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04-06-2005, 09:44 PM
Author's note. In an effort to spruce up my stories, and distinguish between Dialogue a bit better,
I have assigned colors, the key is below (but all should be obvious when reading.

Syas speaks in Royal Blue, and thinks in Navy.
Syas' Pokemon speak in Green.
Dalton speaks in Dark Red
Nurse Jennifer speaks in Plum
Nurse Jennifer's Plusle speaks in Dark Orchid
Undeveloped Characters (shop clerks, random trainers, etc.) speak in Sandy Brown

If you would like to read about the events reading up to this story, or Syas, Jennifer, and Dalton in
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Now, on with the story.
Syas sighed softly as his feet found dry ground once more. The attack of the Carvanha had been
curbed and Syas had netted himself a new ally against Dalton in the process. Stretching a bit as
his land legs came back to him, Syas looked around quietly as the other trainers and
crewmembers filed off the boat and past him. His clothes soaked with salt-water from his battle,
Syas went quickly to the town hall, ducking into one of the public restrooms and hastily changing
into some warmer clothes.

Emerging from the restroom, Syas headed to the counter where the other three trainers stood in
line. Waiting his turn, Syas watched as a small bag was handed to each, and with their bags,
each left. Finally approaching the desk, Syas smiled at the woman behind the counter.

“Let’s see…” she said thoughtfully, “You must be Syas… I understand you beat one of the

“I did” Syas responded, nodding lightly, “Or rather, my Medicham did.” he added, still shocked
and ecstatic that his Pokemon had evolved.

“Understood.” She said confidently, handing Syas his bag. “Your reward was doubled for being
one of the trainers to conquer a Sharpedo. Good luck to you, and thanks for the assistance."

Nodding once more in response, Syas took the bag and headed toward the door, eager to start
back to Rustboro. Leaving the small fishing village, Syas headed north along the road, back
toward Rustboro. As he walked, time seemed to slip away from him, and as afternoon turned to
night, Syas’ thoughts were on Nurse Jennifer. His Pokemon would need healing after the long
battle with Sharpedo and Carvanha, but was that the only reason the mousy Nurse stayed on his
mind all day?

Shaking his head to try and clear his thoughts, Syas looked up to see that he had finally arrived
back at Rustboro. As soon as his demeanor had lightened however, he felt the first drop of rain
upon his forehead... followed quickly by thousands more as a downpour started quickly.

Sweltering heat one day, and harsh pelting rain storms the next, what is going on? Syas thought
to himself, considering the strange weather that Hoenn had been experiencing lately. Shaking
the rain out of his hair, and his thoughts from his head, Syas looked up to see a single person,
holding a single lamp, waiting in front of a single open door.

04-10-2005, 04:43 PM
“You poor thing” Nurse Jennifer said as she ushered Syas inside, closing the door and
extinguishing the lamp. Grabbing a towel from her bathroom, she hurried back, beginning to dry
Syas’ hair and face.

“I... can... uh... do this myself...” Syas said nervously, blushing a deep red as he spoke.

“Oh... of course” Jennifer responded, handing Syas the towel as she blushed a bit herself,
“If... If you want, I... there is a change of clothes in your room…” Jennifer said nervously, hanging
her head a bit to mask her blush.

“Clothes? My room?” Syas asked, a bit curious as to why he now had clothes and a room in
the house of a woman he hardly knew.

Nodding and blushing, Jennifer spoke quietly, “I… I didn’t know if you would be coming back… I
just… it... it was nice to have someone else around for once.”

Hanging his head, Syas just nodded, unsure of what to say, or even if he had offended her in
some way. It seemed just his luck that he hadn’t stopped thinking about her, and now here he
was, face to face with her, and not a single word seemed to come from his lips.

“It’s... okay, I shouldn’t have assumed,” Jennifer said softly. “Why don’t you go get changed, and
I will make you some dinner?”

Syas nodded again, still not able to meet her eyes as he walked past her, his shoes sloshing as a
watery footstep was left upon ever place he stepped. Climbing the stairs, Syas ran a hand
through his hair, instantly wishing he hadn’t as even more discarded rain fell from his head onto
the previously clean and dry floor.

Sighing softly, Syas turned the doorknob, entering the room he had stayed in previously. As
promised, Syas found two full changes of clothes on the bed, a handful of berries, probably left
for his Pokemon, and a dry backpack.

As Syas emptied Dalton’s shoulder bag, he smirked a bit as his four Pokeballs fell out onto the
bed. Putting them into specific pockets on the side of the backpack, Syas moved the other damp
contents into his new bag. Finally zipping it up, Syas began removing his wet clothes, throwing
them into a pile near the window.

“Dinner is all read…” Syas heard Jennifer’s voice say from the still open door, turning
instinctively, he was met with her running quickly away, blushing a deep red. Wondering what he
did to make her uncomfortable this time, Syas shrugged and looked down… at his still unclothed

“Great… how could this night get any worse?”

04-13-2005, 10:14 PM
Slamming his head against the wall, Syas sighed. Shaking the now reddened head as he turned
toward his dry clothes, he began to contemplate how he was going to make this up to Nurse
Jennifer. Pulling some boxers on and soon covering them with tan cargo pants, Syas heard the
door open.

Is she going outside in the storm? Syas wondered to himself.

Syas had just reached for a shirt, deciding whether or not to follow Jennifer when his ears were
gifted with the shrill scream of a woman. Eyes widening, Syas grabbed Medicham’s Pokeball
quickly before running to the small landing where the second floor of Jennifer’s house overlooked
the first. Gazing down, Syas was overcome with fright as his eyes took in the scene below him.

Jennifer sat on the ground, backing toward the wall slowly, Dalton standing over her, with a giant
floating head of Ice to his left, and a Kadabra to his right. Clenching a fist, Syas threw the Pokeball
into the air before hand vaulting over the railing of the landing, flipping once on his way down, Syas
landed, gracefully, his right arm outstretched, hand open.

“Dalton!” Syas called, surprised by how intimidating his own voice sounded.

Whirling, Dalton’s face showed no surprise at Syas’ presence. Only raising an eyebrow as the
Pokeball fell softly into Syas' open hand.

“She isn’t part of this Dalton, if you’re here for me, then come.” Syas said sternly, his eyes filled
with a cold determination.

“Heh," Dalton huffed overconfidently, "If you wish to be beaten so badly, then let’s do this Syas”
Dalton finished, his expression turning to anger.

