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12-02-2007, 03:49 PM
Matty's small effortless eyes peered into the sky. He was so tired. He really dislike the entire thing. What was really the point of being a trainer? After he beat all the leaders then what? Well there was the Elite 4, but barely anyone every beat them. And even if he did beat them, what would he do next? He never saw the point in going through all this trouble. He wished he could just get the badges while he was in bed and have it be over with. He sighed. The only reason he had became a trainer was to please his parents. His father had been a decent trainer. Although he never was the best, just somewhere in between. He assumed the same would happen with him. He'd be a decent trainer that had ever heard of, but no one ever bad mouthed. He looked down at his waist. He figured his Pokemon would never be all that strong either. Electabuzz was not even that strong, Magby had an enourmos ego, and Smoochum didn't even like battling. He shrugged. He adjusted his red hat which sat on his black hair. The only reason he even wore his hat was so he didn't have to brush his hair. He continued his casual walk down the road. His eyes jumping from sight to sight.

Everything he saw seemed to stick out to him. He understood that everything had a purpose, no matter how small. And yet he wouldn't accept that he had a purpose. He just figured he was the accident. He was the person that who ever made people, had messed up on. He wasn't good at anything. He wasn't smart, but he wasn't stupid. He wasn't handsome but not ugly. He wasn't good at sports but he wasn't bad at them. He wasn't a good trainer but not the worst in the class. He was just adequate and everything he did. e didn't mind much though.

Matty's small body was beginning to ache. He had been walking for some time. He began to pitch his tent when he remembered he had never figured out how to set it up. He just pulled out his sleeping bag and slept staring at the stars by the side of the road. He figured he'd probably reach wahatever town was next soon. He yawned. He really wished someone would just sell him a badge.

Matty's slowly opened his eyes and looked around. The world was completely different during the day. The brisk morning air filled his lungs as he inhaled. He sat up. No one was around him. He looked down at his watch and saw it was almost noon. He yawned. His mouth was filled with a horrid taste. He licked his lips. He was hungry. He looked into his bag to find he was out of food. He shrugged. He'd get some at the city. He backed up his sleeping bag and continued his walk. He looked at the trees as the small breeze blew them back and forth. He reached into his bag and pulled out a coat and put it on over his three button shirt. It was chilly out. He began to hear the sounds of a city. He was unable to see any signs, but he could hear something. It sounded like a troubling city full of purposeful people. Matty shrugged. He'd always been different, he might as well be different again. He walked up the road and saw the busy Cerulean City. The youth saw a large building and roled his eyes. It was the over pampered Cerulean Gym. He knew he had to get the badge here, but he hated battling water types. He walked upto the gym and read the sign, "It's elegant! It's beautiful! It's majestic! It's Cerulean!" He rolled his eyes

He began to walk into the gym when he saw a small white critter flopping around on the ground. He gave it a curious look but continued to walk, ignoring it. Then the little white water creature began to flop closer and closer to him. He looked at it again. It had beady little eyes that were staring right at him. He sighed as he pulled out his Pokedex. "Seel: A Pokemon that lives on icebergs. It swims in the sea using the point on its head to break up ice."

"So your a Pokemon huh?" Matty looked at the flopping Seel. He reached into his pocket and grabbed Electabuzz's Pokeball. He dropped it onto the ground and the black and yellow electric Pokemon stood proudly. It looked around and saw his lanky, unenthusiastic trainer. Electabuzz loved his trainer but really wished he would be more spirited. Electabuzz rolled his eyes.

"Electabuzz get this Seel away with um... Thunder Punch?" Matty muttered. He hadn't battled in awile he forgot Electabuzz's attacks.

((will finish another rainy day))