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Saraibre Ryu
12-11-2007, 02:42 PM
Prelude to Life

The universe of Pokemon has been at peace for decades, nearly an entire generation. The year is 2781, and the world has grown in trmemdous size for both humans and Pokemon alike. Such population has lead to some concerns, mainly based with land, pollution, and food. About eleven years ago, an agreement was made with the legendary Pokemon, to keep the planet clean and prosperous, in return for respect, protection, and a guarantee that Pokemon would have their own living space away from urban life. Since then, that has been the way of life for the past eleven years, but to keep that promise, research has been done, in a main space station circling the planet, on promoted growth of plants, mostly crops to help keep the people in good supply without having to disrupt the Pokemon's own food supply. So far, the experiments were going smoothly, but at a very slow pace. There were also highly hazardous consequences if anyhting were to be done wrong or improperly.

Someone of the research team, grew much more impatient that the others, and tried to accelerate the project, but, the legendary Pokemon on board were not aware of this, and that one researcher, was about to change the face of the known planet forever. The experiment went completely out of control, and out of anyones hands, causing a radiation fire in the station, everyone had to evacuate, but the legendary Pokemon on board were affected, and given an illness that caused them to act contradictory to their usual selves.

After a fight broke out, many people were placed in barrier blocs, huge containment cells with beds fit for a single person to be frozen in time, in a hibernation. Many people tried, but very few barrier blocs survived the attack. The more legendary Pokemon that tried to stop the first infected, the ailment only spread to them, and resulting in all of them being contaminated, then the total decimation of industrialized metropolises.

That, was four hundred years ago. The year, is now 3181, and the legendary Pokemon are now the dictators of the planet. Most of the Pokemon do as they please, but many who control areas and different terrains are kept happy by the human race, or they wouldn't be able to survive. The planet is now covered in ruins, massed over by forest, jungle, deserts, oceans and mountains. If there isn't peace between the legendary Pokemon and humans, then they get no water, suitable land for growing crops, or any shelter and will become extinct. The illness still runs clear in their blood, but some, it has passed, but memory is lost with the past. Some have tried to rebel against the Pokemon, living off what technology they've recreated, but are in constant conflict. There are some who wish to keep the peace.

But what of the people who did survive the attacks? The Pokemon as well? Many Pokemon have been gone, but new species have evolved and emerged as a result. Yes, Pokemon Trainers are still around, as Pokeball technology was found again in a huge salvaging project. The people, some died in the barrier blocs, but for those who are still trapped in a frozen sleep, will awaken whenever the blocs run out of power, which is about now.

But now there is rumor of war with those who want to have the old world back, based on what history wasn't destroyed, but those who are against fighting. The people from the past are key into who will win.

Regular Role Playing rules. (No spamming, flamming, god-modding, bunnying without permission)
Be somewhat literate.
Be respectful of others.
Reservations last 48 hours.
Fake Pokemon allowed, but no new types, only types that exist and must be run down by me.
Minor romance and mild language. Nothing exceeding PG13
You have three chances to make a good SU. After three, you are out of here for good.
You must have at least one existing Pokemon in your party. Any Fakemon made by people of the past will have to be caught after they awaken from hibernation.
Have some fun, and be active on a regular basis.
Put the word 'Origin' somewhere in your post in bold to prove you read the rules.

RP Information: Major Towns

Rewat City: The most industrialized city that is built for the purposes of a military complex. The people in this city are for rebeling against the Legendary Pokemon and bringing back the past world. Since their actions result in recieving no water or food, the water is extracted from the nearby desert and food grown indoors. They are constantly warding off attacks from Rayquaza, Drakia and Ho-oh.

Tegat Village: One of the largest villages, its also known as the 'Gateway Village' because it is placed smack in the middle of where all different land types merge. It is mostly built on the edge of the forest where Celebi rules and influences the everyday lives of the villagers. It is built high on old ruined skyscrapers and mountainous pillars.

Aquiga Village: It is built on ruins of a city that was flooded by the sea. They are able to manage on their own without the blessings or rewards of the legendary Pokemon, but often give tribute to Lugia for protecting them from natural disasters and any Legendary Pokemon who tries to attack the village, with or without reason.

Legendary Pokemon Status: Where they are and what they are doing:
Mew: Recovered from illness. Roams around playfully and keeps people and Pokemon out of trouble. Mew is with the humans when it comes to disputes.

Mewtwo:Partially Recovered. His whereabouts are constantly changing, and he is neutral when it comes to humans. He doesn't follow orders from any higher ranked legendary.

