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Team Devastation
12-10-2007, 05:30 AM
.:Chapter 1:.
Back On Track

The steel ceiling of his room in the Canalave City Pokemon Center came into view as Luke grunted and opened his eyes for the first time in several hours. His backbone cracked as he sat up finding his body numb.
“It’s all that Munchlax’s fault,”mumbled Luke as he slipped his glasses back on his face. Then all of a sudden, Luke’s mind went back to the incident a few hours back.

Luke was walking along one of the streets in Canalave City when a Munchlax came running out of nowhere was was running in circles in panic. Then an angry trainer came out from the crowd holding a pokeball in his hand.
“ Munchlax, i’ll get you for this,”yelled the trainer to the Munchlax who apparently had escaped from it’s pokeball. Munchlax started making it’s way back to it’s trainer slipping on banana peel and slammed onto Luke. The last thing Luke heard was: “I’m so sorr........”. Then everything went white.
.:End Flashback:.

Luke got up and feeling his body he decided to look around the Pokemon Center. He turned on the tap and ran a wet comb through his wavy blond hair, letting the water style his hair into place. He found that the clothes he was wearing now belonged to the Pokemon Center. So, he dug out his t-shirt and jeans and changed his clothes. A polished Pokeball sat on his drawer, obviously just cleaned. Luke picked it up and released the Pokemon inside.
“Come on out,”said Luke tossing the pokeball slightly. A small purple scorpion Pokemon jumped up onto Luke. “Hey Skor, how are you feeling?”Luke asked the Skourpi who wriggled in his arms. “Alright, now is the right time for breakfast, come on.”Luke carried the Skourpi to the dining area where other trainers were eating with their Pokemon. They quickly found a seat and waited for the waiter to come.
“What would you like, sir?”Asked the waiter politely.
“Hm, let me see, how about a tuna sandwich and Tauros Chips?”Luke asked Skor with a grin. “Oh yeah, and also some PokeChow for you.” When Skor nodded his head, Luke repeated his order to the waiter who nodded curtly and left. The food only took a few minutes to prepare, yes it tasted delicious. The pair hungrily ate their breakfast and left.

.:In Luke’s Room:.
“Alright, all set to go,”said Luke strapping his sling bag on his shoulder and opening the door. “Where to next?” Luke switched on his PokeEtch and checked the map. “Seems that we’re off to Snowpoint City, the seventh gym.”

Team Devastation
12-10-2007, 06:36 AM
.:Outside the Pokemon Center:.
Luke walked out of the Pokemon Center and into sunlight. Canalave City is the home of the sixth gym, where the leader, Byron specializes in steel Pokemon, but unnaturally Wingull and Finneon are commonly seen. The ferry to Iron Island was leaving soon, so Luke decided to catch the ferry. It was a half an hour sail to Iron Island, but Luke and Skor were entertained by watching Pelipper and Wingull flying beside them, trying to fish out Finneon from the ocean. After reaching Iron Island Harbor, the pair set off inside the cave.

.:On Iron Island:.

“Man, this place is crawling with trainers,”said Luke to Skor as they entered the compound. Iron Island was a three floor crystal mining cave Canalave City miners used to visit, now it is just used as a training ground for the Pokemon Trainers of the Sinnoh Region. Luke quickly ran in hoping to not be seen by any trainers, but a trainer tapped him on his back requesting a battle.
“Oh, all right,” come on out Skor!”Shouted Luke releasing his Pokemon. When his opponent released an Abra, Luke yelled, “Skor use Cross Poison,” The Skourpi crossed it’s claws and jabbed at the Abra and injected poison into it’s small body, making it winch in pain. The Abra could not withstand it’s poisoning and soon fainted.
“What, Abra fainted in one attack?”The trainer yelled furiously and withdrew Abra. “Your Pokemon are real strong, you have beaten me.”Said the trainer as he pulled out two hundred and fifty dollars and handed them to Luke.
“Well Skor, that wasn’t hard, was it?”Asked Luke pocketing his money and continued walking. Then they accidentally bumped into somebody wearing a blue shirt. “I’m sorry...”said Luke.
“Not to worry, but can you do me a favor?asked the teenager, “Anyway, I’m Riley, I’m need a assistant like you on my mission.”
“Hi Riley,”Asked Luke, “What do you mean mission?”. Luke sat down on a rock and looked up at Riley.
“Well, the weather forecast said Mount Coronet was going to have an avalanche!”Replied Riley, seeing the amazed look on his companion, he continued. “So I need you to come with me to bring the Pokemon living on Mount Coronet to safety in the Snowbound Lodge and Snowpoint City, so are you up to it?”
“Sure I am let’s go now,”said Luke standing up and turning away with Riley.

Total Characters of Chapter 1:3915

Team Devastation
12-15-2007, 10:09 AM
.:Chapter 2:.
Galactic and Away!
As Luke and Riley made their way out of the cave they spotted two Team Galactic Administrators, Mars and Saturn. They were talking about some Galactic plans
“So, what you’re saying is......,”said Mars to her assistant with confusion.
“Yes, we nab the three legendaries bring them to Cyrus, and get our reward,”explained Saturn.
“They are going to get Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit from Lake Verity, Valor and Acuity,”said Riley in a hushed voice. Riley jumped up and said to the Galactic Administrators, “You’ll never get away with this, you know,”
“What, don’t mess with Team Galactic plans, go Toxicroak, use Toxic,”yelled Saturn as he released his Pokemon. The poison frog Pokemon glowed purple and sprinted at Riley and Luke.
“Lucario use Protect to protect Luke and I,”shouted Riley releasing his Pokemon who jumped in front of Riley and Luke and started to make and aura shield to protect Luke and Riley. As Saturn called another Toxic, Riley cried, “Lucario, Force Palm, let’s go!” Lucario’s hands glowed with color as he pounded into Toxicroak. Toxicroak collapsed and looked weak, eventually it fainted.
“What! Return Toxicroak, let’s go Mars, these people are meddling with our plans.”Said Saturn as he called back his Pokemon and turned to leave.
“Come on Luke, let’s go,”said Riley walking out of the cave. Luke followed swiftly behind Riley.

.:Mount Coronet:.
Half an hour later, Riley and Luke arrived on top of Mount Coronet with some pokeballs to bring the stranded Pokemon back to safety.
“Luke, you go that side, while I go this side, meet back here in forty five minutes,”said Riley as he made his way to the far side of the mountain. Luke walked in the snow searching for wild Pokemon, after a few minutes, Luke decided to rest. Then, a small Starly popped up and decided to peck Luke. Luke pulled out his Black and Gold Pokedex and pointed it at the small Starly, the Pokedex beeped out the recording.
< Starly >< Starling Pokemon >
< They flock in great numbers, barely noticeable when alone. It’s cries are very strident >
“Okay, go Skor, use Poison Sting,”said Luke tossing his pokeball and releasing his Skorupi who nodded and stung the Starly with a Poison Shot. The Starly recovered quickly and used Double Team, making Skorupi confused.
“Skor, use Cross Poison,”said Luke to his Pokemon, Skorupi jabbed poison at both Starly and it’s copy. The copy soon faded away and Starly was blown back glowing purple, it was definitely poisoned.
“Yes, now Skor, use Crunch,”shouted Luke who was desperate to win, the Skorupi used it’s jaws to grab the Starly and slammed it down onto the snow. The poison affected the Starly and it collapsed, unconscious.
“Alright, now pokeball go!”Yelled Luke as he threw an empty pokeball at the Starly