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Omega is the story of a young boy called Shade who feels out of place in the city of Hearthome. He watches Trainers pass through and wonders if, one day, he’ll ever be able to go out and journey around Sinnoh.

Shade is a tall boy for his age, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He always wears a black T-shirt, black pants and a black belt. He doesn’t really have any friends, preferring to watch Trainers and Pokemon from his lookout halfway up Mt. Coronet. He owns a Snorunt called Glacier that he saved from a freezing winter a year ago.

Shade loves nature, preferring to watch the world from his lookout, explore the forests and swin in the sea. He loves nature because of something that happened two years ago, that will be found out in "Alpha - A Tale of Lore".

He plans to run away from home the coming Christmas, and adventure to all four corners of the Sinnoh Region, but this part only goes up until he reaches the top of Mt. Coronet.

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12-14-2007, 01:24 AM
Chapter 1: The Lookout

Shade looked down over the meadow from his lookout, high above Hearthome in the notorious Coronet ranges. He watched with an insatiable curiosity as a Trainer mounted his gigantic Skarmory, and took off into the air; as the winning co-ordinators came out of the Contest Hall, holding their prize Pokemon, and being interviewed by newsmen; as, way out on the horizon, a Wailord spurted a massive plume of water into the air. How he wished that he could go out into the Sinnoh highlands and discover rare Pokemon, hidden treasure, ancient monum-

'Sno!', came the cry of Shade's Snorunt, Glacier, as it came tumbling down a rocky slope. Shade caught it and put it own beside him.

'Careful there, Glacier, gotta watch out for those slippery rocks' Shade said as Snorunt rushed off to resume climbing the slope. Glacier was Shade's first ever Pokemon, he had found him near the top of Mt. Coronet last winter. In a few weeks, it would be a year since they first met. It would also be Christmas, but Shade didn't really care about that. All over the city, there would be giant trees, topped with Voltorbs and hung with tinsel. He hated it. Last Christmas, he had run away, climbing right to the peak of Mt. Coronet, almost to the summit, where, as he knew from school, there was a monument meant to honour the Pokemon that had created the Sinnoh region.

It was at the peak that he had met Glacier, the smallest Snorunt in it's litter. It had been abandoned by it's brothers and sisters, and was shivering even more than usual for an Ice-type Pokemon. He had picked it up and put him into his warm jacket, where the Snorunt had let off a sigh of relief as warmth spread through it's icy body.

But that was a year ago, and Shade was wondering how he was going to get through this year's festive season. As there would be celebrations in all of the major cities and towns in Sinnoh, Shade was wondering if it was worth running away from home again, and hiding in the mountains as the people celebrated below.

Another cry came as Glacier came tumbling yet again down the slope, and landed with a thud next to Shade. Shade picked him up, brushed the dirt of his cone-shaped body, and gave him a a hug.

‘You know how I feel, don’t you, Glace. You feel out of place down in the town, just as I feel out of place cooped up in the valley, not allowed to adventure further than this lookout.’

All he got in return was a shiver and breath of cold air as the Snorunt looked back up the mountain, wondering if he’d ever see the snow at the top again.


That night, he packed his satchel with spare clothes, food and the Pokeball containing Snorunt. He had decided to leave early in the morning, when the crisp air was warming with the first rays of the sun.

As he left, he saw the family’s Christmas tree, coated with fake snow and covered with sparkling tinsel. But what caught his eye was a small present at the base of the tree. He sneaked over, careful not to wake his father, and picked it up.

It was for him, from his dad. He pocketed it, and returned to the front door. After one last look up the stairs, he grabbed his satchel, hauled it over one shoulder, and headed out into the early morning snow.


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12-14-2007, 03:22 AM
Chapter 2: The Overhang

It was afternoon of the day Shade had left home that he reached the highest peak of the Coronet Ranges. It towered above the mountains beside it, a spire of rock and stone, hundreds of feet high. As Shade gazed up at the mountain, he felt the same feeling he had when he had climbed it last Christmas. He felt a longing, a need to get away and to get as close to the sky as he could. He always felt like this when he was nearing the Ranges, but he never understood why. One day he had climbed the foothills and saw the beauty of the Mountains in a new light. He couldn't remember what had happened that day, but it was the day he haad found the lookout he often gazed across the city from.