“Jennifer! Run!” Syas called as the Ice Pokemon and Kadabra turned to face him. Syas watched
as Jennifer got to her feet, breathing a soft sigh of relief.

“Not so fast!” Dalton sneered, “Glalie! Ice Beam that wench!”

Syas’ eyes widened in fright as Glalie, the Ice Pokemon, turned toward Nurse Jennifer, taking in a
sharp breath before blowing a cone of cold ice toward her. As the cone faded, Syas saw that
Nurse Jennifer’s feet were now frozen to the floor, rendering her immobile.

Had to ask how it could get worse… didn’t I?

04-13-2005, 11:24 PM
Growling primordially, Syas threw his Pokeball toward the trio of trouble makers, “Go! Medicham!”
he called as the ball opened in midair, releasing the only remaining friend from Syas’ childhood.

“Medicham” the Pokemon exclaimed as it appeared from the red light released by the

Laughing manically Dalton looked toward Syas before breaking the snide smile on his face to
speak. “Kadabra is a Psychic Pokemon Syas! He will rip though your Medicham in no time at
all!” Dalton snickered once more as his finished his statement, “Kadabra! Use your Psychic attack

Syas waited for just the right moment before focusing his thoughts on Medicham, Calm your
mind Medicham, I know you can beat this Kadabra. Even with the wounds from Sharpedo, we
should be okay.

Looking back toward Syas, Medicham nodded, once more reminding Syas of the benefits to
having a Pokemon who could read minds. Watching as Kadabra began to spin around, Syas saw
a small ball of light appear in one of it’s hands.

Throwing the ball into the air, it was obvious that Kadabra could control the ball with it’s left hand
as it hovered in mid-air. Spinning the ball around quicker and quicker, Syas watched as Kadabra
turned it’s spoon around before slamming the light ball down into the curve of the spoon, curving
it toward Medicham.

As the ball of Psychic energy flew toward Medicham, Syas was relieved to see Medicham going
through hand motions similar to those a Shinto Priestess would use in meditation. Watching,
Syas flinched as the ball hit Medicham, exploding into a brilliant display of light, blinding both
Syas and Dalton for a moment.

Clearing his eyes, Syas saw a haze of energy covering where Medicham had been. Looking
back to where Dalton stood, Syas saw him begin to laugh.

“That was pathetic Syas, I expected more than that from you.” Dalton gloated gleefully, secure in
his victory.

Chuckling softly, Syas just folded his arms as the haze of energy cleared, revealing Medicham,
standing defensively relatively unscathed by the attack, “Dalton, Medicham is a Fighting and
Psychic Pokemon. You will have to do better than that if you hope to defeat us.”

Medicham chirped a response, switching her stance to a neutral tone, ready to defend or attack
at a moment’s notice. Her white arms held in front of her while her feet danced slowly upon the
floor, waiting to react to Kadabra’s action.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself Syas! You’re outnumbered, remember?” Dalton replied, indicating
the two Pokemon on his side of the field.

He’s right… how can I even things up?

04-14-2005, 01:37 AM
Alright, an Ice Pokemon and a Psychic Pokemon, what do you think Medicham?

Looking back at her trainer, Medicham nodded, her eyes shifting to the left. Subtlety looking to
the left, Syas saw the Ice Pokemon, Glalie.

Of course, Ice Pokemon are weak to Fighting Attacks! Let’s hit it with a Hi Jump Kick!

Nodding, Medicham spun around, facing down Kadabra and Glalie. Extending her hands and
interlocking her fingers, Medicham cracked her knuckles, before beginning to shuffle her feet as
she fell into an offensive fighting stance.

Watching the two curiously Dalton shrugged before speaking, “So Psychic Attacks don’t work,
let’s see how Medicham likes my Kadabra’s Fire Punch!”

Watching Kadabra, Syas studied it intently as it started to focus its concentration, Kadabra’s left
fist beginning to glow before finally bursting alive with flame. If this attack hit Medicham, it could
definitely leave her hurting.

Try to use your Reversal training to make Kadabra’s momentum against himself Medicham,
then launch a Hi Jump Kick as Glalie.

Nodding that it understood it’s Trainer’s wishes, Medicham fell back into a defensive position as
Kadabra flew forward with surprising speed, its flaming fist aimed for Medicham’s chest. Syas
could do nothing but watch, such was a Trainer’s flaw, and as Kadabra got closer, Syas began to
wonder if it was too quick for Medicham.

Watching in eager anticipation, Syas could see the same look in Dalton’s eyes. Something about
sharing the same emotion as his rival scared Syas, yet somehow comforted him. Watching
Kadabra’s fist come into contact with Medicham, Syas sighed, but soon smiled brightly as
Medicham rolled onto her back, using her legs to vault Kadabra into a wall. She hadn’t been hit
at all; she had merely waited until the last possible moment to act.

Now! Hit Glalie with a High Jump Kick!

Responding to her Trainer’s instruction, Medicham rolled back onto her hands, vaulting off the
floor against the wall that Kadabra lay stunned against. Touching the wall with her feet,
Medicham used it as push point, taking off at Glalie with extra velocity. As she soared through
the air, Syas looked to Dalton, who, for the first time since their reunion, looked worried.

“CHAM!” Medicham shouted as her foot hit its mark upon Glalie. Using Glalie’s face as a
springboard, Medicham flipped backward, landing next to Syas.

Watching Glalie, Syas was please to see a large crack rip through the Pokemon. Syas knew a
night in the PokeCenter would cure Glalie, but for now, he was out of the fight. As if to prove his
point, Glalie’s large eyes closed, and it crashed to the ground.

“Glalie! Back!” Dalton cried, flabbergasted as he held out a black and yellow Pokeball, recalling
Glalie to its confines, “Kadabra! Teleport to me!”

Syas whirled toward where Kadabra lied against the wall just as it disappeared into thin air.
Turning back to Dalton, Syas saw the injured Kadabra standing in front of Nurse Jennifer.

“Kadabra! Recover!” Dalton cried, a gleam of madness in his eyes.

Syas watched helpless as Kadabra focused it’s concentration once more, a light blue glow covering
it’s body for a few seconds before disappearing, along with Kadabra’s wounds.

“Checkmate Syas!” Dalton taunted, a smirk of cruelty on his lips, “You’ve seen how fast my
Kadabra can Teleport. If Medicham tries a Hi Jump Kick, I will have it Teleport away and you will
hurt your precious little girlfriend here….”

