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11-18-2007, 11:03 AM
Hey, this is my first story, and I know that Munchlax's are pretty rare, but i wanted to include one in my story...:D

Characters with spaces: 3,858
Characters without spaces: 3,175
Words: 618



Jazza tiptoed through the forest, the honey tree in sight. He had smothered the bark in thick, golden honey little more than 12 hours ago, and was eager to see what type of pokemon would be caught in the branches. This was his first time attempting to use the honey tree. Well, there was the time before, but you can't really call being attacked by a horde of Wurmple an attempt. He was now within a foot of the tree, and decided to hide behind near-by shrubbery, just to be sure he didn't scare the pokemon off. He waited, his Riolu beside him, always alert for any signs of a pokemon.

An hour passed, and a pokemon still hadn't arrived. Then two hours. Then three. Still, no pokemon appeared. Jazza turned to Rio, who had, by now, fallen asleep.
"Come on, little buddy, its no use. There's no pokemon in or around this tree...never has been."
He stood up to leave, taking a pokeball out of his pocket. After all, if his little Riolu was asleep, waking him up would only make him cranky. However, just as Jazza clicked the pokeball open, he heard a faint rustling sound coming from the honey tree. He spun around, kicking Rio, to look at the tree. It was shaking.
"Rio, do you see this??" Jazza whispered to Rio, who was slowly getting to his feet. "There's a pokemon in that tree Rio...let's go get it!" Jazza pushed past the bushes, tip-toeing towards the honey tree. Rio followed.

They stopped an arms reach away from the tree, and Jazza moved his bandana over his eyes. He pushed his arms out, and a pokeball rolled out from under one of his sleeves, resting in his hand.
"Alright, let's do this!" Jazza yelled, startling whatever the pokemon in the tree was. The rustling stopped, and for a while, there was nothing. Jazza's gaze didn't falter, didn't break from the tree. It was the center of his attention. Well, it was until the little pokemon popped out from behind the leaves, landing on the floor with a plop and attempting to escape. The pokemon was a short, fat little Munchlax.
"Oh no you don't!" Jazza shouted, pointing at the short little pokemon, "Rio, blaze kick!"
Rio's eyes lit up, and he charged at the fleeing pokemon, his left leg becoming engulfed in flame. As he reached the pokemon, he leapt into the air, drawing his leg back. He brought it down upon the wild pokemon, who fell to the floor, scared and dazed.
"Yeah! Now Rio, use bite!"
Rio bit into the Munchlax, letting out a tiny little snarl. The Munchlax quickly retracted his arm, hitting Rio in the face. It jumped up, and opened its mouth, water bubbling in it's stomach. It lunged forward, water jetting out of its mouth, hitting Rio in the chest, sending him to the floor. Rio jumped up, shaking dust of himself.
"Rio, are you ok?!?" Jazza yelled from the sidelines, Rio responding with a nod. "Good...hit him with a focus punch, Rio!"
Rio grinned, kneeling down and focusing on the Munchlax, who had begun to charge. Rio moved his arm back, his fist glowing, shaking violently. The Munchlax was beginning to charge up energy, and opened its mouth. It jumped in the air, a yellow ball of energy gathering in it's throat. Rio was still focusing on the Munchlax by the time a bright yellow beam was heading towards him. Noticing the beam, Rio got up, and began running. As the beam reached him, he jumped into the air, delivering a Focus Punch to the Munchlax, hitting it in the mouth. An explosion occurred, and dust filled the scene.

Jazza was forced to shield his eyes, and he did. The dust was overwhelming, getting in his eyes, up his nose, even in his ears. The smoke finally cleared and both pokemon where on the ground, barely breathing. Jazza hurled a red and white pokeball at the barely-conscious Munchlax, engulfing it in a bright blue flash. When the flash ended, the ball was shaking. Jazza quickly returned his Riolu, and watched the shaking pokeball.


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Btw, ready for grading :)

Edit: Never mind, let's just say the Munchlax got away, and i'll write a new story. 'Cause apparently i need 50k words, and i have 3.5k. o_o