Glacier was shivering as it looked up at the snow-encrusted peak, wishingthat he was up there, frolicking through the snow with his brothers and sisters. Shade saw the look on it's face, and picked him up gently.

'Don't worry, Glace, we'll be up there soon. Just keep your mind on climbing and don't look down,' Shade whispered as he put Snorunt down.

They approached the slope, and started to climb. Shade looked up, and saw that there was a trecherous climb to the top. Not to worry, he had climbed it before. He reached up to grab a rock, pulling himself up. He reached again and again, keeping his mind on the repetitive tedium that was climbing. He looked back and saw a determined look on Glacier's face as he climbed, his tiny arms struggling to hold onto the large rocks, shivering as he pulled himself up.

'Keep it up, Glacier, you're doing it!' Shade shouted over a gust of wind that had chosen that instant to blow past. He looked up again. There was still a long way to go.


After a few hours of monotonous climbing, they reached an overhang where they stopped for the night. Shade pulled some food out of his pack, halving it and passing some to a tired looking Snorunt. Glacier looked at Shade, then grabbed the food, chewing happily on the specially made ice and yogurt sandwich.

'Only a little further,' Shade shouted over the wind that was constantly blowing now, 'If I remember correctly, there's a cave that leads to the top a little further up! We'll start climbing tomorrow morning!' He looked around, and saw that Glacier had fallen asleep, in one hand the remains of his unfinished sandwich.

Shade gazed down at the town, the houses as big as ants from this high up. He could just make out the towering town Christmas tree outside the Contest Hall, and the Electrode on top happily discharging energy that lit up the surrounding houses with a bright glow. Shade looked down, happy that he couldn't see it up close. He had no idea why, but he didn't like Christmas. He just felt too crowded. As a matter of fact, he had stopped liking Christmas the time he had begun to felt the longing to climb. But before he had begun to ponder this at depth, he felt sleepy, so he lay down next to his Snorunt, and fell almost instantly to sleep.


Shade was woken early the next morning by a sound that filled the air, louder than the wind rushing past the rocks.

Shade looked out, and just managed to see a white, birdlike Pokemon flying towards the rocks they were sleeping on, crying out in pain.

As he stood up and ran over to the edge, the Pokemon landed with a crash into the ground, and Shade could see what was wrong with it. It had a massive gash down one wing. Shade realised what it was, and ran over to it.

It was a Togekiss, and it seemed to have fainted. He started to pick it up, but it cryed out as soon as he touched it. He sat down, and felt something uncomfortable in his pocket. He pulled it out. It was the present he had taken from under the tree. He felt a pang of sadness that his father was down at the bottom of the mountain, wondering where he was. He put it back in his pocket, and as he did, he brushed a hard, diamond-shaped object. He pulled it out, and to his amazement, it was a Revive.

Shade leant over to the Togekiss and tryed to feed it the Revive, but it didn't seem to want it. After all of this, Glacier had woken up and wandered over. The Snorunt picked up the Revive, then leant over the Togekiss, and held it out. The Pokemon looked up at Glacier, and took a hazardous bite out of the medicinal diamond.

After a few minutes, the Togekiss seemed to have recovered enough energy to lift itself off the ground, and it swooped away.

'Wow. A real Togekiss! They're supposed to be really lucky! But I wonder what hurt it?' Shade wondered aloud.

He suddenly remembered the present he had put back into his pocket, and pulled it out. It was a smallish present that was quite light, and as he opened it, his jaw dropped in amazement.

It was a small, handcarved wooden model of a Togekiss on a metal chain that was apparently supposed to go around the neck.

He put it on as Glacier came over and stood by his leg as they both looked out towards the Togekiss, flying off into the first rays of the sun.


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Chapter 3: The Cave

It was noon, and the heat of the sun on Shade's back was only slightly decreased by the snow around him. The closer he and Glacier got to the summit, the hotter it got, and also the thinner the air got. They were struggling to breathe, having breaks every few minutes of climbing.

They still hadn't reached the cave to the inside of the mountain yet, but Shade knew that it was somewhere above them.

Glacier was having fun rolling around in a mound of snow while Shade was melting some water to drink. They didn't have very much food left and they still had to get down.

