View Full Version : Magare vs AbXtreme ((VIRIDIAN GYM BATTLE))

03-20-2004, 03:25 PM
3 v 3
No Items

Magare(Challenger): Kingdra, Cloyster
AbXtreme(Gym Leader): Piloswine, Flygon, Tyranitar

Piloswine went down in one surf + rain dance, but not without hitting Kingdra quite badly with a Blizzard. Flygon is almost KOed by Ice Beam, but kills Kingdra in the next hit. Flygon hits Cloyster hard but Cloyster OHKOs the remaining 2 weak mons down with Ice Beam and Surf.

Magare gets 2000, the Earth Badge and TM Fissure.
AbXtreme fails to defend his gym and gets 1000.

~I reffed