs.

Hydros, the Isle of Water. There are many lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls scattered around the island. Every body of water contains at least one Water Pokemon, and that the biggest lakes and rivers contain the most powerful Water Pokemon in the world. This is rumoured to be because the Islandís Gym Leader trains them to protect the island from evil-doers.

Aeros, the Isle of Birds. On this island, Flying Pokemon of every kind fill the cloudless skies. The islandís inhabitants claim that every ten years, a Legendary bird lands at the centre of the island to lay its egg.

Nocturnos, the Isle of Darkness. This island is ruled by Pokemon of the night; Zubat and Hoothoot fill the trees which cover the entire island. These trees grow so close together that not even the light of the sun can penetrate this gloomy forest of darkness. Even the Gym Leader here has never seen sunlight.

Sapios, the Isle of Life. Most of this island is covered by a wide variety of exotic plants and trees. Grass Pokemon thrive here in large numbers and are said to help maintain the good health of plants on the island. There are some tribes on the island which even claim that life itself originated on this island.

Geodos, the Isle of Mountains. This is a large mountainous region full of rocky cliffs and high mountains including Mount Setto, the tallest mountain in the world. Rock and Ground Types are rulers here, and no buildings can survive above ground due to the constant tremors.

Neutros, the Isle of Tranquillity. One of the most peaceful and tranquil islands in the region. Normal types are the most common around and it is said that a tribe of ever-singing Jigglypuff are behind this islands relaxing atmosphere of peace and contentment.

Setto, the Isle of Champions. The most well-known of all the islands and famous world-wide. Only the strongest trainers who have beaten all nine gym leaders are worthy of battling here, and very few even make it to battle in the Setto Stadium itself.

And finally: Pyros, the Isle of Fire. This island is well known for itís large number of Fire and Dragon type Pokemon. Many parts of this island are covered with volcanoes, yet despite this there are still numerous thriving settlements on the island. One such settlement is Firedrake village, which until six months ago was the home to teenage boy called Mark AndrewsÖ