View Full Version : The Secret of Sneasle

12-07-2007, 12:52 AM
Nickole came downstairs, her Sneasle in its pokeball that she had just finished polishing. Here mother stopped her on her way out the door.

“Honey, happy birthday!”

Nickole opened a small pink box, to discover a small purple pokétch, and slipped it on her wrist.

“Oh, thank you, Mom! This will be SO useful!”

She strutted toward the door, just waiting to try out her new Sneasle. As soon as she could, she grabbed her bag, which she had packed the night before, and kissed her mother goodbye. As fast as she could, she ran up the route toward the big bug tree. Before she knew it, she was out of breath.

“I should let me Sneasle…”

Before she could press the button to release her Sneasle, the ball broke open. Sneasle quickly climbed up the nearest tree, and shot an Ice Beam down at the ground.


Sneasle, with a huge leap, grounded itself in an instant. Nickole knew that her Sneasle was different, but not as different as she expected. She took a closer look at the dot on its forehead. Opening her pokedex (which she had also gotten for her birthday), she examined her Sneasle. The gem in its forehead was different…hers was purple, but the pokedex said that it should be yellow.

“Let’s see what moves you can use Sneasle. Um…well, I know that you can use Ice Beam, how about Shadow Claw?”

The Sneasle look at her like she was crazy. Sneasle jumped high in the air, and the sun reflected off on her gem. It seemed to light up, and intake energy. Sneasle landed with enormous force. The ground shook. Nickole looked at her Sneasle. Sneasle had a frightened look on her face, and seemed to point North. Nickole hurried to grab her bag, knowing that her Sneasle could not have done that.

“Sneasle, return.”

The Sneasle refused. She jumped ahead of Nickole and gripped a tree. Suddenly, the tree next to her fell strait over! Sneasle leapt in front of Nickole, and was suddenly face to face with an Onix!

Sneasle charged at the gigantic creature. Its gem seemed to glow again. Sneasle’s eyes turned a dark purple, and it charged at the third-to-last stone in its body. Nickole thought quickly…
“Um, Sneasle, Beat Up!”

Sneasle charged even faster. Her claws moved faster than Nickole could see. The Onix seemed to be in pain. It coincidentally fell to the ground.

“Sneasle, you saved us!”

Sneasle proudly bore its head in the air, its arms folded triumphantly. Nickole wondered how Sneasle could have taken out such a big and strong Pokemon so fast…She let Sneasle stay out of her pokeball and continued on to the Big Tree.