“Don’t worry about me Syas! Just beat him!” Jennifer cried, tears in her eyes as she saw Dalton
planned to use her against Syas.

Great! Now what am I supposed to do?

04-14-2005, 02:47 AM
“Syas!” Jennifer called, “Snap out of it!” huffing in frustration, she turned to Medicham,
“Medicham! Use your Hi Jump Kick! It’s okay!”

Turning to her Trainer, Medicham didn’t need to read Syas’ mind to know what he wished of her.
Returning to a defensive stance, Medicham awaited Syas’ instructions.

“Now for part two of the plan Syas!” Dalton said, his voice dripping with pride, “Kadabra’s normal
Psychic attack may not be able to hurt Medicham much, but after some time to use its Calm Mind
technique, Medicham will be history. Sit and watch as your defeat rears its head Syas!”

“I’m sorry Jennifer…” Syas said hanging his head to avoid her eyes, but more importantly, to
avoid Dalton’s. As long as Dalton’s Kadabra could Teleport, Syas couldn’t do anything.

I’m sorry old friend; it looks like we were beaten this time… I have a plan to make it so you take
as little damage as possible, but we can’t risk hurting Jennifer.

“Kadabra! Continue to focus and use your Calm Mind technique” Dalton said through his cackles,
“Medicham will fall to you soon!”

“Okay Medicham! Let’s make this as peaceful on you as possible.” Syas said softly, “Meditate to
calm yourself…”

...and raise your Attack potential, if we see an opening, we need to be ready!

Laughing, Dalton nodded enthusiastically, “That’s right Syas, give in to your defeat.”

Echoing in his words, Syas could hear Jennifer’s tears, she no doubt hated him by now. His hair
cascading around him as his face was pointed toward the ground; Syas looked through the falling
hair, waiting for a sign of weakness from Kadabra.

I don’t know Medicham, it seems that we won’t get an opening, just keep Meditating incase.

“That’s right! Make your peace Medicham, you’ll be beaten badly soon!” Dalton teased, “Use your
Calm Mind Technique once more Kadabra, then we will be in good shape to show Syas what real
power is.”

“It’s alright Medicham, just keep Meditating…” Syas said, a definite lack of confidence in his

Chuckling darkly, Dalton pointed toward Medicham, “Now Kadabra use your boosted Psychic

Syas watched as Kadabra once more spun around, summoning Psychic energy. As the ball of
energy formed, Kadabra once more brought it down into the slope of his spoon, propelling it
toward Medicham.

04-14-2005, 03:47 AM
“PLUUSSSSLE!” the small voice cried, making Syas’ head snap upward.

While Syas had been staring at the ground, and Dalton was distracted, Nurse Jennifer had been
able to reach Plusle’s Pokeball and released him.

“Plusle! Thunder Wave Kadabra!” Jennifer pleaded with the small Pokemon. Nodding happily,
Plusle bounced up once, and discharged a small amount of energy from between her ears,
paralyzing Kadabra in a wave of electricity.

“Medicham! Plusle did the hard work! All we have to do is survive this attack! Psych Up and
take the blow!” Syas exclaimed frantically as the Psychic attack came flying in at Medicham.

Bringing her arms in front of her, Medicham closed her eyes as the Psychic attack hit her square
in the chest. As the dust settled, Syas saw that Medicham had indeed been quick enough to
Psych Up and copy Kadabra’s reinforced strength. Staring at the Kadabra crackling with
electricity, Medicham drew it’s hands in front of her, anticipating Syas’ command.

“Medicham! Use a Shadow Ball!” Syas said, the water that had just moments ago threatened to
fall from his eyes finding their path down his face, for a totally different reason.

“Shadow Ball?!? How did Medicham learn that?!?” Dalton barked as Medicham began to gather
a plasma like energy between her hands.

“From your Banette Dalton,” Syas said smirking happily, “Medicham’s a quick study!”

“CHAM!” Medicham cried, hurling the vicious sphere toward the paralyzed Kadabra.

“Kadabra! Teleport away!” Dalton cried in vain.

Kadabra concentrated a moment before the paralysis fully took it, rendering it immobile as the
Shadow Ball slammed into it.

As Medicham fell back into a battle stance, Syas smirked once more, “You lose again Dalton,
now take your Pokemon and get out of here before Medicham lands a Hi Jump Kick to the back
of your head.”

“This isn’t over Syas!” Dalton said, recalling Kadabra to it’s Pokeball, “No more trainers will come
from around here, I'll see to that, Team Twilight will conquer everything, even you!” Dalton finished
as he ran from the house.

No more Trainers from the area? What does Dalton mean? Team Twilight? Maybe this is
bigger than just Dalton and I.

04-14-2005, 04:20 AM
“Hold on Jennifer” Syas said after checking her over for obvious injuries, “We’ll have you out of
that ice in a second,” he finished as he ran upstairs, into his room to retrieve his other Pokeballs,
grabbing a shirt, Syas turned and ran back downstairs to find Medicham in perfect health.
Raising an eyebrow at Nurse Jennifer, Syas shrugged, throwing one of his Pokeballs toward her
and Medicham as he approached.

“Blaziken, I need your help with something.” Syas said as the Flaming Chicken of Martial Arts
appeared from the Pokeball.

“Blaze!” the Poultry of Pounding responded as it appeared from the Pokeball, and once more
Syas was surprised as how easily it might be to mistake Blaziken for a normal human person
from behind.

“Use an Ember Attack to melt that ice please,” Syas instructed, “and be careful…” he added,
looking back up to Jennifer and smiling softly.

Nodding, Blaziken coated his right hand in a small amount of flame before sending a miniature
fire ball at the block of ice around Jennifer’s feet. Syas watched nervously, but true to someone
with the discipline of Blaziken, the heat was just enough to melt the ice without hurting Jennifer.

“Syas…” Jennifer said softly, rushing forward and enveloping him in a tight embrace, “I was so

Gulping nervously, Syas looked to his two Pokemon, but knew that this was one situation they
couldn’t help him with. Unsure of what to do, Syas returned the embrace cautiously, enjoying the
feel of his arms around Nurse Jennifer for the moment.

“I… need to follow him,” Syas whispered softly, not sure he would have the strength to leave if
she was unwilling to let go.

“I... know” she responded, “I… used a Full Restore on Medicham, she is in perfect health now.”

