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Psychic Oats
12-02-2007, 11:09 PM
° §hadows °

° Plot °

The world of demons is one closely tied to our own. Each one, like all opposites, is not possible without the other. As one may guess, demons reside in the demon world just as humans reside in ours. However, the distance between these two worlds grew significantly meek in a distant land, long ago. Unbeknownst to most, the occurrence of a lunar eclipse draws the two worlds closer than they are meant to be and therefore brings fourth times of strange happenings. Unfortunately, like in the world of humans, a desire for power has shown itself to the demon world. This craving led to various disputes among the demons, but never caused anything actually catastrophic. However, when actual, raw power is introduced, disputes like these grow more violent. Eventually a war erupted in the demon world, threatening to rip apart the fabric of its reality. When the war finally ended, and an agreement was reached between the demons, their world was old and worn. Soon after, it came crumbling down.

The demons, in an attempt to flee their collapsing world, took shelter on Kuwoja, a mysterious land inhabited by humans. Much to their demonic chagrin, they were only able to stay alive on this new human world by existing as shadows. Each of the demons who managed to escape the demon realm assumed a place as the shadow of a human or other thing in the human realm. All of them were spread across the land, each never knowing whether they were the only one to actually escape, never knowing if they were the last demon alive.

One demon in particular salvaged the power source that had been fought over: a stone known as the Uraura. This demon, trying to contact other demons in hope that they may be able to unite and rebuild their world, performed a summoning call. Despite the fact that the demon was currently existing as the shadow of a human as all the others were, and was therefore less powerful, he was able to send out a clear, defined message to every demon in Kuwoja.

'I have the Uraura. Come to Goroh and meet me.'

That was a year ago. Now, many of the demons in Kuwoja have decided to reveal themselves to their humans, and lead them to Goroh to meet the demon in possession of the Uraura stone. Now each of these humans, having become accustomed to their 'Shadow Demon' partner, has met up in Goroh. These humans all have demons that wish to try to use the Uraura to rebuild there home. Unfortunately, several demons don't believe it can be done. These ones wish to use the Uraura to take over Kuwoja and make it their own. During their year with their demons, each human has discovered a strange fact. During the event of a Lunar Eclipse, the demon that resides as their shadow assumed its normal form, and the human becomes the shadow. However, when the eclipse ends, the human goes back to normal and the demon reassumes its position as the shadow.

The 'evil' demons, who wish to take over the human world for themselves, have found that there exists a shrine that is positioned at the exact pinpoint of the umbra of a total Solar Eclipse. Demon legend has it that if the Uraura is placed in the umbra of an eclipse of the sun, then shadows will completely envelop the world and demons will roam free forever. This, to place the Uraura at the temple at the exact moment of Solar Eclipse, is the goal of those demons. They have recently united into an organized group, and are heck-bent on retrieving the Uraura stone from the demons who wish to rebuild their own world and leave the humans to their own.

Welcome to the discussion thread ^_^ Here you can talk about the RP, and...not spam the SU :3

12-02-2007, 11:54 PM
Seeing as you asked me, I'll tell you.

My character has Two demons for a number of reasons.
1) With the hatred of his parents, and wishing to be strong, "Armor" felt a bond between him and Kavor, and he chose Kavor to become his Shadow Holder because of Kavor's hatred of his Parents.
2) Kavor in denial of his Parents being slain felt weak aswell as anger at "Armor" and thus caused "Speed" whom for a long time had been "Armor's" rival decided to choose Kavor as his Shadow Holder too.
3) With two Shadow Demons, he can change his strategy in battle, so as it doesn't get boring with the same tactics every time.
4) I like Two Demons.
5) I also like the number Two.
6) Demons rule, so I like to have more than one.
7) Kavor is evil, and thus needs two Evil Demons to balance out a neutral/Evil(Speed) with a EVIL!!!(Kavor+Armor)

I hope these reasons enlighten you.

Psychic Oats
12-03-2007, 11:39 AM
3) With two Shadow Demons, he can change his strategy in battle, so as it doesn't get boring with the same tactics every time.

This part troubles me a bit. His demons don't battle with him, they just grant him the same power that they have at a fragmented measure. And because I see that *Checks your SU* Both demons have the same abilities, I think...(Which is good, by the way, because it is less cheap than having two separate powers) wouldn't it be the same as having just one of your demons?

