View Full Version : A Starly Starly Affair [Winter Writing Competition Story]

12-03-2007, 09:42 AM

The planet I lived on was a peaceful place, a home without any pollution, not to mention humans. Yes, the place where I live on is not Earth, but in fact another planet, named Erios. Erios is a tiny little planet, even smaller than the miniature Pluto, hidden between the planet Earth and Mars. Everything on Erios looked passive, until one day, when astronauts from Earth decided to set foot on Erios, a planet which they didnít know at all. My parents, the leader of the Pokemon living on Erios, told me that we must never be discovered by humans. I kept asking them the reason about that, but they never ever told me. However, I knew that they really meant what they said, since we will be forced to leave immediately if any humans land on Erios.