Nodding, Syas started to pull away from her, though as he did so, Jennifer leaned up and
kissed him softly, her lips barely gracing his. “Go get him…” she said quietly.

Blushing and dumbfounded, Syas looked back toward Medicham and Blaziken, calling them both
into their respective Pokeballs. Turning back towards Jennifer, he smiled warmly, well aware
that he was probably as red as Blaziken right now.

“I… have to… right…” he said, stumbling in step and in word as he headed to the door, not sure
if he was thankful for the break from embarassment as he let himself out, stepping into the
dark rainy night.

04-14-2005, 04:58 AM
“…use Role Play to make them think you are a Poochyena...” Dalton’s voice echoed from the
edge of town. Listening only a moment to discern the direction of the sound, Syas took off
running toward the northern edge of town.

“…now use your Taunt to force them to attack!” Dalton instructed as Syas cleared what he hoped
was the last rise before he saw what his rival was up to. Cresting the top of the hill, Syas looked
down into the dark valley below, barely making out four small forms and one large form.
Breaking into a run, Syas headed toward the group.

“…now Teleport us out of here Kadabra!” Dalton said, grabbing onto one of the smaller forms and
disappearing as Syas skidded to a halt at the edge of the valley.

What is he up to this time? Syas wondered to himself as the remaining three forms began
searching out something within the tall grasses of the valley.

Walking forward, Syas heard scuffling to his right, grabbing for Blaziken’s Pokeball as he turned
to the right, Syas saw a Poochyena run out of the grass, seemingly scared of Syas as it ran
farther into the valley. Smirking as the little critter ran off, Syas walked forward a bit more before
all three forms stopped simultaneously, turning their heads toward the spooked Poochyena, the
three started running forward, a loud cry of “TY!” echoing through the valley as they did so.

Syas watched in stunned horror as the three forms leapt at the Poochyena. The trio seemed to
converge on the poor frightened Pokemon all at once. Releasing a pitiful whine, the Poochyena
fainted, the pile of shadowy forms jumping off it, running in unison to the left.

What are they up to now? Syas wondered, watching the three move with brutal efficiency.

“TY!” the call echoed once more as all three converged on a patch of grass, a startled
Poochyena jumping out from the underbrush as he was attacked from three directions.

With the same cold tactics demonstrated before, the three made short work of the startled

What’s causing them to do this? Syas wondered to himself as the three once more took to
the prowl. Wait… Poochyena… that is what Dalton had his Pokemon Role Play to appear
as… Syas pondered, trying to piece together the puzzle, Then Dalton had it use Taunt, to
force these three to attack…and then Teleported away! They will attack every Poochyena
if I don't stop them! Dalton's right, that would seriously hinder any up and coming trainers
from the area!

Running forward, Syas cut off the three on there way to their next victim, looking down at the
three, Syas noted a few things. First, they were all Tyrogues, a Fighting type Pokemon,
surprising considering how much Syas thought Dalton hated fighting types. The second odd
thing about the trio was their physiques, while one had legs more muscular than the others, the
second had more defined arms, with the third seeming to be a balance between the two.

“Sorry guys, but someone is gonna have to teach you all some discipline. Three of you should be
easy to take down with three brains!” Syas said sternly as he pulled a Pokeball from his pocket,
throwing it toward the three Tyrogues “Go! Dodrio!”

04-14-2005, 05:29 AM
“Do! Do! Do!” three voices said in unison as Dodrio appeared from the Pokeball. Springing forth,
the three headed Pokemon taking in it’s surroundings and the three Tyrogue in front of it.

“TY!” the three chimed in unison, understanding that they were being challenged, falling back into
attack positions, the three seemed to be waiting for Dodrio’s move. The first raising one leg off
the ground, ready to lay down a kick at a moment’s notice, the second bringing his hands in front
of him the way a professional boxer would, the third flipping backwards and standing on it’s

“Dodrio! Tri-Attack!” Syas called, watching as the beak of each of Dodrio’s heads began to glow
with an element, Fire for the first, Ice for the second, and finally Electricity for the third. Watching
intently, Syas saw each one of the three heads attack independently of the others, each targeting
one of the Tyrogues.

As the head representing Fire dove it’s beak down to attack the Boxer styled Tyrogue, Syas was
shocked to see his fist shoot out at Mach speed to land a Punch to Dodrio before it’s beak found
it’s target. Dodrio was apparently shocked by this as well, missing Tyrogue entirely. Turning,
Syas saw Dodrio’s Ice Beak landing a hit against the Tyrogue with one foot on the ground,
knocking him backwards a bit, but not doing too much damage. Sighing, Syas watched the little
guy jump into the air, soaring toward Dodrio.

That looks just like Medicham’s Hi Jump Kick technique! Syas thought to himself in surprise.

Landing its hits, the Kick heavy Tyrogue back-flipped three times, landing next to his companions.

What is it with these things? They are tougher than they look!

Watching as the third head was brought down on the upside down Tyrogue, Syas smiled as a
shock of electricity ran through the Fighting Pokemon, paralyzing it.

These three are too strong together! I need to drop one soon or there won’t be much I can do
to stop them! Syas realized, Well, I think the best thing to do now is sacrifice Dodrio to take
one of them out.

“Okay Dodrio, show them the discipline you have learned from me! Return Attack!” Syas called as
the three heads nodded together.

The Boxer Tyrogue once more beat Dodrio out of the gate by landing another Mach speed Punch
to the three headed bird. Shaking it off this time, Dodrio drew all three of it’s heads back,
shooting them each out quickly at the paralyzed Tyrogue. Watching all three hit in unison, Syas
nodded as the Tyrogue flew backward toward a tree, slumping to the ground.

Maybe Dodrio can beat them! Syas thought, as he watched the second Tyrogue launch
another Hi Jump Kick, landing a hard blow to Dodrio. Or… Maybe not Syas concluded,
considering Dodrio’s health and his next move.

“Dodrio! Return!” Syas called, holding out its Pokeball and recalling the injured bird to it’s safe
spherical home, “Go! Cacturne and Blaziken!” Syas cried, throwing two Pokeballs toward the
two remaining Tyrogue.

“Cac!” The cactus-like Pokemon called as it was released, taking in the fight it was in for.

“Blaze!” it’s partner answered, coming onto the field in a blaze of flame, already taking an
offensive stance.