12-03-2007, 12:00 PM
This part troubles me a bit. His demons don't battle with him, they just grant him the same power that they have at a fragmented measure. And because I see that *Checks your SU* Both demons have the same abilities, I think...(Which is good, by the way, because it is less cheap than having two separate powers) wouldn't it be the same as having just one of your demons?

If and when he gets in battle.

Also, "Speed" has two abilities..

Saraibre Ryu
12-04-2007, 02:50 AM
Oh, heres the DC. Yay, now I have no excuse for not being able to find it.

I think that we should have one demon, or at least one ability all in all. Just my opinion, not my place to but in anyway.

Man, I want this to start, this sound wicked, so when do we start Oats anyway?

12-04-2007, 10:19 PM
Should we stick within some type of ethnic or cutlural backgrounds for character design and history? If we don't I was thinking some type of mixture between asian, arabesque, and tribal design elements for my own character. Also. How do the characters meet/when do they meet?

Psychic Oats
12-05-2007, 12:51 AM
Should we stick within some type of ethnic or cutlural backgrounds for character design and history? If we don't I was thinking some type of mixture between asian, arabesque, and tribal design elements for my own character. Also. How do the characters meet/when do they meet?

That's a tough question to answer...want me to put the map up? @_@

Map of Kuwoja (http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc242/SasoriDana/Map-1.jpg)

Hopefully this helps.

Saraibre Ryu
12-05-2007, 12:57 AM
Ooh, maps. More pictures to look at. Anyway, I decided to put my elemental forms, both minor and titan here. I'm drawing out pictures on lined paper, so I hope that alright with you Oats as it takes me who knows how long to finish even one pistuce, and I have so many to do, then I'll add all information, strengths and weaknesses just for everyones reference.

And Oats, you never answered my question.

Psychic Oats
12-05-2007, 01:34 AM
Ah, you're right, Rai. Sorry about that ^_^;;

We'll probably start once I think we have a good amount of people...maybe about five per allignment? Just an estimation, mind you, considering I'd like to see more completed sign ups before I get a real grasp of when we'll kick off.

Saraibre Ryu
12-05-2007, 02:07 AM
Aye mon capitain. I'll be putting my elemental forms here. All...four...six...however many there were. I'll edit this as I go along.

Elemental Form:

Name: Ryokan (Ree-oh-can)
Element: Fire (Heat)
Sub-Demon Form: The air around this form can increase or decrease depending on the condition. It can't go below 1 degree celcius, not even in death. The temperature can rise over 200 degrees if there is enough negative emotion in this form. This form exhakes not streams of fire, but more of an intensely heated gaseous fireball. You would think that this form is more powerful only in the day, but it is both equally as strong in the night as long as the moon is showing, since the satalitereflects the light of the moon and does not own its own sorce of light. It is also possible to ignite the surrounding air into flame, and it can be used as a sheld, or an offensive force. Any fire that the person is around will obey and react to every thought that that person is thinking about. any fire can be started easily with a single spark, or can die down to a point it nearly going out, and then being brought right back up to a regular level again.
Titan Form:

Name: Tydran (Tied-ran)
Element: Water
Sub-Demon Form: This form, even though it has stubby legs and a lanky body, it is highly lethal. The spines that go along the back and ddown the tail secrete a highly toxic poison that will put anyone into a state of total paralysis if injected with enough of the poison. this form, however much it looks so, does NOT retain a pair of gills. Most air is taken through the mouth and nose, and it is filltered out through a special branches in the lungs. The water, and all other possible aliens are taken from the air and put to other use. The water keeps the scales slimy, like warm lip balm, and all toxins are reverted into a heavy liquid acid that this form can shoot out as a weapon. Its not possible for this form to be soley attained on land, for the dryness in the air will dry out this form internally, then externally, leading in death. No more than a half an hour on land is this elemental able to remain on land. In the water, it achieves speed almost equal to that of the Lightning elemental.
Titan Form:

Name: Suterros (Sue-tare-ohs)
Element: Stone/Wood
Sub-Demon Form: His shell either resembles a root covered stone with a few bonsia trees sprouting from the top, or a jagged crystaline field, depenging on what purer element was touched first. The more plant-like form, has abilities more towards the defesive and healing side, while the more rocky, stone form is more to the endurance and offensive. The Wood form allows revilatising and a somewhat small bit of healing for semi-minor wounds and small ailments such as the early stages of poisoning through injections or accidental intakes. Stronger during the day, this form can also rejuvenate lost amounts of energy after contact with the plants on the shell. The Stone form can be one of the most armored form aside from the Metal form that has a high strength level. As predicted, it lacks in movement speed, but this form is capable of letting all limbs including the head be tucked into the shell securely, and spinning at high speeds like a jagged top. Certain angling is nedded to move forwards or backwards rather than staying on the spot. Shells in both cases are inpenetrable and all scalled skin can't be pierced by a projectile.
Titan Form:

