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12-09-2007, 12:17 AM
Characters Needed:10-20 K
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My heart pounded, not having a clue where I was, I could here loud sirens, and people were screaming. “Was I going to die?” I asked myself numerous times in my head. I didn’t remember much, only coming in contact, with these medium sized purple bats. There tails had a small point on them, and seemed to secrete a deadly poison. I knew I had been stabbed, but I just couldn’t remember where.

The tires of the ambulance rushed along the dirt road as rocks were kicked off into the air. I could feel a small breeze from the nearby window; it made my long and spiky black hair flow a bit. “Don’t worry kid, you’re going to be okay,” The man next to me told me and he touched my forehead, and seeming to take it off immediately after he touched it. “This kid has a very high temperature; we need to get him to the hospital now!” He yelled at the man driving. I could feel the van pick up speed, so I closed my eyes hoping for the best.

Still, I could tell I was being rushed to hospital, and my chest was throbbing in a horrible pain. I was able to see out the ambulance window, and by the height of the sun, I was able to tell it was around 4:30. As we reached the hospital, I began to re-gain the feeling into my legs. I knew I was able to walk, but trying my but them in danger, so I sat on the cart they pushed me on, until I reached my doctor, I knew I had all of my Pokémon on me, since I felt the one Pokéball I had on my personal jingle on my belt. They carried me into a large room and lifted me onto this large bed. I began to wake up, slowly, but I was waking up. “Wha, where am I?” I asked softly as many doctors surrounded me. I tried my best to sit up, but in the condition I was in, I was not even able to get up five inches off the pillows, as my head landed back onto the pillow with a thud.

“Take it easy kid, you were in a bad accident with a clan of Gligars. The one that did hit you nearly killed you, two more inches over, he would have injected his lethal poison into your heart, killing you instantly, but no worries, we’ve given an antidote, and you should be able to go home in a few days.” The doctor said as he wiped off his dusty glasses with a small handkerchief. “Also, your Pokémon are at the nearby Pokémon Center, if you want, I could always go have one my daughter go pick it up,” He suggested.

“Yeah, that’ll be great,” I said putting a fake smile on my face as the doctor walk away to his other patients. I seemed to just suck in my surroundings, monitors attached to my arms, body, and legs. A small black T.V on a stand across from me, it showed the daily swarms of Pokémon, and only one seemed to catch my attention, and that was the clan of Gligars on the mountains, I began to sit up in my ragged hospital gown, regaining feeling in my chest and legs, still a bit dizzy from the poison, but my eyesight was fine.

“The Gligars will be in the Gem Town mountain range for the next month or so, now would be the best time to go catch, but watch out for those stingers, they can be deadly,” The male reporter said on the news broad cast. I picked up the remote and turned off the T.V. As everything I had experienced on that day, played into my head.

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