04-14-2005, 06:05 AM
“TY!” the duo cried, the Boxer Tyrogue holding back it’s speed to attack in perfect unison with his
partner. Syas was opening his mouth to call out instructions as the two attacked Cacturne, fist
and foot hitting the Pokemon simultaneously, sending it flying backward at an alarming rate.
Turning his head, Syas watched Cacturne land in the ground about fifteen feet away, and lay

They just fainted Cacturne! Syas’ mind screamed.

Calling the fallen Cacturne back to his Pokeball, Syas sighed before throwing his second to last
Pokeball into the fight, “Go Medicham!”

Syas felt bad about relying on Medicham to fight all his battles, but with Dodrio and Cacturne shut
down, that left the choice of Medicham or Ampharos, and although Ampharos’ training was going
alright, the Kid who had traded him to Syas had known little about training Pokemon, and
in Syas’ mind, Ampharos was still a ways away from being reliable in battle.

Watching Medicham take shape from the red light, Syas chuckled to himself a bit, maybe the
reason Medicham didn’t have a problem with it is because it could read Syas’ thoughts, and know
that he has no other choice.

Nodding to Medicham, he brought his attention back to the fight at hand, with Blaziken and
Medicham facing off against the two Tyrogue. Contemplating the scene for a second, Syas made
a mental note to speak his commands, that way Blaziken would know what Medicham was doing.

“Blaziken, Peck the one that keeps using Hi Jump Kicks; Medicham, use Confusion on that one,
and be careful, his attacks are lightning fast!” Syas commanded, watching his Pokemon jump into
the fray with the two Tyrogues.

Syas watched, stricken dumb by the raw speed of the Boxer’s attacks. Watching as again and
again a quick fist found Medicham’s body and face, hitting her a total of four times before
Medicham finally recovered, moving her arms in a rhythmic motion and twirling, slowly at first, but
gaining speed and intensity with each rotation of her body. Finally stopping, Medicham thrust
both her arms out at a very dizzy Tyrogue, Psychic energy flying from her hands and surrounding
Tyrogue’s head. Concentrating a moment, Medicham pushed her hands back together, the
crown of energy around Tyrogue tightening as Medicham’s hands got closer together. Finally
smirking, Medicham clapped her hands together, the energy assaulting Tyrogue relentlessly.

Smirking, Syas turned his focus to Blaziken, checking on his fight. As Syas looked over, the
Tyrogue had just launched a Hi Jump Kick. Blaziken raised his hands quickly to block, curbing
some of the damage from the attack, sliding back a bit as the force hit his forearms. Dropping his
arms while Tyrogue was about to vault away, Blaziken’s beak shot out quickly Pecking Tyrogue
before it could get away.

Taking in the fight up until this point, Syas realized he wasn’t sure who was winning, although
Medicham seemed to have the upper hand in her fight, Blaziken was a bit worse off than the
Tyrogue he faced.

04-15-2005, 05:12 AM
As the two Tyrogue fell back into their attack position, the left one raising a well muscled leg, the
right one bringing his arms up in front of him, Syas shook his head and sighed. It seemed the
more damage the duo took, the tougher they became.

“Blaziken, let’s try to trip them up with a Flamethrower!” Syas cried, watching the two Tyrogue
switch opponents, the large armed one flying toward Blaziken with another lightning quick flurry
of blows. Cringing as Syas anticipated the connection of the blows. Impressed by Blaziken’s focus
as each vicious hit landed, Syas watched as his chest arched forward, pulling his two talons back
as one might see a weightlifter do when bench pressing.

“Blaze! Ken!” The shrill clucking voice screamed, its clenched fists bursting into blazing flame.

Watching as Blaziken shot his arms up toward the sky before spinning them once, Syas found
himself hypnotized as the trails of flame burned a few moments after Blaziken’s hands had
moves, casting an eerie light onto the fight in the dark, finishing the ritual of the maneuver,
Blaziken released a torrent of flame upon the Tyrogue, a cloud of black smoke rising quickly from
the smoldering Pokemon. As the soft twilight breeze swept in and washed away the smoke,
Syas was moderately disappointed to see the Tyrogue still standing, badly scorched, ready to
unleash another round of attacks.

Concentrating a moment, Syas was surprised to see the Tyrogue’s fist begin to cover with a
hardened layer of Ice. Thinking quickly, he returned his attention to Blaziken.

“Blaziken! Use Fire Punch to counter Tyrogue’s Ice Punch!” Syas called to his Pokemon, it’s fist
bursting into flickering flames of red and orange with little to no focus required.

Launching himself toward Tyrogue as Tyrogue sped toward him, Blaziken met Tyrogue’s icy fist
with his flaming one. Resulting crackles of energy shock-waved out from the two, making every
hair on Syas’ neck stand up on end as he tried to determine who had one that matching of
Elemental Punches.

“Blaze” Syas’ Blaziken said sternly as the ice around Tyrogue’s fist shattered, along with the
bones within Tyrogue’s hand, rendering it completely useless.

“Finish it off with a Roundhouse Blaze Kick Blaziken!” Syas cried enthusiastically, watching as
Blaziken moved in perfect trained form, spinning quickly on the ball of one foot, swinging his
other around in a Roundhouse Kick, flames trailing the quick and powerful move.

Cheering as the Blaze Kick hit home, Syas watched the second Tyrogue fly back, landing hard
against the ground, remaining motionless.

Quickly turning to Medicham, Syas’ eyes widened as he saw his old friend on the verge of defeat,
if he didn’t do something quickly, Medicham would be out of the fight, even with two Tyrogues
down, Syas had one hell of a fight ahead of him.

04-15-2005, 05:43 AM
“Alright Blaziken, Double Kick!” Syas called as he ran closer to Medicham’s battle, his voice filled
with fear and doubt, “Medicham! Fall back!”

Watching his trusted companion fall back as Blaziken soared past him, connecting with the final
Tyrogue twice, sending it skidding back in the ground. Standing defensively in front of his
partner, Blaziken’s talons once more became enveloped in flames. Obviously he was not happy
that Medicham was in such bad shape.

“Alright Medicham! Start using your Recover technique, Blaziken should be able to buy you the
time you need!” Syas instructed, watching Medicham pull her legs up under her, sitting cross-
legged and hovering in mid-air as she began to focus her energy into healing her wounds.

“Blaziken! We need to stall Tyrogue as long as possible so Medicham can heal! Use a Fire Spin
to trap it!” Syas called, returning his attention to the fight, satisfied that Medicham was now okay.