Name: Vencas (Ven-cass)
Element: Wind/Air
Sub-Demon Form: This isn't really an offensive form, more of a distracting, annoying form that is for the defensive, but the easiest form to change into, as air is all around the user, excluding water and space. The feathers that cover the entire body are able to detect the slightest movement by the change in air currents, even when there is no wind present. any projectile can be redirected (with the exception of bullets fired from firearms) and thrown in any direction. Improved agility can be granted to allies, mostly to do with jumping. Vast expert climbing skills, both vertically, up and down, and horizontally, left and right along with a carry on strength of four adult humans. Other than that, the rest of this forms weaponary techniques are more so in the Titan form. The remainder are high pitched cries, stellar diving, and basic clawing and tail attacks. The only attack element based is ahuricane like vacumm of air after spinning in a fast motion. Substances from the surrounding area may also be taken in and change the element of the technique.
Titan Form:

Name: Stomura (Stoh-moo-rah)
Element: Lightning/Electricity
Sub-Demon Form:Obviously the fastest form, abilities are also somewhat associated with sound as well. The power from this form is found in a persons bioelectricity, or the electro-magnetic energy emitted from living cells in a living body. To save the person from being electricuted, a high concentration of bioelectricity is needed in the hands, which is difficult to retain when not at a stable, decent energy level. Anyway, the two pairs of wings on its back act like those of a humming birds, beating over a thousand times a second. This allows total control of hovering, being able to go forwards, back wards, up, down, even turn a full 360 degrees without even turning the body. They make an almost inaudible humming sound. Covered in fur, the wings create a ton of static electricity that is then charged in the large paws. Since the upper body is bit too large to be supported by the lower half, hovering in flight is the most used way of transportation. The paws can charge up and release electrical or sonic shockwaves, and charge other electrical technology (if there is any) just by touching it. since anything touched with these shocking paws will be electrically charge, a tail with nerve endings all the way down to the tips of three, diamond shaped fingers that act as a hand. The good thing about such electrical power is that you always know what way is north.
Titan Form:

Name: Kitsania (Kit-san-ee-ah)
Element: Ice (Absence of Heat)
Sub-Demon Form: This, is opposite the Fire form. The air is turn frigid, to almost an unbearable temperature. The body temperature can go down to -60 degrees celcius, but cannot exceed -5. Anything that this form touches will frost only where contact is made. Its breath is somewhat of a frost nature, but also crosses with the nitro glycerin liquid. Its feathered wings allow silent flight and its eyes allow it to be able to see heat signatures instead of normal sight. Despite its scales being deathly cold, no one has to feel the frigid temperature if its against its will, but never the less, its still there. Weather changes may occur with or without intention, and this form is incredibly hard to change into. Ice' will not work because the heat from a person's hand will turn it back into water, and that isn't the same thing. Absolutely anything with little or no heat is the only thing that will work. If permafrost is present, then obelisks of ice may emerge from the ground with thought, but only so much permafrost will make it work.
Titan Form:

Name: Tihmecha (Teeh-meck-ah)
Element: Metal
Sub-Demon Form: Since this was a man-made element, according to Kigensho, this is a more complicated form. The armor can't be melted, but heated anough it will still cause pain, it can't be broken, but more blowback and recoil is another con, and it is extremely dense, but light as well. The only place there is no armor is the eyes, and inside of the mouth. Reverse magnetism is used for levitating, as flight is in the titan form. Magnetism is actually a major contributor in almost all if the abilities. Metal control, being able to slow bullest or stop them with a great exertion of focus, magnetic barriers that can be used as shields for a set amount of time. alchemic properties that allow the fusion of ores to create small weapons is also another power. For some unknown reason, the sub-element of energy is somehow fused with this, but a theory is that the form used to be a demon's suit of armor that was given an energy when its body was carried to the human world. This means that very minor telekenetic powers can be used, but pure energy directly from the body can be used as an offensive power. Too much of it used though can result in drainage of will power can lead to death.
Titan Form:

