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11-21-2007, 05:27 AM
“Bring it on” Shouted a boy.

“Fine, if I have to” Link replied “Finish this Night blade, use slash.”

Two boys were in a battle to see who the best was, but the main icon to watch was Link, he was a boy that had skills with his Sneasel nicknamed night blade. He had been training with it for years, but tomorrow was Link’s tenth birthday, which meant he would be leaving town with the errand from prof.Rowan. Link could not wait to get started.

“What, You beat me again.” Shouted the impatient boy

“Yup, again” Replied Link

He walked of with his sneasel close by to his legs.
The next day he woke up and was ready to get his pokedex from Rowan to start his adventure, first, he jumped out of bed and cleaned his teeth, secondly, he went downstairs to eat breakfast and thirdly, this was when he dressed, He grabbed his green shirt and pulled it over his golden blonde hair, then he Pulled on his three quarter length shorts which wear a white color, then he Grabbed his camo-patterened shoes and put them on. For a finishing touch, he pulled on a green beanie with a white poke ball pattern onto his head, then to finish it of he pulled on goggles to his head. Then he ran downstairs and grabbed his gloves and started to pack his bag, he was very keen to get going which he did after a few minutes.

He ran outside and clipped his sneasel’s poke ball to his belt, then he jumped on his bike and rode of to sandgem town. Link had lived in twinleaf all his life. But, now, he was leaving for an adventure he wouldn’t forget. But as Link was riding up he was seeing many Pokemon, he wanted to catch at least one before he visited Rowan, so he sat down at a tree and planned out a capture.

In the next minute he had eaten some food for energy, then he got up and started walking with his bike next to him, then he saw a trainer, not just some trainer he had just caught a luxio.

“Seriously” shouted Link.

“Huh, What” Asked the boy.

“You just caught a luxio” He remarked.

“Yup, easily” he replied

“What’s your name” he asked

“I go by Inari” he smiled.

“Ok, Could you tell me where you can find Pokemon like that?” he asked.

“Yes come with me” He looked down at the floor and walked through trees.

“Wow” Shouted Link

They came out to a beautiful lake were Pokemon were playing, but one that stood out was a burmy.

“Ok, I will try capturing that Burmy” he shouted.

He ran over and then sent out his sneasel, the white flash turned into shadows as the Sneasel hoped out.

“Start things of with icy wind” he shouted.

The sneasel Sucked in air then blew it back out with a cool, icy power that was good against the bug Pokemon. But, then it jumped up and tackled sneasel with force.

“No, Try a scratch” He ordered.

Then as Sneasel swiped its claws over burmy it jumped up and tackled again.

“Jeez, Try Swords dance” Smirked Link.

Sneasel’s claws sharpened as it dodged the bug’s tackle and then Sneasel prepared to lunge itself.

“Okay use Quick attack” He shouted.

Now the Burmy was weakened after that hit it struggled to move.

“Finish this, Icy wind again” He shouted louder than normal

But it was too late, the burmy had protected itself and then it broke the barrier and tackled sneasel.

“Okay sword…. Scratch” He exclaimed with surprise.

The sneasel then span and used scratch to make the helpless bagworm faint.

“Time for a poke ball” he shouted.

He dropped his bag and then grabbed a poke ball from his un-organized bag; he then threw the red and white ball which sucked in the small worm. Both Link and Inari watched with suspense.

“No matter what happens Link, that was a great first attempt at a capture”……