Nodding, Blaziken began to move its arms in large circles, concentrating on the rhythm and
precision of it’s movements as Tyrogue prepared an attack. It’s eyes burning with the flame of
it’s rage due to Medicham’s condition further fueled the maneuver as Blaziken’s glazed look
instantly changed to one of tight focus.

“Ken!” it called, thrusting it’s arms forward as three rings of flame shot forward, encircling Tyrogue
as he rushed forward, the circle of flame beginning to constrict, but not yet burning Tyrogue.

“Blaziken! Block High! He is gonna use a Hi Jump Kick!” Syas called, used to the limited amount
of techniques this Tyrogue seemed to know. Watching satisfied as Blaziken brought it arms
across the top half of his body, Syas was hopeful that perhaps Medicham wouldn’t have to return
to battle at all.

“TY!” the final Tyrogue called as it quickly dropped to the ground, landing a Low Kick to the back
of Blaziken’s legs, knocking his feet out from under him and dancing back as Blaziken thudded to
the ground.

Crap! Syas thought to himself, I was wrong, I didn’t know Tyrogue knew Low Kick, so much
for a quick win…

Watching Blaziken quickly hop back to his feet, Syas was happy that Blaziken was well-fit and
light weight, a heavier Pokemon would probably be hurt more when taking as harsh a fall as
Blaziken had.

Looking over his shoulder, Syas noticed that Medicham was still covered in wounds, if she was
going to Recover, Blaziken would have to hold out a bit longer.

04-15-2005, 06:03 AM
Turning back to Blaziken and Tyrogue, Syas watched as the Tyrogue unleashed a Hi Jump Kick,
sending Blaziken reeling backward before he could find his footing. Digging his right foot into the
ground a bit, Blaziken’s demeanor took on a determined air.

“Alright Blaziken, let’s try to get in a Quick Attack while he prepares his next maneuver!” Syas
commanded, watching as the muscles in Blaziken’s right foot flexed for a brief second before he
disappeared, reappearing past the Tyrogue.

Did Quick Attack miss? Syas wondered, examining the scene, both Pokemon
motionless, backs to each other.

As if to answer his question, Tyrogue was hit by some invisible force and pushed backward,
taking some heavy damage to its chest. Responding to Blaziken’s attack, Tyrogue leapt to the
attack, attempting to bring Blaziken down with a brutal Tackle.

“Blaziken rake your talons across it! Use a Slash attack!” Syas called, watching Blaziken’s fist
open, his razor sharp talons glinting in the moonlight. Looking up at the thought of the moon,
Syas found himself away from the fight for a moment, wondering what time it was, and whether
or not Jennifer was worried about him.

“Blaze!” the voice cried, awakening Syas from his thoughts as Blaziken flew past him. Shaking all
thoughts except for winning the fight from his mind, Syas looked to the Tyrogue as Blaziken
rolled into a backflip and landed, skidding a bit in the grass.

Tyrogue stood defiantly, three large gashes visible on its chest. Despite it’s bad condition, it
seemed to be gaining the upper hand time and time again on Blaziken. One knee raised to keep
one foot off the ground, Tyrogue inspected its rival and Trainer, before deciding on its next
course of action.

Turning to inspect Blaziken, Syas saw that he was beginning to tire from the fight, and that
combined with its already heavy wounds would spell disaster soon if Syas couldn’t do something
about it.

“TY!” the Tyrogue screamed, launching a Hi Jump Kick toward Blaziken. Syas wasn’t sure
whether or not it was his imagination, but it seemed this Kick would be more powerful than the
last; it was definitely faster as well. If Tyrogue hit, Blaziken would be out of the fight, and Syas
would be down to only Ampharos.

04-15-2005, 06:23 AM
Syas couldn’t bear to watch, closing his eyes as Tyrogue flew threw the air, sure to knock
Blaziken unconscious.

This is it, if Blaziken and Medicham were beaten, what good will Ampharos be? the question
seemed to echo through Syas’ mind without any conscious effort on his part to ask it.


Well, that is it, Blaziken is down and thanks to me… … … wait… Med? Syas’ eyes shot open
to verify what he knew his ears heard, believing it to good to be true.

Gazing in wonder, Syas saw his Pokemon had reversed rolls, Blaziken was now kneeling down,
trying to regain its breath and rest a bit from battle while Medicham stood in front of him
defensively, her arm raised in defense against the Hi Jump Kick that Tyrogue had just landed
against her.

Smiling brightly, Syas nodded to Medicham, “Welcome back to the fight!” he joked through a wide

“Med!” she responded, a hint of humor in her voice as she spoke.

“Alright then, enough fooling around. Medicham, let’s hit Tyrogue with a Hi Jump Kick of our
own!” Syas instructed, happy to have Medicham back in the fray. Syas trusted his Blaziken with
his life, and he didn’t like him less than Medicham, maybe it was due to their history, but
Syas just felt better when he was working with Medicham.

Nodding to her Trainer, Syas wondered if she had just read his thoughts, not really sure whether
he would want her to know that he favored her, Syas watched Medicham bounce off one leg,
soaring toward Tyrogue.

This could be it! Syas thought to himself, full of hope.

As he continued to watch though, Syas saw Tyrogue had not yet moved. Wondering what the
little runt was planning, Syas’ ponderings were soon answered as Tyrogue quickly dove to the
side, dodging Medicham, who continued soaring and struck a tree, hurting herself.

Watching Medicham get up from where she had fallen to the ground after striking the birch tree,
Syas cringed as he saw she was limping a bit.

This is just not my night….

Quickly flipping back to Syas’ side, Medicham just looked up at her Trainer, a look of sorrow in
her eyes. Syas knew this look well, Medicham had felt she failed him.

04-15-2005, 06:53 PM
Syas shook his head smiling warmly at Medicham, reassuring her that he was in fact, not angry.
She had tried her best, and that was all Syas could ask from any of his Pokemon. Watching her
fall into a defensive position in front of him, Syas laid a hand upon her shoulder, reminding his
friend once more that she was doing fine.

With renewed vigor, Medicham danced forward a bit, her feet seeming to barely touch the ground
as she circled with Tyrogue, each waiting for the other to move first. Tyrogue seemed hell-bent
on destroying Medicham and ending this fight. Looking into its eyes, Syas saw that Tyrogue and
Medicham had quite a bit in common right now. Both were confident in themselves, expecting
the other to make a mistake, but more importantly, they both had the same look in their eyes…

Medicham fought to protect Syas and her other teammates, intent on doing whatever was
necessary to see that no further harm came to anyone while she was still standing. Blaziken had
taken quite a beating to allow her time to Recover, and now Medicham was doing her best to
make sure his sacrifice was not in vain.