The fact that they had seen a Togekiss had helped them with their long, harsh climb, but the euphoria that came from meeting the Joy Pokemon had worn off after another few hours of mindless climbing.

'Hey Glace, shall we start climbing again?' asked Shade, standing up and packing everything back into his satchel.

The Snorunt stopped rolling around in the snow and ran over excitedly to where Shade was waiting.

'I'm sure the cave is up here somewhere, I just can't remember how far up it was,' Shade proclaimed after another few minutes of climbing.

'With our luck, we'll climb all the way to the summit before we reach the cav- Hey, what's this?' Shade asked as he picked up a large, black rectangle that seemed to suck light into it's depths. It seemed to have a weathered inscription on the bac, but Shade couldn't make it out. It was a dark, foreboding black, and it felt smooth and frictionless, as if it were made of air.

He slipped it into his satchel, wondering what it was, and how much it was worth. He thought it looked like Obsidian, but why would he find a volcanic rock at the top of Mt. Coronet?

His train of thought was interrupted by Glacier once again slipping down the icy slopes, squealing with joy. He ran over and picked up a handful of snow, shaping it into a sphere while he ran. When Shade was a few metres away, he threw the snowball and hit the Snorunt square in the cone. Glacier was thrown off his feet and thrown into a mound of snow. He lay there for a second or so, then jumped to his feet laughing in the way only a Snorunt can, e.g, shivering. Glacier picked up a bit of snow in his tiny hands, and threw it with surprising force at Shade, who had his back turned, scraping up another ball of snow. Shade was hit with the tiny ball of snow so hard that he stumbled, crashing forward into the wall of snow that lay against the side of the mountain.

For a moment, neither Shade nor Glacier moved, but then a sheet of snow fell from the wall, showing a wall of pack ice that glimmered and shone in the noon light.

Through the majestic wall, they could see an opening into the mointain, a giant crack through the rock that merged into darkness as it went deeper into the mountain. Shade gazed longingly through the ice, then saw the problem...

'We can't get through!' he proclaimed, as he smashed repeatedly on the ice, to no avail. Shade sat down dejectedly, his head in his hands. Glacier looked up to the top of the mointain, thinking that he'd never see the gleaming white snow, shining on the tiled surface of the summit, the pillars that reached for the heavens encased in ice for the winter, thawing out in the heat of the summer only to freeze again in Autumn. Something clicked inside Glacier, and he looked up at the pack ice, this time focusing as hard as he could on how he wanted to be in the cave.

Glacier's body started to glow, and then it faded to show that the Snorunt had turned to ice. Shade cried out, but then Glacier moved, fluidly and gracefully, towards the wall of ice. As he neared it, he kept going, pasing through the surface as if it were water.

A few ripples expanded around the point Glacier had entered, but eventually they died down, and the wall was back to it's gleaming, sparkling, impenetrable self. Shade put his hands up to the ice, imagining if he could do what Snorunt just did, but as he put his hands up to the wall, there was no resistance and he simply fell through.

He looked around in the head of the cave and saw Glacier sitting in a corner, a gleeful smile on it's face.

He hurried over and picked up his Pokemon. 'That was amazing, Glace!' said Shade, as they slowly walked off into the darkness.


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Chapter 4: The Summit

The cave was cool, unlike the mingle of temperatures outside. In the mountain there was no breeze, only cool air brushing against their faces as they walked. The fact that they were under thousands of tonnes of rock that could collapse at any moment hadn't occured to them, as they were walking along the long tunnel happily.

'I can't wait till we reach the top, can't you Glace?' Shade asked as he picked up a rock and threw it along the tunnel.

'Sno! Sno-run!' Glacier squealed as he slid along a patch of ice that had frozen in a depression on the floor. Shae jumped over the slippery ice, and ran to catch up to Snorunt.

They had been walking for hours, yet they were still buzzing from Snorunt's amazing ability. Shade assumed that it was a sign that Glacier's Pokemon Ability was Ice Body, however, Glacier could also be the world's first Psychic Snorunt. Shade doubted that, though.

After another few minutes of walking, they felt a soft breeze on their faces, wafting with it the smell of clean snow. They grinned at each other, then broke into a run.