Name: Sha'nigh
Element: Night (Influencial Darkness)
Sub-Demon Form: This was created when coming into the human world. Dark intentions of others, bad virtues, sins were infused into the power of darkness, most powerful at night, regardless of the moon. Dark energy, often the kind that creates voids and tears in space is the major key in all abilities. Dark energy can be concentrated into spheres with focus, and pressuring the energy into a compact space can explode when it comes into contact with anything into a painfull mass of draining energy. this form thrives on sapping and feeding on bad, cruel, dark emotionns of others. Despair, fear, and disfaithful auras (if that is even a word) are the most common energies sapped at and influenced to increase and the most powerful. this does not mean that the form is evil. However, it can be affected by the persons own willpower and the influence of aura and how much was absorbed. Self healing is the only other technique besides shields and attacks made of dark energy. A black aura surrounds this form and is extremely painful to touch or come into contact with. Getting past it and touching this forms actual thin fur is actually quite abnormally cold, but not like in the Ice form, its more of an internal feeling.
Titan Form:

Name: Di'ura
Element: Day (Influencial Light)
Sub-Demon Form: This, like the Night form, was created when Kigensho first came into contact with the human world. All purely good virtues are what this form thrives on, but does not drain anything from any living thing like the Night form. this form had healing power much to itself, buut more to others. There is no bad thought and the wisdom goes beyond years of those said to have lived or decades. The only way this form can use offensive attacks is by drawing its own life energy from the inner soul and concentrating it into an attack. Barriers, made of the same energy can also be erected to defend others and itself. However, drawing onto too much life energy can result in depletion of willpower and possibly even death. Some psychic powers based on a huge sense of empathy and knowledge. this form can influence others to have a more optimistic outlook on things. A feeling of foresight, only having a feeling of what might happen in the future, but an ability of seeing into past event through the memories of others is also helpful and stronger than the foresight in this form.
Titan Form:

12-05-2007, 06:47 PM
Attiloooooooooh. :D

I finished my SU.

So you better accept me <_<


I can't WAIT for this to start. ^___^

Saraibre Ryu
12-05-2007, 07:08 PM
Wow, so far, I'm the only one who has been accepted yet. Sweet, but people better get more SU's done quick. I'm already excited!

EDIT: How many people are exactly good anyway? I'm seeing alot of bad guys.

12-08-2007, 05:35 AM
Last I counted it stands around 4 good and 4 evil, including half done sign ups with alignments already set.

Saraibre Ryu
12-08-2007, 01:24 PM
Great, everytime a new, good RP starts, I'm probably not going to be there for it. My parents might be dragging me with them for the weekend, including Monday, so I might not be able to post until Tuesday. So if you see me inactive, 'tis why.

Psychic Oats
12-18-2007, 09:18 PM
Well, Gabs dropped out. I still have to bug Tombi into finishing, though. Once she's done, we'll finally start! ^_^

12-18-2007, 09:33 PM
My character is Neutral, but hes not evil. My character is a somewhat neutral good guy.

Psychic Oats
12-18-2007, 09:52 PM
My character is Neutral, but hes not evil. My character is a somewhat neutral good guy.

Hmmm...yeah. Wasn't your demon evil, though? Since the demon gives the human their powers, it would mean that if your demon didn't see eye to eye with your human's intentions, then the former wouldn't have to lend his powers to the latter. In other words, the demon is in control of the alignment.

12-18-2007, 10:00 PM
Oh, I understand it now. I guess my character would be semi-evil lol.

Saraibre Ryu
12-18-2007, 10:50 PM
I hope Tombi finishes soon. I might actually be here for the start off! Anywho, if anyone wants me to scan about 20+ pictures into my computer to see what all my elemental forms look like, just let me know.

12-18-2007, 10:55 PM
I'd like it if you would, your drawings are uber. (like the armor evolution dragon.)

Saraibre Ryu
12-18-2007, 11:22 PM
Cha! I have uber drawings! Sweet! Anyway, there are two of each, one that is for my charry's normal power, and one for when its an eclipse, or when we get our full power.

I've gotten all the Sub-Demon ones done, but not all the Titan ones done, so, I'll get on that right away.

12-20-2007, 06:58 AM
if have almost finished my SU just one question do you have to have a demon?

Psychic Oats
12-21-2007, 07:23 PM
Yep, you do. Gotta have both a human and a demon.

12-21-2007, 07:33 PM
PO, Is it too late to try my SU again?