Tyrogue on the other hand was the last of its brothers to be standing, and although it was badly
injured, it wasn’t ready to admit defeat. It was brilliant and admirable in its defiance, and Syas
found himself respecting the Pokemon much more so than even those with proper training.
Tyrogue knew if he fell, that he would be letting his companions down, and with the determined
gleam in his eyes, Syas couldn’t help but wonder if this lone fighter might win the battle on
courage alone.

“Alright Medicham, I want you to try something for me, bow to Tyrogue.” Syas said softly, his
voice carrying upon the light moisture in the nighttime air.

Raising an eyebrow, Medicham didn’t understand why Syas had asked her to do such a thing, but
obeyed regardless of her own doubts. Clasping her hands together, Medicham bowed

Let’s see the little guy’s reaction to this… Syas thought to himself, aware that Medicham had
probably picked up on that notion.

Tilting its head to the side and giving a confused look, the Tyrogue stopped in its tracks a
moment, before clasping its own hands together, and returning Medicham’s sign of respect.

“I thought so…” Syas murmured quietly, smiling a bit more, “He wants a good fight Medicham, let’s
not keep him waiting!”

04-15-2005, 07:27 PM
“Alright Medicham! Unleash a Hi Jump Kick Attack!” Syas called, realizing that the Tyrogue was
on its last leg, and though Medicham had hurt herself when she crashed, a hit from Medicham’s
Hi Jump Kick might just knock the little trooper out.

Jumping up into the air, Medicham flew toward Tyrogue, her natural velocity receiving a push
from her Psychokinetic powers. Gliding threw the air, Medicham appeared as natural as a fish
was in water, in total control, she seemed flawless.

Watching Tyrogue, Syas nodded approvingly as he himself used his strong legs to thrust himself
into air toward Medicham. Twisting his body as it left the ground; Tyrogue brought his mighty
legs forward, aiming his own Hi Jump Kick at Medicham.

Syas turned his head away as the two collided, once again feeling a shockwave of pure power
ripple through the battleground. Turning back to see the results of the collision, Syas saw
Tyrogue fall against the same Birch Tree that his first brother had landed against, sliding down
into the medium length grass.

Medicham on the other hand, had taken a brutal attack, but was standing calmly, her body in
attack position as she waited to see if her opponent would stand back up. When a few moments
had passed and Tyrogue had not returned to the fight, Syas saw her relax.

“Medicham, go check on Blaziken!” Syas instructed, opening his bag and beginning to shuffle
through everything. Vaguely aware of Medicham bounding off to follow his orders, Syas
continued his search.

One…. Two… oh, come on… I know there is a third empty Pokeball in here. Where is it?
Syas wondered to himself, intent on capturing these three Tyrogues.

“TY!” The shrill cry echoed through the valley, ripping Syas from his thoughts. Shooting his head
up from his bag, Syas saw the balanced Tyrogue flipping toward him.

Damn! Don’t these things give up? Has he just been paralyzed all this time? Syas
wondered, his eyes on the quickly approaching form., He’ll get here before Medicham or
Blaziken can, and with Dodrio and Cacturne out of the fight, I guess I only have one option.

Pulling the last Pokeball he carried from the remaining spot on his bag, Syas threw it toward the
flipping Tyrogue.

Let’s hope this works! Syas' thoughts echoed.

“Go! Ampharos!” his voice called as the ball opened, bringing his final Pokemon into the fray.

04-15-2005, 07:55 PM
“Am…” the large yellow Pokemon said as it appeared from the confines of its Pokeball. Turning
its head back to look at Syas, it simply finished “…pharos?”

“It’s time to show how worthwhile you are to the team Ampharos! Hit that Tyrogue with Thunder
and end the battle!” Syas cried, praying Ampharos would remember their training with the
Thunder technique.

Nodding an understanding at its new Trainer, Ampharos rushed forward, its fist crackling with
electricity as it prepared to unleash a Thunder Punch upon the Tyrogue only a few feet away

What the hell?... Damnit! Thunder! THUNDER! Not Thunder Punch you over-dressed sheep!
Syas’ mind cried as his Pokemon used the wrong move, Tyrogue will counter that with

Syas sighed to himself as Ampharos fist shot out, sparking as it sped toward Tyrogue. Watching
somewhat amused, Syas saw the Tyrogue spring forward onto its head, splitting its legs apart as
Ampharos’ hand passed through nothing but air. Seconds later the Tyrogue landed a Triple Kick
to the back of Ampharos as he twirled past him like a child’s top.

Watching the Tyrogue flip back onto his feet and Ampharos get knocked to the ground, Syas just
sighed once more, knowing that as much as he wanted to blame this on Ampharos, it simply
wasn’t his fault. Syas had not found the time to properly train it, and obviously its previous
trainer had been somewhat of a dimwit.

“Ampharos! Get up and use Thunder! Not Thunder Punch, Thunder!” Syas instructed, trying to
keep his cool with the Pokemon as it rose to it’s feet, dusting itself off lightly. Nodding to Syas,
Ampharos began to dance from one foot to the other, static electricity beginning to sparkle along
it’s body.

“AMP!” the Pokemon screeched as it let loose the previously stored energy, a wide thunderbolt
arching out from Ampharos toward Tyrogue. Anticipating the attack though, Tyrogue easily
dodged the electricity by jumping straight up into the air as the Thunder attack harmlessly
grounded out.

“TY!” it called as it began to Rapidly Spin it’s body, its legs drilling toward a spent Ampharos.
Syas knew the attack would hit, Ampharos was just not used to battling, it didn’t have the
endurance required to quickly recover from a major drain like using Thunder. As Tyrogue
continued it helicopter like attack, Syas could only watch as Ampharos was hit hard, and after
falling to the ground, closed its eyes, Tyrogue in the same condition he was when Ampharos had
come out.

Checking over his shoulder, Syas saw that Blaziken and Medicham were nearly back up to him,
recalling Ampharos, Syas contemplated his next move.

04-15-2005, 10:19 PM
Syas smiled as Blaziken and Medicham returned to his side. He had a plan, and if someone had
asked, he would have told them it was even a good plan.

