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11-19-2007, 08:00 PM
While I do not care to research the history of this holiday too deeply, the mostly american holiday of Thanksgiving has been changed into something with almost no meaning.

I decided that I wanted to make a thread where people post things that they are grateful for. This thread of course is inspired by thanksgiving, but I would hope that it will not be dependent on the holiday. In other words, here is where you should post saying some of the things that you are the most grateful for, regardless of whether thanksgiving is in two days, or seven months.

***Just to help keep this thread focused on the objective, I would like to ask that you please do not post without a list of at least ten things that you are grateful for. Comments on otherís peopleís posts will be tolerated, but if thatís what you want to do, please post ten things that you are grateful for as well. ***

Right now, I am grateful for:
1- My Mother and all the hard work that she does to keep my family together.
2- My Father and him going to work every day, and being a good example.
3- My Teachers in school, particularly my seminary and History 1700 teachers.
4- My Friends, who motivate me to be a better person, even when they have trials themselves.
5- My Country and the wonderful freedoms that I have while living here.
6- My Savior, who died for me. (Ya knew religion had to show up somewhereÖ)
7- My Father in heaven, who has planned for my salvation.
8- Iím grateful for people who are willing to put their lives on the line to promote a good cause. (I could seriously get flamed for this, but I hope that people can just be mature about it.)
9- Computers and the wonderful tools that they are.
10- Scholarships. I donít know how I would afford school without them.

Again, I would please ask that you list at least ten things, but if you like, you can of course put as many more as you would like.

11-20-2007, 02:07 AM
1. God, more than anything, for creating, protecting and loving me.
2. Jesus, for dying for my sins.
3. My mother, for always steering me in the right direction.
4. My father, for always trying to spend time with me.
5. My friends, who always know how to cheer me up.
6. My enemies, for helping me grow stronger.
7. My brother, for looking after me when I'm in need.
8. The people who are willing to approach me - they make my day.
9. Technology, and how it's advanced me so much in the modern world.
10. Music, for always providing an outlet.

This is a nice thread.

Just in time for Thanksgiving.

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