They emerged into a winter wonderland, pillars of ice standing up, thrusting their cold fingers into the sky. There was a blanket of untouched snow, clean from an earlier snowstorm. after crunching their way over to a large, tiled spot, free of snow, they sat down and Shade brought out his satchel. He pulled out a stick of dried meat and a few slices of bread for Glacier. The Snorunt gladly took the bread, shovelled a handful of snow between them, and sat there munching on it, a look of ecstasy preading across his face.

Shade was tanding at the edge of the summit, looking down at what was undoubtedly Hearthome City. As he stood, eating his jerky, he felt a shiver of anticipation. His father called the felling "Someone walking across your grave", and Shade hoped that his grave wasn't going to be up here, on the mountian.

He looked back at Snorunt, and saw, to his horror, that there was something standing on top of the pillar Glacier was lying against. Shade realised that it was an Absol, the Disaster Pokemon, and it was looking at Shade with a face full of fury.

It pounced, and Shade only just managed to throw himself out of the Absol's way. At this point, Glacier had noticed the other Pokemon, and had jumped up, angry that another Pokemon was attacking his master. Glacier started to walk purposely toward the Absol, and when the other Pokemon noticed him, he spun around, spraying Absol with a mist of snow.

Absol shook itself off, and jumped at Glacier. Glacier pulled it's arms in from the spin, making it go faster and faster, until the Absol was right above it.

Glacier jumped, headbutting the Absol, causing it to fly and hit a pillar.

Shade had recovered from the jump, and stood up.

'Glace! Use Icy Wind!' he shouted above the wind, wrapping his coat around himself.

Glacier reared back, feeling for the core of ice inside it. He felt the cold rising up, and, shivering, unleashed an intense roar that was colder than the surrounding ice. The jet of cold air raced towards Absol, who was just getting to it's feet. Absol jumbed at the last secong, the jet of air missing it by millimetres.

It landed on all fours, growling at Shade and Glacier. The scythe on it's head started to glow, pulsating in a repetitive pattern. It lowered it's head, then charged Shade.

Shade jumped out of the way for the second time in minutes, but this time not fast enough. His pocket, torn by Absol's Razor Win, had spilled out his unfinished stick of jerky, his carving of a Tgoekiss and the strange, black plate they had found on the way up Mt. Coronet. Absol cautiously looked at what had spilled out, then ate the beek jerky and tried to bite the black plate.

As Absol touched it, the plate suddenly shone with a sickly, unnatural light, bathing Absol in a glow. When the light had cleared, Absol looked even more ominous, if possible. It seemed bigger, it's scythe sharper, and it's eyes glowing a sickly red.

Absol looked up at Shade and Glacier, the look of fury on it's face now mingled with a look of... Evil?

'Quick! Glacier, hit it now with an Ice Fang!' Shade shouted.

Glacier jumped forward, dodging a swipe from Absol's sharp claws. He had almost reached Absol when the Disaster Pokemon feinted left the hit Snorunt with a Sucker Punch from the right.

Snorunt went flying, head over heels into a snow drift. Shade, now unprotected, backed slowly away from the Absol, who was edging forward, it's scythe glowing light purple. As it leapt forward, Shade ducked, and the Absol went soaring over his head.

Snorunt had managed to pull itself out of the snow, and dodged forward with a ball of ice held in it's hand. Absol turned and leapt for Glacier, but the Snorunt had anticipated this, and managed to call up a Protect just as Absol leapt. The Absol hit Snorunt's barrier and crumpled to the ground.

Snorunt spun on the ground, sending a jet of snow toward Absol, covering it with snow. Snorunt then jumped forwards, still spinning, and drilled into the snow, hitting Absol with such force that it was flung out of the snow, and hit a pillar for the last time.

The glow of it's eyes faded, and it seemed to shrink before their eyes. Shade quickly brought out a spare Pokeball he had in his satchel and lobbed it at the bruised Pokemon.

The Absol was transferred into the Pokeball in a jet of red light, and the ball landed on the ground.

The ball swayed slowly, then again, the other way...

The ball trembled once more and...


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During my check to see which old stories need grading, I noticed this, the second in line after Team Devastation's Snowy Avalanche... And I'm going to remark, Elemental, that this story is only about half the length it needs to be to catch an Absol. I suggest you read the <<How to Write Stories>> (urlcut.com/HTWStories) thread.