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12-01-2007, 04:54 AM
The Story/Plot

Barren. The lands, windswept and weatherworn were almost completely incapable of sustaining all but the simplest of life and hardiest of predators. Terrain has altered everywhere, seasons have become unpredictable and even the lengths of day and night shift in erratic patterns. Disease has taken the land by storm, coming from the inevitable and untraceable Storms that harness the power of gravity and physics itself to erase all from its path. This world, once flourishing and healthy has become a wasteland unfit for even the cockroaches to roam. And yet despite all of this, somehow Humans and select Pokemon have coped and survived (though many wouldn’t say as much).

Many of the survivors live in small communities (often ten people or less) called Sholds. They struggle for survival as they search for Oasis, a land said to exist outside of temporal space. The realm of the Gods’ where the Legendary Lords reside; only they can put a stop to this insanity. Only, the Humans don’t know how to reach this magical fold of existence and nor do the Pokemon who were born in this era. Time is of the essence now that the Storms’ are getting more and more frequent and violent; the land itself sometimes seems to change overnight.

Your Role

As the climate grows more drastic it has become more and more important to find the hallowed Oasis. Use and means necessary, but beware of the violent and unpredictable Storms that can show up at any time. The population has thus been split into four major groups. Each group is a specific for the type of living one might want to do; these include:

Wayfarer- A small group of vagabonds, often with nothing more than the clothing on their back. Most, but not all, don’t have a Pokemon companion and those that do rarely have more than one so they don’t have to worry so much about another. They are often picky and snide, lonely at heart but very conceited. They drift from Shold to Shold in search of anything that might point them in the direction of the Oasis.

Rouges- A larger group than Wayfarers; rough and tough with a violent territorial system. They can be anything from thieves in groups of one to five or a large gang of bandits. In either case, the Rouges are no good. Like the Wayfarer, they usually only have one (maybe two) Pokemon. They carry of within their territories, many secretly searching for the Oasis whilst they plunder.

Guards - The second largest group, protectors of the Civilians and Sholds. They are firm, rough and some are known to be somewhat brutal in their ways. They look down upon everyone and aren’t afraid to show brute force before thought when it comes to rouges and the occasional Wayfarer. All guards are issued two standard Pokemon, a Flying type and some sort of ground-walking type.

Civilians- The largest group, they are the main sustenance of population. A civilian can be anyone who resides under the strict rules and constant fear; many have no Pokemon and no family. They cannot be responsible for anyone but themselves really, in this world that demands so much out of what little they are given.


•All PE2K rules and regulations (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28)
•Keep all posts PG13.
•You may control up to 2 characters.
•You can only have a maximum of 3 Pokemon (you’re living in desperate times, remember) and NO LEGENDARIES!
•Keep in mind that your character is not invincible, he/she needs to eat/sleep/drink water to survive. So make sure they are well equipped.
•If you control 2 characters, be sure that they both have some sort of action in the post regardless of whether or not they are really doing anything.
•5 line MINIMUM on posts, please! If you cannot post an average of five lines, PM me with a link to some of the past Role-Play’s you’ve been in because I do abide by Quality over Quantity as well.
•Give an EFFORT on the sign ups, I will be critical on choosing members.
•If your character is currently in another Role-Play, please either use a different character or message me; your character cannot be in two places at once.
•(( This list can and probably will be edited depending on the situations at hand. ))

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