Legendary Birds: Not recovered. They do whatever Arceus tells them to do. They usually do whatever they please, and if something angers them, they'll usually go and destroy it.

Legendary Dogs: Suicune is recovered. Raikou and Entei haven't completely recovered. Suicune keeps a balanced water supply for the people in Tegat Village outside Celebi's word. Raikou and Entei do what they please and have no care for humans.

Lugia:Recovered. Hides out of the eye or Arceus and ventures the sea alone in search for Kyogre, and defends those of Aquiga Village.

Ho-oh:Partially Recovered. He, along with Rayquaza and Drakia make regular attacks on Rewat city because of their pollution and what they might be planning under the cities shield.

Celebi:Not recovered. Rules the forest that borders Tegat Village, and and any other Legendary Pokemon bellow it, Celebi is in charge of. If Celebi doesn't like something, it'll pull food or some other critical resource if it feels like it.

Kyogre and Groudon: Lay dormant somewhere deep within the earth of a sea trench. No one knows their whereabouts, or if they have even lived through the accident so many years ago.

Regi's: Not recovered. They are under command of Regigigas, and do whatever it tells them to do, without question.

Latias and Latios: Both recovered. They keep the people who wander where Celebi rules safe and out of trouble at their own expense. They try to find what is wrong with the other legendary Pokemon, and explore unknown territory that the Legendary Pokemon don't know about.

Jirachi and Deoxys: Recovered. Deoxys was lost in the vast reaches of space, and Jirachi searches for it. They have no human influence what so ever.

Rayquaza: Partially recovered. He also attacks, along with Ho-oh, Rewat City, having the feeling that there is some kind of evil going on under it's shielding roof.

Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf: Not Recovered. They are in charge of the jungle area and are commanded by Celebi, watching over the humans and making sure they don't try anything to resist them.

Dialga and Palkia: Unknown. There whereabouts are unknown, but a rumor goes around that they put themselves in a parallel rift in space and time to solve and find a cure for Arceus.

Heatran: Recovered. Searches for the whereabouts of Groudon and rules over the desert, giving Rayquaza, Ho-oh and Darkia permission to attack Rewat city.

Girantina, Shaymin and Cresselia: They have been missing since the incident generations ago. Any sign of them has been long lost in the recreation of the world.

Manaphy and Phione: Not Recovered. They are in charge of water for everyone, except those in Aquiga Village. They usually listen to Celebi, but this is only a rumor.

Darkai: Partially recovered. Attacks Rewat City on a regular basis, but is also rumored to fight Arceus from time to time for reasons unknown.

Regigigas: Not recovered. Under Arceus, he does whatever is told of him, and controls the legendary Regi's under him.

Arceus: Rules over every Legendary Pokemon and is in control of everything in the newly made world. Arceus is in constant search for the missing legendaries and often sleeps in meditation to find them, leaving others in charge to do some work for it.

Alright, anymore information I'll add later. For the major towns, those are the only ones with official names. There are small villages besides those ones, but those are the major ones. We'll start when we get a few more people and wait for those reserved to finish their SU's.

12-16-2007, 02:10 PM
Hey Saraibre, what should I fix of my sign-up to make it better?

Saraibre Ryu
12-16-2007, 03:44 PM
If you haven't already, your moves on your Fakemon were still dual type. If you haven't fixed that already, then it should be fine.

12-22-2007, 05:41 PM
You know, I want to actually start posting soon. When are the pods going to open?

Saraibre Ryu
12-22-2007, 05:44 PM
Good Guys pods: Already opened by my character.
Bad guys: Open when ever the first bad guys from the past posts. The Barrier bloc malfunctions from the heat.

Remember that the Good Guys are in an unverground cavern, the Bad Guys are in the desert near Rewat City.

Darth Murkrow
12-22-2007, 05:47 PM
Good Guys pods: Already opened by my character.
Bad guys: Open when ever the first bad guys from the past posts. The Barrier bloc malfunctions from the heat.

Remember that the Good Guys are in an unverground cavern, the Bad Guys are in the desert near Rewat City.

Woo! Bad guy fighting for Foster! *Goes to post finding the block*

12-22-2007, 05:50 PM
Good Guys pods: Already opened by my character.
Bad guys: Open when ever the first bad guys from the past posts. The Barrier bloc malfunctions from the heat.

Remember that the Good Guys are in an unverground cavern, the Bad Guys are in the desert near Rewat City.
They are? I was expecting a bit more drama, but I guess I can supply that.

Saraibre Ryu
12-22-2007, 05:52 PM
Well, I only had so much time to start the thread when I did. And dragging it out like I was planning to would take to long.