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11-15-2007, 07:02 AM
Hey people, have a deck, but don't know what to do with it, well, come here and post it :happy:. This is for the Naruto CCG. No other cards.

I have only two decks so far. A Mix of Fire&Water(Main) and a mix of Wind&Earth(Secondary). It's best if you put which type of card it is. There are plenty of Naruto's, but not all have the same effect.

I'll post both.

Fire and Water

Baiu[No Effect]
Kisame [Chakara Eater Sword]
Shigure[No Effect]
X2Sauske Uchiha [Rivalry]
The Third Hogake[Village Governor][
x2Kakashi Hatake [Team Leader]
Nawaki[12th Birthday]
x2Kiba Inuzuka[Man Beast Clone]
Tsume Inuzuka[Combination]
Sakon[Impenetrable Barrier]
Kidmoaru[Impenetrable Barrier]
Hisame[Smartest Ninja in the Hidden Rain Village]
The First Hokage[The Hokage Level]
The Second Hokage[THe one Who Established the Foundation]
Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Platoon[Outing]
X2Akamaru[Four Against Two]
Sauske Uchiha[Reason for The Late Arrival]
Kabuto Yakushi[Spy]

Fire Style:Fire Ball Jutsu
Sharingan Eye
Spider Web Net
Earth Style:Ball of Graves
Water Style:Water Dragon Jutsu
Water Style: Water Wall
Sound Reflecting Speaker
Ninja Art:Sticky SPider Theard

Unexpected Visitor
Combo of 16 hits
Stay out of this!
Request for Taking Office

I know some cards aren't needed but I could use some help with this deck, I'm not going to post my Wind and Earth Deck. 1 It's not finished. 2. It's horrible