“Let’s try a Combo Attack, first, Blaziken, knock Tyrogue into the air with a Sky Uppercut!” Syas
exclaimed, watching Tyrogue come closer and closer, looking for an opportunity to strike one of
Syas’ Pokemon.

“Blaze!” he agreed, started to see what Syas had in mind. Dancing in front of Syas, Blaziken
stumbled a bit, giving Tyrogue just the opening it was looking for. Flipping forward, Tyrogue
leapt into the air, attempting to land another Rapid Spin attack. As he did so though, a small
clucking chuckle, a cluckle if you will, escaped Blaziken’s beak. Hunching down, Blaziken
readied himself before using his strong legs to throw him toward Tyrogue, his right hand glowing
red. The liftoff gave Blaziken just the extra speed and power he needed as his fist collided with
Tyrogue, sending him higher into the air.

“Now! Medicham! Hit it with a Hi Jump Kick!” Syas called, Medicham already leaping to action as
the first syllable left his lips. Vaulting high into the Sky, Medicham released a devastating Hi
Jump Kick, sending Tyrogue flying back toward a large oak tree.

As Tyrogue slammed against the tree, a weak “Ty…” escaped it’s mouth before it closed it’s eyes
and gave in to unconsciousness.

“Perfect execution you two,” Syas said, finally finding his third empty Pokeball, preparing to throw
them, when he realized that the Boxer Tyrogue and Kick heavy Tyrogue weren’t where they had
been. Looking around, Syas quickly yelled “Look out!” as the two leapt from nearby cover.

“TY!” They screamed, infuriated. Soaring toward Syas, one with outstretched fists, the other
trying to land a jumping kick, they cried out into the night.

You have got to be kidding me! This is absurd Syas thought to himself astounded that these
Tyrogue just would not throw in the towel.

“Medicham! Position yourself to take those hits! Blaziken get over to the unconscious Tyrogue!”
Syas yelled quickly, his voice full of concern, hiding his true emotion… determination.

Watching as the two soared closer to Medicham, Syas mentally counted 1… 2… 3… Now!

“Medicham! Let’s Reverse their velocity and throw them toward Blaziken!” Syas shouted knowing
Medicham to be adept at Reversals, a plan forming in his mind.

Watching Medicham grab the two Tyrogue who just would not admit defeat, Syas began to feel
bad over what he was about to do, but it was necessary. Steeling his nerves, Syas saw
Medicham grab each Tyrogue, one by the wrist, the other by the ankle, and then spin, eventually
releasing them, letting them soar toward Blaziken.

I hope this works… Syas thought to himself, three Pokeballs grasped lightly in his sweaty

04-15-2005, 10:40 PM
Syas watched the two Tyrogue fly toward Blaziken, he couldn’t help feeling excited and a bit
disappointed as well. These three had provided the toughest fight, and test of his skills as a
Trainer that Syas had ever dealt with. The untrained Trio had proved more of a challenge than
even Dalton. Snapping his mind back to the moment at hand, Syas saw them getting close to

“Alright Blaziken” Syas yelled, his voice booming through the valley, “Grab each one in a

Syas hoped this plan worked, because if it didn’t, Blaziken would be near useless. Watching as
the fighting chicken did as he was told, grabbing each Tyrogue in the steel grip of one of its
talons, Syas prayed a moment before shouting the final phase of the plan.

“OVERHEAT!” Syas screamed, hoping against hope that this would be enough.

Blaziken nodded, and began to emit a high pitch screech, not too far from that which a kettle
would make when the water for tea was ready. Watching in amazement, Syas saw Blaziken’s
entire body burst into flame, the fire burning white-hot all over his skin, including his talons.

Syas closed his eyes and tried not to listen as the Tyrogues screamed in pain, and as he did so,
began to wonder if the vision he imagined was better or worse than the actual scene. Listening
for a moment as the screams subsided, Syas opened one eye to see Blaziken standing as he
had, with a Tyrogue in each talon, the flames were gone, and as Syas watched, Blaziken
dropped the defeated Tyrogue near their already beaten brother, and fell to a knee from

This is it! Syas’ mind cried as he pulled back his arm, a Pokeball held between every two
fingers. Turning once for momentum, Syas let loose the three Pokeballs, and watched each one
land softly in front of each beaten Tyrogue and suck them into their confines… all he could do
now was hope.

Quiet... the word seemed to echo in Syas’ mind as the balls shook in unison once.

For the first time since he had come out here, the night was deathly quiet, only the pitter-patter of
rain against the grass could be heard. Sighing softly, Syas was happy to know the fight was over
one way or another.

Watching the balls roll to the other side, all in perfect timing with each other, Syas thought back
over the night, the battle with Dalton had not been easy, and these Tyrogue had definitely been
tougher, if he could capture them though, they would be a strong asset against the fights to
come, especially if this ‘Team Twilight’ was anything like Dalton. Take the raw strength they showed
combined with discipline from the right training and these three would be one heck of a force to mess

For the third time, the balls shook together. Syas knew this was it, the moment of truth. If they
did stay closed, Syas would be taking these Pokeballs back to Nurse Jennifer, and hopefully
getting that dinner he had been promised…

Tamer San
04-16-2005, 07:25 AM
Story (Details, Plot, Length)- Well, you always seem to surprise me with a better story each time. And to be honest, this time, I have read your best piece or maybe even the best piece I have ever read or graded. The length was very good, I also enjoyed every minute of reading it. The details and the story line encouraged me to keep on reading without getting bored anytime soon. In short, I loved this story...wonderful job.
Structure (Grammer, Spelling)- I have barely seen anything, but none is perfect as Graders always say for some reason >.>, anyway, you have checked things very good that I barely detected anything in your story which I loved. Nothing major, probably some typos which everyone do mistakes in...^^
Reality- Oh sure it can happen anytime in a Pokemon Reality =D
Battle- I'd love it if it was kindda longer, but the details are very good and I enjoyed it. ^^

OUTCOME- The 3 Tyrogue were captured, enjoy them. (LONG STORY)

04-16-2005, 09:38 AM
Yay! Tamer San to the rescue. Thanks for grading it Tamer, glad the story made an impression on you. :biggrin:

And to be honest, this time, I have read your best piece or maybe even the best piece I have ever read or graded.

Sounds like a Challenge, which I gladly accept. :laugh: Stay tuned for more Stories from Syas.