View Full Version : The pe2k wi-fi challenge

11-25-2007, 02:51 AM
like a region rise to the top and slay the gym leaders and elite four to earn your right.

in your types you must have at least one to your team that is the core to your strategy (lol)

1. Aqua pulse gym leader:

2. earth blade gym leader:

3. lightning storm gym leader:

4. soaring bird gym leader:

5. fighting spirit gym leader:

6. blazing passion gym leader:

7. toxic infusion gym leader:

8. Cold iron Gym leader:

The elite four:

1. intense blizzard Member:

2. insect forest member:

3. rock hard member:

4. dark shadows member: Golden-Silver

The champion:

The final challenge:-----

If you lose in the E4 you must start over in the E4 not the badges!

I need a badge maker for this!